Some Errors since the Beginning where Sin Entered


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    Some Errors since the Beginning where Sin Entered Empty Some Errors since the Beginning where Sin Entered

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    Genesis Chapter 6 as reference

    [1] And after that men began to be multiplied upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, [2] The sons of God seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took to themselves wives of all which they chose.

    Sons of God, refer to holy lineage. Seth, Enos, these were not cast out by God.

    Daughters of men refer to, Cain's daughters, born through this lineage. The line of Cain. Cain was expelled from the family. God calls the line of Cain, 'Proud.' For, Cain represents, Adam and Eve's pride.

    Jesus explains that God separated pride from the lineage of holy and just men, or rather, just men. Justice.

    Cain disobeyed God, by not loving God, and not loving his neighbor. Broke the two commandments. As 'Just' punishment, he was expelled. God marked the 'sign' on Cain.

    This same sign, is similar to the 'mark of the beast.' Cain murdered his brother out of envy, jealousy.

    This mark, we shall see comes to bear witness of Satan's sign. Rebellious, disobedient.

    We shall also, see this mark of disobedience to be the reason for God cleansing of the Earth.

    The error that happened with the "sons of God," happens today. Where, Catholics, see that the daughters of men, are good to behold for one reason or another and marry them. Thus, they have befallen themselves with great evils. Some don't recognize the evils.

    The errors that happened in Genesis, happen today. So to read Genesis with a different perspective, one finds the errors.

    Thus, to know, is a great advantage, even if you're living in them at the present time. Thus, you can, 'repent' with true contrition and have God straighten your present situation. It may or may not be easy. Nothing really is easy. Penance, expiation.

    Thus, when we read, further, into Genesis, where, God says, "and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed."

    For, when man has set in his heart to accomplish a design, he is going to proceed until it is finished. God does come to warn us, but, in most cases He will not stop you from your error. He comes to us, a moment or moments, He is there in some fashion, to guide us away from error. There is a moment of time when, He comes to enlighten. These moments, are there for everyone, such as depicted in the lesson from Genesis, and may or may not be so 'miraculous.' He comes to persuade you that you are heading into error.

    An error. An error like Adam and Eve made, an error like Cain made, and the multiplied errors that the sons of God had made with marrying the daughters of men. And the numerous errors.

    Not one person has not had them. Goodness comes to keep you from an grave error. This happens for the majority, the first time concerning any design, then, after you have forsaken His advice, nothing of the sort, until you see the error fully and repent. Then, He will no longer advise on the same thing twice, for you have entered it and you have learned the hard way. But did not gain, any grace to build in you. You have instead, destroyed your 'kingdom of God' in you. Now you must rebuild it. It is hard work to rebuild. This is the error, which man lives in. It is here.

    This error is hardheadedness. A stout heart in the wrong design.

    Great sums of unnecessary pain and suffering can be avoided by taking Heed to moment that God comes in some fashion. Benign, but, a surety. Not one person can say they have not had these moments.

    To take His counsel builds, virtue like a high wall surrounding your 'kingdom of God' in you. Grace is able to build continuously, and is there with you, guiding you, protecting you, keeping you safe, while forming your soul for Heaven. God, likes this. He wants to do this for everyone. But, you must know His ways, and His presence. It is always Benign, and it is written in the Bible.

    Now let us recall, then, the building of the city of Babel, how God looked down from Heaven, and worked, the miracle. He is Lord of All.

    Peace be with you always

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