To Act on One's Own, is this of God? Or is it your Own Will?


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    To Act on One's Own, is this of God? Or is it your Own Will?

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    "I Did It My Way"

    To obey is what God wants. To act on your own, you're still disobedient.

    You see a need of someone, that lacks water, it is then, a need of the basic. Water.

    You see a need of someone, that lacks food, it is then, a need of the basic. Food. T

    These, Jesus commanded to do, so to do them is obedience in God's Name. But when you do this outside of His will, that is in Your Name, to get a reward from someone other than God, you 'act on your own.'

    Although it is an act of love in appearance, it is an act of pride, inwardly, therefore an 'external act.'

    the good willed individual is guided by their good will, good will equates to love. your love for that person. God see's this act of yours. It is an selfless act, which God commends.

    The world of men are divided into those who act out of obedience to the Devil, those who do not want to submit to the Devil and act on their own, until they submit to someone, and, those who fight against the Devil, in some way unbeknown to the rest of the human race. Unbeknown.

    Well, to act on one's own then, is never a good thing.
    But to attach one's will to God, and then by the inspirations of God, one acts, this is obedience.

    That is to attach your will to God's Law, and through the knowledge received, or infused, one act's according to God's Justice. This is God's way.

    Now, as stated above, on how man acts, if man attaches his will to the law's of beasts, then, one renders obedience to them. Then there are those who have finally have the 'veil' removed about the 'beasts' and move forward into the other camp. These are ready to do 'war' with beasts. The beasts however have had many of these former, jump ship, mutiny, so forth, because, quite simply the 'fangs' and 'tentacles' were noticed, their speech always never backed their actions. They were able to see through their lying mouths after sometime. Lot's smoke, makes one cough and after coughing enough, you wonder why you cough so much. Ding Dong! Something smells here.. Beasts stink of Hell. They are rotten stinking bread of Hellish stench. Wherever they go, there's destruction. They naturally destroy everything, even their own lives are shambles. But, the poor wretches don't know any better.

    Remember what Jesus said about not having union with God:

    Blind, madness, wretchedness and death. These. Therefore you can tell a beast from a saint.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:49 pm by Poem

    It seems a lot of people are wasting their time reading about one event in Apocalypse, 'Three Days' of Darkness.' It is an utter waste to try and find out what is going to take place regardless of your intervention, or preparation.

    Jesus tells us in the Gospel, 'how to live.' One of them is 'Be Not Afraid.' Another is to live in 'the day.' As in today.

    The other is to live according to His Example.

    If you live in His Will, doing His Will, that means to attach your will to His, so His will directs your will, you have no need to know the future on the earth. Your future is as He said: Heavenly Bliss.

    The Other side, is the one causing the rumble, the commotion, the ruckus, in Apocalypse. God is Love, Satan is Hate. God does not impune on good souls, He asks for good souls to do His Will. That is to become a little jesus and help Him redeem souls for Heaven. Never mind the world and its non-sense, they are all lost and seek to keep their lives. "save their own skin."

    The Disciple, Apostle of Christ, doesn't worry about his flesh. He knows that, it will be glorified on the Last Day, he knows that his soul will be in Heaven. Because Jesus assured those who do His Will, of such things, thus, Faith Hope Charity. He needs not to worry about, tomorrow, because, the things of tomorrow are not here today. It is today that you need to live for God. Everyday is created by God. If it wasn't created, by God, there would be no tomorrow. The world randomly accepts that the Sun will rise tomorrow and that it is an ongoing phenomenon. Natural occurrence, by random selection. A calculated, formula, with many missing parts, thus, even in their calculating their is missing pieces to the puzzle of their forumulas. No faith in the supernatural, but faith in calculations and formulas, with missing parts.

    Satan declared War on God. Therefore, the instigator's are those who do not follow God. If you do not follow God, you follow Satan. If you have good will and want to do good, you will be led by God as long as you do not trust in your own strength. God guides every soul. But, it is up to you to want to be guided in Good.

    It is relatively simple, so simple that, God made it that way, otherwise who could follow?

    Satan uses a series of devices to mask his diabolical, to imitate God in God's way of working benignly. Although God is present to overthrow evil, it is your will to want to overthrow evil. You are a vessel that either works for God or Satan. If you do not allow God to work in you, you allow Satan in most cases.

    A piece on the battlefield called 'the Earth.'

    Who do you fight for? Some idea? Maybe to get your bank account back? Maybe for a piece of land that was stolen from your family?

    The stakes are higher today folks. It is no longer about just these things, it is about the whole human race. Everyone will be sucked into it, for the battles of War.
    The next to last 'war' before the End.

    No room for stragglers, no room for cowards, no room for lukey's, no room for, thinking which way to go.

    Either you're good, or you're evil. That's it. Make a choice. These beasts have, the saints have, what are you waiting for? What?

    In the world, things are shaking up, and governments are being cut off, left and right, by their instruments, thinking they are in control of the chaos, only to find that, they are being separated one from the other. Becoming 'islands.' All this, so you can see for yourself, they are 'beasts.'

    Who is the Maestro Orchestrating these event? God. God allows the foolishness of man to do so. It is not even humor. But a 'demonstration.' The Pharaoh of Egypt.

    Read the episode of in the Old Testament. What God does can be viewed in the Bible. He always wins. Man always loses, and Satan always loses.

    God, The Perfect
    Man, the Imperfect, and fallen
    Satan, the Imperfect, and fallen

    Who wins?

    When your intelligence has been upgraded by God, so you can tell the winners from the losers, then, you learn to be humble and accept that God is always, On Top. And to not choose to be on God's side, is utter foolishness. You lose.

    It is always this way.

    Man, fallen man, thinks only with his lower part, the carnal desires and wants. His heart bent on flesh always. And he is the loser. Therefore, there are lots of initiates for the Abyss.

    When God upgrades your intelligence so you can receive, the proper knowledge so you can inherit Heaven, you don't worry about fleshly matters and leave everything to God, provided you live for the superior part, your soul, making your flesh, spirit. That is to put only the spiritual things into your flesh. Thus, you become a saint. Denying the cravings of the flesh altogether. Allowing the spirit to grow and grow defying carnal men and women. As Jesus said, "turned the world's system on its head." Utterly defying everything the world is. All because, you know the 'truth.'

    The truth is the governments act as one with Satan, Satan keeps you blind to the truth with his darkness. For he is the Prince of Darkness and the author of it. He keeps you blind. As long as you attach your will to the law of beasts, you remain a beast yourself.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:40 am by Poem

    Psalm One a few verses to confirm your will attached to God's Law.

    [1] Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the chair of pestilence. [2] But his will is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he shall meditate day and night.

    When your will is attached to God's Law, you meditate on it. It is a natural thing to do so once your will is attached to it. This is your love for the Law of God and naturally you love to meditate on God's Word. The Divine Word of God. This is what makes you 'strong' in the Lord, Wisdom is then, able to teach you.

    Peace be with you always

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