The Dispute of the Pharisees Concerning Who Can Forgive Sins


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    The Dispute of the Pharisees Concerning Who Can Forgive Sins Empty The Dispute of the Pharisees Concerning Who Can Forgive Sins

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    Jesus, Lamb of God, have Mercy on us. In Nonime Domine.

    To bring sin offerings, God had chosen "instruments" and instructed them how to do so. The Levites, priests, where the instruments, which God had given the task for each sin offering.
    It's quite a list in the Levitical Book of the Bible.

    So, when Jesus said in public, that a sinner was forgiven, the Pharisees were struck. They, then found that Jesus was blasphemous, according to their thinking, and their interpretation of the Scriptures, they had become 'atheists.' Saying, He, Jesus, was equal with God. Jesus was 'equal' with God, for He is the Divine Word of the Father. He demonstrated as 'Man' how to be forgiven, that is by coming to the Word of God, which is what the sinner did. God was upon the Earth in Jesus Christ. But the Poor Pharisees did not recognize, God. Which means, they did not believe in God. Which means, they studied the Bible, without God and interpreted the Bible, God's word, according to their devices. Thus, they did not recognize, God in Jesus. This is the case for all atheists, they simply do not believe. No inspiration to look beyond what is natural, what is flesh in themselves and around them.

    The Pharisees, were afraid of losing their position as administrators of God's law,--guilt-- and taking care of sins of the people was part of their duty. Thus, they used a scheming way to accuse Jesus. Jesus was the Rabbi of Galilee. Therefore, He also, had the obligation of this duty, to forgive sins. But, the way Jesus did it, was not the Old Way, but, the New Way, which He brought to Men. Jesus, the High Pontiff. The High Priest. When, a priest is ordained, by a Bishop, it is really Jesus presiding over the Bishop that ordains a new priest, and, not a man. The Bishop is the instrument. One must receive the Blessing from God and it is God who forgives sin, residing over the Priest. This was also the case in the Old Testament, but, it seems that the Pharisees did not have supernatural sight as I'm attempting to show you here.

    A holographic image can be overlaid on solid matter. Pretend for a moment that the holographic image is Jesus pressed upon the priest. Pretend that the holographic image of the Holy Spirit is pressed upon the believer.

    Pretend that the holographic image of the Father, Infinite in measuring is over you and I and the rest of Humanity. Pretend that the holographic image of God's Eye, is staring at you, you cannot see it, but He sure sees you. This is just an example for you to try and comprehend God. The angels are the same.

    To lose our spiritual sight is an horrible thing, because it really helps to be able to see to comprehend for the most of us. Yet, when God chooses a vessel, He imparts the ability to sense Him and speak to Him as if He were standing next to you, by meditated prayer, when your soul is full of light. For those who do not have the Faith, it is an horrible thing to not realize He hears all your deriding, all your idle words, all your curses, fowl language, so forth. Therefore, a great injustice took place, when, Adam sinned. We all suffer a great deal, more than we can fathom. I have been contemplating these losses. Yet, in due time, I will have my losses restored when I reach Heaven. Therefore, it is sad to me to see many of mankind, living for the earthly day, not knowing a great deal. Lack of knowledge. You can gain all the matter and the knowledge of it you wish, but in the end, it has no value before God. What matters is spiritual things and knowledge, Wisdom.

    Now to literate a bit of information.

    God is not a man, or matter being, corporeal that we can touch. Except, that God became Incarnate in Jesus Christ. Thus, we can touch, God, but really our flesh touches His Flesh. How then do we touch God? With our eyes? Perhaps our feet? No we touch God with our souls, moved by the inspiration of the Spirit of God. God inspires and motivates souls in this way, to motivate the heart, mind and will of man, "the flesh of man." The soul in man, is the place where God wishes to rest,--altar--, thus, is able to inspire the flesh of man, to love.

    God became Incarnate, because Man was unable to see God and hear God, man became just flesh and was unable to penetrate into the supernatural all alone. Fallen and cut off from the Supernatural. Grace is the glue to connects man to God. It is so evident today, because of the many atheists, these atheists, are proof of what I just stated. They don't feel God with their senses nor see Him. And when they are told that Jesus Christ transubstantiates, Himself, in the Eucharist, many cannot believe. Because of what the eye sees, alerts the reasoning of man, to say, "It's just bread and wine."

    The Supernatural without the assistance of Grace, man cannot know God nor hear him. It's not possible. Thus, God imparts Faith to man to see and hear him, with his spirit. Faith, an spiritual substance, Hope, an spiritual substance, which then leads to Charity, which is God. Grace is the Guide, the glue, the holographic image, that is like a mantle, a sheet, but it 'Living.' To possess man, and fill him with love.

    In that God was incarnated in Jesus Christ, just so man who is unable to penetrate into seeing God, can see God as Flesh, in the person of Jesus Christ. This helps, man along in his miniscule faith, which he obtained along the way as a grain of mustard seed. God, A Spirit, that truly has no Shape or Form that man can understand, became as one of us. As a man. To show man, that God, has sentiments and feelings, God became Man. Now God has the same feelings that man feels, the same sentiments that man has, without corruption. But, a superperfection of feelings and sentiments, affections as well. If God can become Man, for the sake of man, God wants man to at least become more like Jesus. Jesus is then, the place of contemplation for Man. Another words, God came down to mans level, to show Man, the way out of dregs. The way to ascend. The Way.

    Since God is truly Spirit, that man cannot grasp, as just flesh, man who has no sight to be able to see God, as Spirit, how to communicate and show man out of dregs? A God who is pure and holy and even came as Man, a Perfect Man, who disdains, muck and mire, sin. On top of this, God is A Fire that is Pure, Innocent, Holy, uncorrupted. Just one look from God in our current state, we would be exterminated instantly. A barrier between us who are sinful and God who is Purity. If God transported us in our current state, we would be extinguished before Him. Poof! To prevent this from happening, there remains a gap, between us. We have to cleanse ourselves, to the maximum, so that we can enter, His presence. Of all Sin and concupiscence. All vice. They have to go. Purgatory is a place for this to take place.

    While on the Earth, it is possible to live a holy life, which heroic virtues is needed to overcome.

    God is invisible. He is over us. Thus, when Jesus was upon the Earth, God was also upon the Earth in Jesus and Over Jesus. Thus, those who saw God in Him saw, God.

    He who has seen Me, has seen the Father. Is what Jesus said to the Apostles.

    He whose supernatural eyes have been restored to be able to see God in Jesus, has seen the Father.

    Thus, whenever a Priest, does the work of God, it is really Jesus in them and God over them, that is doing the work. The Holy Spirit, with the Divine Word together.

    Remember, man had lost his sight, dulled by Sin to be able to see God. Man has become like the animals that do not recognize God either, but, the animals recognize Man. Natural to natural.

    Man has a supernatural infusion, called the soul that comes from God. But it is dead to God until it is reborn in Grace, then, it is considered 'alive.' New energy, newness of life and his mind has been opened to see and hear God. When we receive the Holy Spirit into our souls, we see God. The Union is we see God with our spirits. And depending on how pure a soul, is, one can see the supernatural with their eyes. Only a few have this, ability, while thousands do not, because they are impure and or not reborn.

    I believe virgins that are innocent can. But, that's another story.

    The goal is to become all spirit, then we will see God while on the earth. The issue is conversion, to convert ones thinking, sentiments, will, to match that of God's, though not God. But to have them, assimilated to the degree God wishes.

    Purity, charity. It is no guarantee though in this life, as God decides who to appear to. Yet, He wants you to strive to this end. The pure in heart shall see God.

    Cleansing comes from God alone, and the desire must be yours. Even if you sinned a zillion times, the desire, to overcome must be present in you and at work. We are fallen and must rise up from the mud. Disma, the Repentant Robber is such a case.

    So in conclusion, the Pharisees were not able to elevate their intellects to the spiritual level, and saw only a Man and did not see God in Jesus. Lest Israel would have converted. The test, was right in front of them, yet, they were just flesh. Bent on the things of flesh. True Atheists, wearing, the clothing.

    They were acting on their own inspirations, or the devils, who prods the flesh of man away from the spirit. Thus, many of them, did not convert in the Old Way either.

    During your meditations, it could be anyone, and one seeks, peace, God comes, yet, many do not recognize, such Peace. It is overwhelmingly peaceful. A stillness not on and from this Earth. It is God's presence, alerting you that He heard you. Believe in the supernatural that is God and He will fill you with such Peace, then you must sustain, this Peace which then, leads you to greater goodness, by inspiring you to assimilate, 'Virtues.'

    Peace be with you always
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