The Heart of God, What is It? Does God Have Sentiments?


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    The Heart of God, What is It? Does God Have Sentiments? Empty The Heart of God, What is It? Does God Have Sentiments?

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    God gave to man a flesh heart. The heart is a sentimental part of man, that thinks, and responds with strong emotion or lesser, depending on how much of it is burning.

    Many think and believe God has no heart, and thus, no feelings, affections, sentiments. God created Man and gave to man, feelings, affections and sentiments. Thus any one who does not believe God has these, is, lacking knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    God is Infinite. Man is finite, a speck compared to God. An atom compared to God. An ant compared to God. Men whose bent on flesh most of his days, does not contemplate, God. Thus, man does not know God and because, man is full of pride, makes rash, harsh, and stupid comments and statements about God. This shows how intelligent man is, by these statements. "God you don't know anything!" "Do you understand what I'm going through?!" And thousands more, but all state the same intent, of the persons. All men, if they were to say what they felt, would repeat the same intent, by different words. Thus God knows all hearts, and reads them. He scans the hearts of men looking for places to rest and be welcomed, but all He finds, are proud, arrogant, ignorant, embryonic minds. Smaller than the atom. God will increase your smaller than atom, minds if you welcome Him to remain. To remain.

    For God to remain, one has to understand that God gave to man, feelings, affections, sentiments, all in the heart. He gave man, a heart.

    If we take a long journey during our contemplation of God in relation to man, and man in relation to God, from Adam and Eve upto this current time, and see from God's perspective without speculating and analyzing, God will show you how much He had to bear in His Heart. Pain, suffering from lack of love, men killing each other, the earth and living like beasts, savages.

    To give an example of what God is like in character and personality, but not in Age or Wisdom or Intelligence, He is like an Innocent Child, who knows no ills, nor any Evil. There is no Evil in His Heart. He does not think about how to gain more spittle, kill, steal, cheat, usurp, murder, talk trash, lewdness, fornication, so forth. None. Purity is God's Heart.

    Yet, God has put up with, babies, savages, apes, vipers, snakes, asps, spiders, scorpions, hyenas, etcs.,. These colorful metaphors define: Man. And man with no knowledge of God, the deep understanding of true friendship, spouts arrogant words about God at God. Because God hears your heart even without you whispering.

    Oh, how many thousands of offensive thoughts germinate, originate and resound in the hearts of men?!

    To be accepted by God, by men with these ill omens of thoughts, one has to repent--remove pride--, and desire to want to be 'Innocent Like a Child.' And learn the ways of Goodness. Rooting out the bad thoughts and ideas.

    Before time existed, God is Love.

    Before, the Law given to Moses, God is Love.

    God commanded Man to love, obedience is love from God's point of view. Because, to love like children, as children of God, means, you love Like God. The pure love of God, that knows no ill, does not harbor ill intents, but is pure like clear crystal water. Perfect.

    Adam and Eve had no ills in them when they were created. They had perfect faculties, mind, will and intelligence. They, wanted to be like God. To imitate God, for children naturally want to be like their parents. Theirs was an innocent desire, true and pure. But, the Serpent slipped in a nicky and they fell.

    Now to understand Adam and Eve's perfection of created beings, one has to understand they did not have faulty minds, and lack of memory as we do. We show forth the proof of the Sin of Origin, by degradation of mind, will and intelligence. They were perfect. We are imperfect. Sin has destroyed and eroded the perfection. Acid eating away. Thus, sin brought ugliness. Because Satan is total ugliness and he passed on this ugliness to mankind. What is ugliness? Death. The ways of death. Man is so infested with death, he wants to kill. This is Satan's true desire, to 'kill.' Death means to kill. Thus, beasts, their desire turns to kill. They have not overcome, the "Death." Jesus did, and all those who come to Him to be 'reborn' are triumphant over 'Death.' The desire to kill. To kill Life. That is Satan's desire, to Kill God who is Life generating Principal, Providence. The Life. God cannot be Killed. Thus, Satan's futility, is an unsustainable ambition. He cannot obtain his ambition. So he works to kill, God in men. The soul.

    When men deny that God is the generator of the soul, they kill the idea of God in themselves. And Satan has, won in you, but has not won in God.

    I can kill your child, but, what good is it if I cannot kill you? No good. So, the soul which comes from God, cannot be erased from existing, but can be nulled from living. Satan is, the nullifier of God in Men.

    You can cut off my arms, but, my soul is in God. My soul belongs to God, and so does yours, and at the end of the earthly day for humans, all souls report back to God, while the flesh, returns to where it, came from, the Earth.

    All things, return to its "Origin." Water after having dropped on the earth, returns back to its origin above. Mud returns back to dirt. Trash, returns back to the earth. Matter has an expiration date.

    The soul, a matter of God, has no expiration date, but, has an destination end point to start the true life. Because that's the way God created. Evil was not God's creation. Therefore, had man remained without evil knowledge, humans would all go to Heaven.

    But because, evil entered, humans have two destinies as end points to start the true life. Humans were created to start living after the earthly day.

    The flesh is an garment that covers the soul.

    The body of humans were destined to be 'glorified' so that the flesh which came from matter would be transformed and then be able to stand before God without burning up to ashes. Because God is a consuming Fire. And the properties of this universe cannot mix with the properties of God's heaven, unless transformed, re-formed so it can, habitate in God's presence.

    Yet, these things were taught to the Priests, but they do not teach these things. They do not interest souls. Instead, the Beast teaches men about, earthly living.

    The earth is the starting point. We choose today, where we will end up tomorrow, for 'eternity.'

    Too many foolish ideas in the world, that leads men to continue on the quest of earthly living, creating more distractions, idols, and the on going false idea of man's true origin and destiny. In the hearts of man are all the wrong ideas. And, because they have formed their thoughts, to such vain ideas, have a difficult time, at best, and many cannot fathom the reality of God's words. And thus, they deride God and God's messengers. We tried Lord! But nobody listened to our report!

    Thus, because hearts are formed in the wrong ideas, which is the result of years of calumniation in the wrong direction, pride has become so many peaks in man, that, the peaks have to be leveled in order for man to see the true reality in front of him.

    Thus, God has more pain and suffering than any single man, and then on the whole of humanity, since God is Infinite, and man bundled together may exceed a few atoms, God still has more pain and suffering that all of man combined.

    Where do we see that God has an heart?

    The Crucifix. In the Heart of Jesus, is Trinity.

    The Heart that was pierced by Longinus' Spear. It bled for us. Jesus died as man, and rose as God. God did not have to die for us, but He did, just to show man, He has a Heart and that, Man is God's creation, and God gave to man, all these: "Feelings, Affections, and Sentiments."

    Peace be with you always
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