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    Notebook: 1943 June 28
    Page: 120
    Chp: Prayer to and Vision of the Divine Blood

    Divine Blood Worship Sacred10

    "In the month about to end, I have spoken to you a great deal about my Heart and about my Body in the Sacrament. Now for the month of the Blood I will have you pray to my Blood. Say the following then:

    "'Most Divine Blood that issue forth for us from the veins of God made man, come down like dew of redemption upon the polluted earth and upon the souls that sin renders similar to lepers. See: I receive You, Blood of My Jesus and sprinkle You over the Church, the world, sinners and Purgatory. Help, comfort, cleanse, set aflame, penetrate, and fecundate, O most divine Juice of Life. Nor may indifference and sin set an obstacle in the way of your flow. But, rather for the sake of the few who love You and the numberless ones who die without You, hasten and spread over all this most divine rain so that people will come to You trustingly in life, through You be forgiven in death and with You enter into the glory of your Kingdom. Amen.'

    "That's enough for now. I offer my open veins to your spiritual thirst. Drink from this fount. You will experience Paradise and the savor of your God, and that savor will never fade for you if you are always able to come to Me with your lips and your soul cleansed by love."

    Peace be with you always
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