Who is Understood?


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    Who is Understood?

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    I thank the Lord, Maria and Azariah, and my good friend, for the Book of Azariah. This little short Book fills in the dots of what Jesus has said in greater portions.

    I have read this book twice through, but, lately the words have been greater revealing this time through.

    Chapter Resurrection Sunday.

    "It is the destiny of those who are 'set apart,' in the words of Paul, to not be understood.

    These verses, refer to those signed by the Holy Spirit. [ 2 Cor. 1:22; Eph. 1:13-14 ]

    I refer you to the tower of Babel, wherein man was separated from each other. At the time of building the tower, the world back then spoke one language. Then, God, separated them, for their folly.

    Man has then been separated, from God and then from each other, due to, malice in man, the error to be 'like god' in both Good and Evil. The error is that God is not Evil, and man would like to understand Evil. But because he doesn't know evil, which means the 'unknown' he wants to experience it in the idea. To have the knowledge of Evil. Satan is this tree whereby man receives knowledge of Evil.

    Now it seems that, God had been destructive in separating man. Instead God separated, unknowing men from learning to be another 'Lucifer.' Thus, warranting an immediate termination of life and end up in the Abyss.

    For to be another Lucifer, it is inevitable to be transformed in into another satan. Thus, God has kept, little intelligent men who do not understand, evil, from becoming Lucifers and then Satans. But, to become one of these, you really have to push the limits, as is seen in several episodes. Such as Alexander the Great, Antiochus the Menace, and much more. Hitler, Nero, and many others like them. But, to become another Lucifer, this has not occurred yet. These others still had some good in them, whereas Satan is full Hatred. A completed hatred. There is no other like him. He has little imitations of himself. Little ones. Not like 'himself.'
    Okay, now that your eyes have opened a bit, I'm sure you haven't grasped this fully as what I'm stating. But, enough for you to grasp the next. To be a true Satan, one must give up all that is 'good' and hate all that is 'good' without reserve. Then you have come close to Satan as another Satan. No one but God really understands the Hate in Satan. No one. Not even I. But I see what God is telling me and I write it for you.

    To see Hate, is being infused with it. Just by looking, you have assimilated it into your soul. The eyes are the gateway for the soul. As Jesus stated in the Gospel, therefore, God said not to look back to Lot and his wife when, fire was raining down on Sodom, because the fire had the power to transform matter.

    Satan is a spiritual being, which God gifted with great intelligence. God is a Spiritual Perfect Being, that upon looking at God, you are transformed.

    Lucifer had the evil thought to become proud, and because of this corruption in him, the Good which God was radiating, became his end. Instead of him, Lucifer dispersing this proud thought, he fed on it, and God had to expel the proud demon, who had transformed.

    In one of the lessons, from Azariah, he explains how if we partake of the Eucharist whilst in the state of sin, how we become corrupted, not because of the Eucharist but because of the sin, and we condemn ourselves, to death. Sacrilegious. Lucifer committed sacrilege before God in Heaven. The good then, condemns, evil. And no evil, can remain before Gods presence. We condemn ourselves, because of the sin, by not having it removed. It becomes a great matter in us. That is why we cannot enter Heaven. Sin remains in us. Thus, we have to have it purged completely or it will become our ruin, when standing before God. And out of kindness, God does not allow us, to come into Heaven. Lest we die and be sent to Hell.

    Thus, it is, that man, is given, Salvation from Sin. To remove Sin from our being.

    Now, back to who understands us?.

    Since man became separated from God, man rationalizes apart from God each in his own way, making men and women, each their own 'gods.' Because to be sons and daughters truly means to be united in one thought. To have the same, thoughts, and sentiments. This can be seen in certain families, sisters, brothers, and even among friends. Even certain societies to a great degree in some as almost seeing exact copies with little variation. To imitate exactly in all respects of mind, will and thought.

    On the earth, men do not understand each other perfectly, but rather to an imperfect amount. I don't know of any one who shares my exact sentiments and thoughts. Not one. Because my desire is to imitate Jesus, to have His sentiments and thoughts, will, and power over the flesh. To be a true spirit. Nothing short of. I struggle with my ego being invaded by, Satan's little demons who always yack about man and the world. Never about God. It is annoying. I have to smurk and laugh at this because, I find it amusing that Satan, tries even after I have told him how stupid and futile his tactics are. So he just tortures, because that's his nature. To torture. The destroyer, which I have to put up with until I depart from these walls.

    Anything I write, he is not happy about and comes a charging like raging bull. That's his nature.

    Now, back to who is understood?.

    Jesus spoke about this in short in Poem of the Man-God in a round about way, because, His interest was to make these men, spiritual leaders of His Church. He had to work, what would normally takes years, in a short amount of time. He said, something like, all twelve of you are different, none of you think alike, nor have the same sentiments. But, my goal is to have you think alike and have the same sentiments. Yet, until you are in Heaven, you all not have completely been converted to having, the same thoughts and sentiments. Which means only in Heaven are you completely understood. Azariah, reminds us of this 'fact.'

    Therefore, only in Heaven will you be completely understood by everyone, and you will understand everyone else.

    In that we have differences while living on the earth, is why Jesus said to love one another, forgiving one another, and have mercy on one another, because, we do not understand each other perfectly. We still have our separated thoughts that are being worked on to become as said by St.Paul, in oneness, total unity, mind, will, thoughts. Unto the perfecting of the Saints. I forget off hand which Epistle he wrote this in. I'm thinking Colossians, or Ephesians, Galatians?

    The world of man is separated in mind, will and thoughts. Thus disagreements. What is then lacking to glue the fabric of man to other men and women? The attributes of Love: Mercy, Forgiveness, and Understanding. Knowing that, man doesn't agree perfectly, but, imperfectly, because of 'selfish' reasons or unselfish reasons, those who do not have the 'universal' understanding, a broader picture within themselves, and thus are small minded. Beasts are these who have a deluded grand idea, but, really a selfish idea. For they only desire to heap for themselves everything and they each have their own idea and thoughts and sentiments of what they want, a craving. Which is never satisfied in this life or the next.

    Thus, they remain, poor wretched souls. These are the wicked which the Bible speaks of, who, end up being cutoff from the land of the living, by having their entire seed removed. How does this happen? Well in several ways. One they are cut off immediately, two, they escape being cut off immediately, and branch out here and there, hiding, but, God knows and allows them to perpetuate offspring for His grand design. Well, man, is always too innocent to do something about evil men and women and thus, evil men and women rise to the top of governments to spoil and plunder.

    The good, pardon. The evil, murder.

    God allows these wicked seeds that escape, to convert. While a great many were already cut off. And it is these whom God had mercy on to convert, that teach other men to become wicked. So they wasted graces for to remain in wickedness. And thus, warrant the Abyss for eternity. The really wicked ones. Serious wickedness. The Lord is the Master over Hearts. He listens to them. And if He finds any good in them, He has mercy on them to change their ways. That's His Mercy. He doesn't act and think like Men. He thinks as God. Thus, men have to come to God to understand God. And thus, convert. If not, then, the Abyss is your destiny. These are the words in the Bible, the one with all the Books. Catholic Bible.

    Thus, Purgatory Exists for those who were, really good in thought, but not in deed and actions, and thought they were doing justice, but, the people they worked for, had hijacked the good name, and were truly wolves,--these wolves take good innocent people and make them their proselytes to do harm to other innocent people. This is better explained in Poem of the Man-God, where the Sanhedrin, had done this to many. Such as St. Paul. St. Paul was Saul, a Temple subject, that thought he was doing God's service, by having Christians arrested. But, we know the whole episode. If Saul had not converted, what would be the outcome? Thus, God removed Saul from his erred way, saved and converted him. Many are like Saul, before the conversion. How many need to be removed from their current path?

    Thus, there are wicked men, that are wicked, and are doing evil to other men. Who are evil in thinking.

    And there are good innocent men, who are doing evil to good men, thinking they are doing God's service. But, are not evil in thinking. See this? How would men discern and judge between these two? Thus, God sees all hearts and hears them. We can hardly judge aright says the Book of Wisdom. Without union in God, we would harm a good and innocent soul who thought he was doing God's Service, but worked for the workers of iniquity.

    Well, there are several lessons above. But who understands?

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:44 am by Poem

    The other word, my good internal voice is telling me, is acceptance. We then, are able to accept others, because, we have learned that only in Heaven, is understanding and knowledge, 'perfected' 'perfect' in being understood.

    Love. Love one another, as I have loved you. Jesus accepted that we were, all over in our thoughts, disjointed, and needed to be united, through Love. To perfect our thoughts, and wills, and minds, and our hearts. To make them all perfect, united in Love.

    Finally to be 'understood' by a great cloud of witnesses who await us in Heaven.

    Peace be with you always

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