Jesus Explains Basic Truths, Roots of Our Problems


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    Jesus Explains Basic Truths, Roots of Our Problems

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    Poem of the Man-God Book 5, Chp 563

    « How much grief the sons of men can give themselves! Satan really knows how to make use of that disposition of theirs to terrorize them completely and separate them from the Joy that comes towards them to save them. Because the sadness of the spirit, the fear of the morrow and worries are always weapons that man puts in the hands of his enemy, who frightens him by means of the same phantasms that man himself imagines. And there are other men who really form an alliance with Satan to help him frighten his brothers. But, My dear son, is there not a Father in Heaven? A Father Who, as this fissure in the rock provides for this blade of grass - this fissure full of earth situated in such a way that the moisture of dews flowing on the smooth stone gathers in that thin furrow, so that the blade of grass may live and yield this tiny little flower, which is not less admirable for its beauty than the great sun shining up there: both the perfect work of the Creator - a Father Who takes care of the blade of grass grown on a rock, will He not take care of one of His sons who firmly wants to serve Him? Oh! God really does not disappoint the "good" wishes of man. Because it is He Who kindles them in your hearts. He providently and wisely creates the circumstances to encourage the wishes of His children, not only, but in the event that a desire to honor Him should follow an imperfect path, He straightens and perfects it so that it may follow the right path. You were among the latter. You believed, you wanted and were convinced that you were honoring God by persecuting Me. The Father saw that your heart did not hate God, but it longed to give glory to God by removing from the world Him Who you were told was the enemy of God and the corrupter of souls. So He created the circumstances to comply with your desire to give glory to your Lord. And here you are now among us. And can you believe that God will abandon you, now that He brought you here? Only if you abandon Him, the power of evil will be able to overwhelm you. »

    Peace be with you always
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