Without Great Amounts of Shocks and Pains, Man has a Difficult Time, Coming To God


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    Without Great Amounts of Shocks and Pains, Man has a Difficult Time, Coming To God

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    Is it then probable that, man can change? Come to Enlightenment, without great amounts of shocks and pains?

    No for the majority. Even those who strayed.

    Only a few, don't need great amounts of shock and pain. They were raised in goodness, and awareness of God.

    Adam and Eve, is a great example. They, thought they were on their way to becoming 'more like God' by learning about Evil. Their idea of God knowing Evil, was off greatly. God knows about Evil. He is not Evil. Only Good. And thus, He commanded them to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Commanded. In this, what I state, is not about the disobedience, because we already know this. In this is what I state about, 'free will' and man having curiosity, which leads to greater desire to know something that is not good. Good commanded them, but, did not stop them from committing sin. Free will. Not to say, that what they did was good. But, to explain to the majority why, you are not stopped from committing sins and doing awful things to yourselves and to others. If God had stopped them, which is what the majority say, then, God would betrayed his own free will by stopping them. He gave to them freely, all knowledge that was useful, a wealth of. They had to choose freely to obey or not to obey. He could not stop them from making a wrong choice. This is true even today. God does not stop me from making mistakes.

    Why? Intelligence, reasoning, will. If we do not use what God gave to us, then, we failed. He gave to us intelligence, a mind, and free will to mature in goodness. Those who do not use, these gifts, in becoming good, fail. They are not worthy of Eternal Life.

    Two examples, Adam and Lucifer. Then, Eve and the rebellious angels, then, the rest who rebel.

    What do we do with our intelligence, to reason, and use our free will to decide what we reason, to make choices, is ours to choose.

    We rely on 'advice.' Lessons. Knowledge from someone knowledgeable. Someone with experience. In the reality of our lives, we cannot touch God with our flesh, our senses, since we cannot hear and see God naturally, that we automatically think, He does not hear, and does not exist. I don't see therefore, He surely does not exist.

    But, the evidence, is quite clear on any given day or night. By shear events. In front of us, are good examples, even though not perfect, and in front of us, are bad examples, which leads us to conclude that good and evil exist in our reality.

    Fallen means a lot more than one that fell from a higher plain. It means fallen also from perfection, a reality, levels and stages from a perfectly made being. God gave to Adam and Eve a perfectly created body with all the trimmings and senses, flesh, eyes, you get the picture? No blemishes, spots, or wrinkles. They were created to not age physically. Death means to age, that is to rot and decay. We grow old. Man would have slept when God chose to, and the soul would have gone before God without 'being judged' for evil's done. But would have entered, being received with love. A welcome. Imagine your parents not seeing you for years, and you go home, they are overjoyed to see you. Like this.

    But, this is not the case, evil entered, men do evil things, commit crimes, so forth, even if they do not commit crimes, they sin. Because the way of sin, was infused into man's body, through carnal knowledge. To learn the carnal life, as do animals. To feel, taste, and hear the carnal desires and voices, what it's craving is. The sense of man was awakened, by the Serpent. Thus, man fell from Union with God, to union with animals. Man became just flesh

    Thus, Adam and Eve, received a great shock and great pain, when Abel was killed by Cain, and Cain was expelled by God.

    Also, to interject, their other pains, before this one, being kicked out of Paradise, and losing Grace, Union with God. We can determine how much they lost, by Jesus' words, which He spoke on the Cross, "Father, Why have you abandoned Me?" A cry! This was perhaps their first shock and pain. It should have jolted them, to repent. But it did not, they were, still mulling over their loss rather than falling on their face and asking God to forgive.

    And perhaps, because they fell, from Grace and learned bestiality, that it dulled their minds. Blinded them to hide. They certainly felt guilt. But something else happened to them which caused them to not repent. They blamed each other, passing the blame. Eve blames, the Serpent, Adam blames Eve. They were guilty and, then, they learned 'pride.' To not admit each was at fault. Pride entered, which caused them to not 'repent.' Therefore, man has been infested with pride ever since, which keeps one from repenting. A great inhibitor to man, which keeps him from true Love, and warmth of God's Heart. Man, repeats the gesture of Adam and Eve, before God, and God only sees this pride in each because the majority, still 'hide' from God as Adam and Eve had done.

    Now, Adam and Eve have had several shocks and pains, but, it wasn't enough to make them drop to their knees, prostrate and repent. These were severe and grand, loses. To lose Union with God.

    It is therefore, hard for man to change, without great amounts of shocks and pains, because pride, is like peaks on the mountain. Many of these peaks. Just as a colt, or young horse needs to be broken, so does man.

    Thus, Adam and Eve, finally broke when Abel was killed. It broke Eve's heart greatly. She was destroyed by this act, it "rent her heart." Her eldest son, kills her youngest son. The Pride which wraps itself around the heart, was, broken.

    There are many stories of such happenings, that are not told. Many people have changed, because of grave shocks and pains.

    And I was watching a program, which triggered this post. The in this program, a woman who had admired, a young scientist, that was interested in knowing the future of man, designed a super computer that was faultless that could tell the future of man. And the person, was, successful. But, didn't like the answer from the super computer. The computer spent some time calculating, and the answer was, mankind would destroy itself, destroying the world with him.

    This changed the man and he struggled with the answer, and then, accepted the answer from the super computer, hung his hat and went to start the end of mankind. The woman, did not believe the super computer, but, had Faith and Hope that man would realize his folly, how he had, changed himself inwardly mentally, socially, and so forth, to changing the surface of the earth, destroying it, by ever advancing, science, business, inventions, and the never ending thirst to create and continue creating new inventions, regardless of the harm he has caused. An evolution? The earth, is a living entity. It has, limits. The Modernization in the past 100 years, and recently within the past 90 years, has created, more catastrophes, that lessons the future generations.

    Will, the future generations be able to have fields to produce, natural food? In the past, 60 years, man has re-engineered, seed, livestock, produced synthetics.

    There are all types of studies about, reengineering and taking what was natural, and grown from the earth. How the earth, has degraded.

    Well, that's what this post is about, but about, man has a difficult time changing, without great shocks and pains.

    And raping the earth, is part of the great shocks and pains, which the rich have raped for their gains. Money and more Money, more materials, so they can prance around in style before the general public and get woos and wows. Ego. Pride.

    Man's pride must be reduced to ash, which is what I'm stating here before he turns 180 degrees in the right direction, and finds true Life. Great shocks and pains, helps to humble man. Thus, what God advised, Adam and Eve, still stands today, and every day, until the world ends.

    God advises, and good sons and daughters respond and obey, while those who want more, do not, and come to great shocks and pains.

    Even many die before they come to their senses.

    Peace be with you always
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