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    Jesus Went To Church Every Sabbath Regardless of the Pharisees


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    Jesus Went To Church Every Sabbath Regardless of the Pharisees

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    I have met many people who do not go to Mass on Sunday's because, they think that the Church is Corrupted.

    The Building is not corrupted, just certain souls.

    It is Still the House of God. A place to receive Our Lord, in the Eucharist.

    Read the Poem of the Man-God, what the Apostles said to Jesus, when He said He was going to the Synagogue on the Sabbath. Master, they are after Your life! Jesus went because it was God's commandment to Honor God on the Sabbath. The Second Commandment. Of course He went to the Synagogue where He was accepted and not hated. He went to the Temple, the one in Jerusalem, several times after they had anathema Him, kicked Him out of His Father's House. Imagine that! The revilers, the persecutors had hijacked the Temple! The same applies to us. This very same thing will happen to the true little jesus'. Kept out after the Temple has been hijacked by, the antichrists, thinking they are doing God's will, but, doing Satan's instead. This is true blindness here. They with their learned knowledge, do not apply it, but for their ravenous ideals, cravings of grandeur to rule over others, as 'beasts.' Deluded.

    The Faith is received in Faith regardless of the appearance. Those who Know Their God, continue in Faith.

    Faith, is necessary and absolute. Love is necessary and Absolute. If you love God, you go because of this reason, regardless of the who's who, the what's what. It is all done in faith, regardless. No faith, stay at home. No love, stay at home, remain tiny in faith and love. Forget the Pharisaical attitudes and see God in everything. Move forward in your faith.

    Peace be with you always
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