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    What a True Christian Should Assimilate


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    What a True Christian Should Assimilate

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    This is the way it is. For those who do not have these, then, you are not in His Form. (word for foundry)

    "Supplicate with your true and perfect Master. You are truly cast, like metal liquefied by heat, in his form and take on the likeness of Him in his passion. Your humanity has melted in the heat of charity, the spirit has become soft in order to be remodeled, and hour by hour a sign of your beloved Jesus in his Passion is being impressed upon you. His desires are yours, his sorrows are yours, his moments of solitude, his bitter observations of what men are; his desolation on seeing Himself not understood, rejected, and mocked in that way is yours. And yours are his moans and his prayers to the Father."

    True followers of Our Lord have these in them, and these speak in them.

    Are you a follower or a beast? Beasts reject 'Perfection' and are hateful demons.

    Perfection is what God is, and those who follow God, tend to 'perfection' in themselves.

    Then there's the perfect evil, which is not "perfection," yet, a perfecting towards evil. To become a demon. There's nothing good here.

    Good, defines what perfection is. Evil is not able to obtain 'perfection.' It just perfects itself in evil, malice. Empty and void of all. A pathetic life. Hells is the abode for all evil.

    Peace be with you always
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