Governments, Designed for Civil Order, Hijacked, by Beasts, or Politicians


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    Governments, Designed for Civil Order, Hijacked, by Beasts, or Politicians

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    In the Notebooks, Jesus explained, about civil order, or civil obedience, such as laws that help guide a society in good, to be fair and just to the inhabitants of that particular nation. God allowed this to take place.

    Then, Jesus explains that man, over time, takes what is good and corrupts it. This always happens. Even in the Church. The Old Religion, the Jewish religion was no different. Man who is imperfect, acts at times too much, on his own will. He separates from the good, thinking he knows better and becomes a madman, thus corrupting even civil laws.

    Man repeats himself in the errors, and increases his malice in these errors. And thus we arrive at the Great Tribulation, wherein, fallen and erred men, acting on their own, cause great destruction.

    What happens? Greed, Power, Control, seduced into these, by the Tempter. Once good men, were seduced by other men who are, greedy for power, control, and greedy for riches. Their eyes and minds, their intellects, sentiments, are full of material wealth, and the grandeur of it. They imagine heaps. They see, the gaps in innocent good people, and see how easy it is to take advantage of them and do so. They then become, these leaders in governments, which Bankers like Rothschilds supports. And over time, these make laws, that bind the innocent from living a good life an honest life, by tons of rules and regulations.

    Now let's put things into perspective. Once you have removed yourself from the 'laws of beasts' you see that they are over there---> 0

    We are over here< 1. They are lost in their madness, blinded to riches of the earth. These are really sick, because, they do not have love. It is relatively simple. They do not understand, true riches and love. They are full of hate but, don't know it. Even the demon hides this vice from them. But, when they erupt into violent tantrums, they can't believe it the first time and, the demon keeps them from knowing. The demon hides. Jesus explains this behavior in Poem of the Man-God and in the Notebooks.

    Now, in them is the evil seed. They have fed it with dew of hell. Nothing but lies, rendition of laws and words to justify their cause before the public and themselves. They spin the lies to themselves, and become liars themselves. Therefore no 'Truth' resides in them. None. They hate the Truth, because the demon that possesses them, hates the Truth. And in this recognition of the Truth, they both respond with hatred to the Truth.

    Their minds are corrupted with Satan's thoughts. When they respond to citizens, they respond with a lot of non-sense and they move on. This is how they work. This is what Satan does to them. They spew smoke, or rhetoric, spinning it. Their hearts are black.

    This is the reality. Which most of you do not know about, and deny always, denying. Because you are still atheists even in the world. You do not believe God, and thus, you do not believe Satan either. Atheists of Religion whether Satan's irreligion or God's Religion.

    Have to step off the fence and come to reality. Can't keep living in a dream, an illusion. Dorothy! click your heals together and snap to it!

    Many people do not accept the reality of life on the miserable earth. It is utterly miserable, and since you have not studied Wisdom, you don't know how miserable you are.

    Without God, union with God: Blindness, madness, wretchedness, and death....

    These four words defined misery.

    Civil laws were inspired by God to those who did not believe in God, but, were in need of law and order, to keep man in good. See here? Even God thinks about those whom do not believe in Him.

    But when good men, stray into evil, such as power, control and greed, these laws change, with the instigation of Satan and his servants. The once just laws, become unjust laws and therein, the mirage takes place, some smoke being blown in our direction, since we are not the leaders of any government. Tons of smoke daily. They are so full of lust and pride, that, they cannot even discern what is good and evil, they are servants of Evil. These, are the ones that have hijacked 'civil governments' converting them to 'uncivil governments.' And they make demands as those who sit at the top. What a sham they fell for! "You will be given, 100 Virgins upon entering Heaven...." replace this sentence with whatever their lust desires.

    Lustful and proud men and women. Who cannot see the Light of Day to even save themselves. Who will pray for them?

    Peace be with you always
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