The Church as the Ark of God


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    In reality of what Christ has said, and not said, is the Model of the Living Ark.

    The Holy Mother is depicted as the Church, the Structure, the Flesh. Christ Begat His Flesh from the Holy Mother, who is the Holy of Holies, the Divine Word of God.

    There is a picture of the Blessed Mother floating around where, in Her Immaculate Heart is the Eucharist, True Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, Her Divine Son.

    The Mystical Properties of the Body of Christ
    Church's Body
    The Holy of Holies

    When contemplating Apocalypse starting with 11:19 and the few verses in Apocalypse 12 depicting the Temple being opened and an Ark was seen, and then, the Woman Standing in Heaven, clothed with the sun, moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars, and then in thought joining the Ark of Noah and the Ark of the Covenant, I noticed the metaphor hidden. God giving us first the natural idea of Ark, in the Flood which was used to save 8 souls, the Ark of the Covenant which was used for the Presence of God to dwell upon. But God had always uses natural means to depict the real spiritual or supernatural meaning of His Idea which came to fruition in the New Testament and through, the Gospel and the Testimony of Visions. The way God has always taught men fallen from Grace, who had damaged his intellect and soul, albeit his mind and the ability to recognize 'naturally' God's thoughts. God is Spirit. Thus to dulled men, who fell, no longer in the regions of the spiritual thinking, dwelling in spiritual sight and knowledge, God had used, more down to earth methods of leading men to eclipse sort of speaking the future of what will come about in our Time, but what was already present with God. In His Thought. The Designer, the Originator, the Creator.

    The Blessed Mother, who is the New Ark, in this post, but really the True Ark which was not created by Man's Hands, but God's Will alone, His real idea, come to life for us. She is the Ark of the Covenant, that is in the Temple of God. On the Ark rests the Holy of Holies in true Power. When the Temple opens, the Ark is exposed, and the Holy of Holies is seen.

    The Blessed Mother is also the Ark of Salvation, depicting Noah's Ark saving souls from catastrophe, the Wrath of God, the pre-judgment, the Punishment to Evil and Wickedness. The Magnificat of Our Blessed Mother comes to mind here. She spoke this in Grace. For She was born in Grace Immaculate and She is God's perfect reflection, who reflects the Holy of Holies.

    The Ark of God, then takes flight into the wilderness, and the desert, prepared by God.

    Peace be with you always

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