An Error Still Floating Around, the Judas Syndrome


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    An Error Still Floating Around, the Judas Syndrome Empty An Error Still Floating Around, the Judas Syndrome

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    From book 5, chp 563

    Judas' error, thinking because, Jesus is the New Adam, that in innocence as Adam, that Jesus, cannot experience. sorrow, pain, and suffering. Thus, Always just God.

    Jesus' head is bent. He has sat down once again on the grass. His face is veiled by His hair. So I cannot see His countenance.

    Samuel standing in front of Judas, who is also standing, replies: « But if He is to be the Redeemer, He must really suffer. Do you not remember David and Isaiah? »

    « I do remember them! But although they saw the figure of the Redeemer, they did not see the immaterial help He would receive to be… shall we say: tortured, without feeling any pain. »

    « Which help? A man may love sorrow or suffer it with resignation, according to his perfection of justice. But he will always feel it. Otherwise… if he did not feel it… it would not be sorrow. »

    « Jesus is the Son of God. »

    « But He is not a ghost! He is true Flesh! And flesh suffers if it is tortured. He is a true Man! And the thought of man suffers if it is offended and despised. »

    « His union with God eliminates such human things in Him. »

    Jesus raises His head and says: « I solemnly tell you, Judas, that I suffer and shall suffer like every man, and more than every man. But I can be equally happy, enjoying the holy spiritual happiness of those who have achieved freedom from the sadness of the Earth, because they have embraced the will 'of God as their only bride. I am able to do so because I have overcome the human concept of happiness, the uneasiness of happiness, as men imagine it. I do not pursue what, according to men, happiness consists of, but I place My joy in exactly the opposite of what man pursues as such. The things that are avoided and despised by man, because they are considered burdensome and grievous, are the sweetest thing for Me. I am not interested in one hour. I consider the consequences that one hour may bring about in eternal life. My episode will come to an end, but its fruit will last. My sorrow will end, but the value of My sorrow will not end. And what could I do with one hour of the so called "happy state" on the Earth, an hour achieved after pursuing it for years and years, when that hour could not come with Me as delight in eternal life and I had to enjoy it all by myself, without sharing it with those whom I love? »

    « But if You should triumph, we, Your followers, would take part in Your happiness! » exclaims Judas.

    « You? And who are you, compared with the past, present and future multitudes to whom My grief will bring joy? I see far beyond earthly happiness. I look at the supernatural beyond it. I can see My sorrow change into eternal delight for a multitude of people. And I embrace sorrow as the greatest power to reach the perfect happiness, which is to love one's neighbour to the extent of suffering to give him joy, to the extent of dying for him. »

    « I do not understand that happiness » states Judas.

    « You are not wise yet. Otherwise you would understand it. »

    « And is John wise? He is more ignorant than I am! »

    « From a human point of view he is. But he possesses the science of love. »

    The error of Judas, then states, that Christ, cannot suffer and cannot die, because Christ is God. Thus, Judas played into the hands of the Enemy. For in Judas' deluded thought, states, that Christ, will be saved by God Himself. Judas did not believe, Jesus was truly a Man, but, a God in disguise as a Man. These two differing thoughts and ideas still remain today.

    Jesus was Truly a Man more man than any man born of woman. Jesus was God, because only God can raise the Dead. Jesus resurrected the Dead, himself from the tomb.

    The other error is of course, that Jesus was just a man and he died, making himself only a prophet, a good teacher. These do not have the elements of Faith Hope and Charity, the virtues to show them, the Truth.

    Peace be with you always
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