God Looks for Good Will Among the Sons of Men


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    God Looks for Good Will Among the Sons of Men

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    God looks for good will among the sons of men. To live in them, to make them His sons and daughters.

    If you have read, the Book of Genesis, and have understood two things, that are very important, first being, that Adam was created by God, and fell, having introduced into man evil, and the second, Adam begat sons and daughters after Adam's own image, then you should understand, that from among the seeds of men, God looks for good will in man's hearts.

    Good seed and evil seed are in man. Good seed have good will. Evil seed have bad will, corrupted will's. Both seeds reside in man, dormant or otherwise thriving. Which one is yours?

    Yet, despite good or evil seeds, God still looks to and tends to all hearts, upto the day you die. Desiring to convert the evil, to 'good' and perfecting the 'good.'

    Because God declared that He wanted to save the whole world. Thus, "invitation to all." John 3:16

    The Gospel is the method. Every word.

    Peace be with you always
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