The State of Total Anarchy Building Up; Planned by NWO,


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    The State of Total Anarchy Building Up; Planned by NWO,

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    If you have the Notebooks, then you know that, Satan and his servants, have planned the anarchy, the uprisings all over the world. It is part of their big scheme: Population Reduction.

    No one believes, because they see the Politicians--servants of Satan in disguise as 'good fellows and leaders'--are telling the citizens about what they may do.

    They spin rhetoric and tell you things you want to hear, and then, they tell you things you don't want to hear. You trust them, you believe them, it is your fault. You have left God for the pleasures and riches of the fleshly life. Your fault.

    God has told mankind how to live. But, mankind, bent on flesh, impatient and unable to grasp, 'Eternal Life' has given up Eternal Life for the Sham life, and you get nothing but, Nothingness. A total lie in your face. That's the way Satan works. He recruits, those leaders, these are the worst, because they think they will have riches in Hell. They will have fire and brimstone, no riches. A rich fire roasting their bodies and souls for eternally, unending, perpetual.

    The majority still don't get it.

    The scene is setup. The President and Congress know that it is inevitable that Americans will riot and they have setup contingencies, such as, drone planes to monitor the public, increase of 'prisons' by revamping old buildings, military posts, so forth, there are over 7 million of these ready to be filled.

    The New World Order has planned this for decades. They have setup, collars, chains, body bags, so forth. You get the picture yet? The leaders of the country have turned on its citizens and you did not even notice. The first clue was 9/11. But, way before that was, when they Blocked off the White House. Not too many people remember being able to drive in front of the White House. Clinton made the change. The Politician is interested in their longevity, they want to live a long time and live well. They could care less of the majority of Americans, because, they are ambitious and greedy. Scrooges only care for themselves. And they parade around acting like they do. It is relatively easy to manipulate people once you're in power, in position of Leadership. They abuse the right.

    But, those without Wisdom, cannot tell the difference, and it is ultimately your own fault for abandoning God in the first place, by putting your trust in 'flesh.'

    Pray, repent, go to confession, return to God. The world will continue on in non-sense, and there's nothing you can do about, it because we have passed the point of no-return. It is done. The only thing you can do is, remain in Grace. That is what you should have done in the first place. Read Poem of the Man-God, Notebooks, the Bible, read and reread, absorb the lessons. Live in Peace with God, forget the world and its non-sense, as Jesus advised.

    Peace be with you always
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