If There Were Only More Moses!


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    If There Were Only More Moses! Empty If There Were Only More Moses!

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    One day within that past few years, I was reading a chapter from 1943, or 1944 Notebook, wherein Jesus stated, "If there were only more Moses."

    I thought, wow. But it did not sink in till just now. I agree with Jesus' statement.

    Moses, was a humble and meek man, whom God loved greatly. This is explained of the Patriarchs and Prophets, God loved them greatly. Starting from Noah. Time floats by and God chooses, Abram. Time floats by and God chooses Joseph. Time floats by and God chooses, Moses. These men were beloved of God. God is Love and chooses whom He wills. Usually those whom are meek and humble, of good will. Moses had killed and Egyptian who was torturing his People. For God had promised Abraham, several things. Which means, God had His gaze upon them. His gaze. Now to understand 'His Gaze' one would have to read, the Notebooks and Poem of the Man-God. In the Bible, mentions about God looking at, the whole of mankind, "looking to and fro" Book of Isaiah--God is always looking for meek and humble, good willed souls. To have God's gaze instead of His Justice, is what you and I want. His gaze brings, untold graces, protection, His love. Means He greatly loves. Thus, Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Moses, had God's gaze. God does not think like 'man.' Because He sees everything, is then able to guide through the events which man and Satan creates. God would rather man, submit to Him so He can create events of good fortune and prosperity for mankind. But, man submitting to Satan, creates all kinds of ruckus and torments upon the earth, to torture mankind. Hate.

    If God man would submit to God, hate would be removed, because God's gaze is upon us.

    When God's gaze is no longer in favor of mankind, His Justice comes. Swiftly I might add. God as told by Jonah is a patient God, forgiving God, and does not want men to die in a wicked state, the state of Grave Offenses. He wants as said by Jonah to forgive.

    We are as Christ said, by His coming, in the era of grace and charity. Where prior times to His coming were, the times of Justice, God's Justice for wrongs committed by man. Or the Crimes man committed against God and neighbor. Neighbor is whoever is not you, or the 'I' or 'me.' That's how God views, neighbor, man's idea of neighbor is based on limitations of his intellectual perception. A small mind. God would like to instill in you, a broader sense of 'neighbor.' A 'Universal sense.' For the common good of all. Another, definition, which is limited in man, Universal. Universe. A larger area of concentration. A much larger.

    God engrafts into hearts that love Him this sense, the universal sense, the common good of all. A large scale good.

    Whereas, Satan wants to corrupt the universe. Thus, as your universe becomes smaller and smaller, your becoming smaller and smaller in thought and sense. Until finally the darkness has swallowed you whole. Like a black hole. Your universe has become just like the black hole out is space. No light. Poof! Out goes the light. And your done.

    The servants of Satan, are these black holes. They vent and spew black smoke, negative black matter. I would suppose when the black matter has totally enveloped your being, your are servants of Darkness. A black spot on the planet. Black men.

    If there were more Moses! I quite frankly agree, If there were more! What would happen?

    Well, the battlefield is like this, Satan and his servants have been preparing the inception of Hell upon the Earth. This is told in the metaphors of Daniels Book and Apocalypse, we just haven't understood it quite like this. To have an Antichrist, which is the incarnation of Satan in Man, means, Hell is upon the earth. If the Antichrist were depicted not as one that ruled the earth and tortured and killed mankind, then, we could say, Hell was only in the Antichrist. But this is not how the Antichrist is depicted at all. He is depicted as like Alexander the Great, Antiochus the Illustrious, Nero, Hitler, he falls in this ranking. Now, the interesting thing is that, the Antichrist is culmination of all his predecessors. Where, his predecessors, left off, he fulfills, he surpasses. He is the perfect, killing machine. Period. Bar none, as Jesus has portrayed this monstrous horror.

    Now, most people don't want to think about such things, because, they cannot fathom such things. It is beyond their reach to comprehend. It really is. They'll do anything to not think about, 'horror' yet inside themselves, they want to taste it and see it. Interesting. A conflict of interest within. I had this too. I wanted to see how far horror can be. Or what is the depth of horror. Where, does it start, what's it like, how can I partake, experience this? This thought or desire, maybe not so much a desire, but a craving, was also in Adam and Eve. To "know Evil." You see this? It is passed on through the DNA, or genes. It may skip a few here and there and not be evident in any one single person, but there are those that it did not skip. This gene, kind of hobbles around from person to person, skipping whole families, but invading others. It is random, but evident. Now this, gene says, that Man was not evolved from an animal.

    There are many genes, or markers, that man has, that, concludes that man was not, evolved from any species of the animal kingdom. Because, the genes, are seeds to grow in man to bring about good or evil in man. Thus, if you look at the animal kingdom very closely, and observe their behavior, there is no evil in them. Only in man did evil spread. Not the beasts of the field. The animal kingdom before Sin entered, was a happy joyful place, because love was upon the Earth. Man was loving God. And God with His presence was upon the earth. When God departed, due to Sin, love for God fell, and like domino effect, the love of the Earth fell. No Love upon her. Animals began to feed on each other. Love gone. They did not sin therefore evil cannot enter them, they have no intelligent thought to think if what they are doing is evil or good. They live on instinct alone, what God had given to each and commanded. Animals respond to man. Because God created the animals as companions for man. But since man has not loved God and God has not returned upon the entire Earth, that is His presence to absorb the globe, the animals too are left, naked of God.

    Thus, when the Antichrist comes to, Hell has absorbed the Earth, instead of God.

    Christ's Coming was designed by God to bring humanity back to God, to having God come upon her. To remove evil from the face of the earth.

    Thus, He gave to man the charge to do so, because God gave to man to rule and have dominion over the earth, He so said in Genesis chapter 1 and 2. The to rule over the earth properly is what God had commanded Adam and Eve and to their children. To love, and multiply in love. All in love. Thus, what we have witnessed throughout history, is Satan ruling over men. Wars, killing, so forth. Not man ruling over Satan.

    Well, if there were More Moses.

    Peace be with you always
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