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    Resurrection Sunday


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    Resurrection Sunday

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    Introit: Ps 139(138):18, 5 6, 1 2
    Collect: Lord, You have unlocked today the gate of eternity by Your only begotten Son's defeat of death; we entreat You, that the prayer which You have put into our hearts may be brought to fruition by Your continual help. Through the same Christ our Lord.
    Epistle: 1 Co 5:7 8
    Gradual: Ps 118(117):24, 1
    Alleluia: I Co 5:7
    Gospel: Mk 16:1 7
    Offertory: Ps 76(75):9 10
    Secret: Accept, Lord, we pray, the prayer of Your people with the offering of the gifts for sacrifice, so that what we have begun in these mysteries of Easter, may win us, through the working of Your power, the remedy of everlasting life. Through our Lord.
    Communion: 1 Co 5:7 8
    Postcommunion: Fill us, Lord, with Your Spirit of love, and of Your goodness unite together in charity those whom You have feasted with these Easter sacraments. You who are God, living and reigning... in the unity of the same Holy Spirit.

    April 21, 1946

    Azariah says:

    "My Lord orders me to bring you these words: 'For your comfort, I say to you the word of the Introit, which the liturgy possesses as if I were saying it to my Father. Believe in my Word. I have risen and remain with you.'

    "To have the Lord with oneself is the certainty of help and peace about not deserving censure. Conserve yourself in this union and do not fear.

    "For over two months I have been telling you in our Holy Masses, 'Fear not.' And an angel does not utter vain flattery. He says what is true. In the Name of God, I, your guardian, assure you that you have no reason to fear because Most Holy Jesus is with you; his pierced Hand is upon you to protect you, and He, The Incarnate Wisdom instructs you and speaks to you with the marvelous wisdom surpassing all forms of wisdom.

    "To conserve these gifts, you have only to conserve yourself in such a way as to be able to say in truth before Him who cannot be deceived, 'Lord, You search me and know me: You know if I sit or stand up. You know, O all seeing God, if I sit down that is, if I let myself be invaded by spiritual sloth or if I rise to continuous battle against the forces of Evil which would like to extinguish You in me and extinguish my Light, which comes to me from You, to make me "darkness." You know the truth of my actions and my sufferings, and in the name and memory of all the times your Incarnate Word was judged badly, because He was badly known, I ask You to support me and defend me in the discouragement which comes from obtuse men who forget the words "Judge not" taught by your Word and judge even what they do not know.'

    "It is the destiny of those who are 'set apart,' in the words of Paul, to be not understood. My Lord spoke to you about this a long time ago, and, out of reverence, I will not repeat the lesson. But you can read it to understand and pity men's incapacity to understand those set apart by God. In Heaven, where there will no longer be differences, because all intelligence, all wisdom, all justice, and all charity will be given in equal measure with equal possession of God, both those who were not understood because they were traveling along an extraordinary way and those who by an ordinary way arrived at the same Holy Kingdom of God will understand one another.

    "For the time being the incapacity to understand one another exists and persists, as it existed for Christ and his contemporaries and for the first apostles and disciples, even though they were joined together by a single purpose and tended towards a single goal. The Acts speak. And yet they loved one another. They loved one another in a single Christ. They wanted his glory. But they were great spirits in human bodies and thus still slaves to the reactions and wretchedness of man, of this man who never dies completely and has unexpected impulses even in the holiest. And this to a great extent accounts for that friction and incompatibility which, though remaining on the surface of the magnificent basic block of the Apostolic Church, have scratched it, giving her enemies the chance to criticize and try to belittle Her.

    "But man is always man. And God, even in the best and most beloved, for the purpose of spurring them towards increasingly heroic virtue, allows some particles of humanity to hold out, provoking reactions which are not blameworthy in his sight, but capable of occasioning them from the quite imperfect world which believes it is more perfect than the servants of God criticisms, reproaches, mockery, offenses, and malevolent judgments. These particles do not harm the design of God and of the soul to tend towards perfection and lead to perfection, rather, they help, keeping the soul lowly, pruned in the poisonous branch, the most poisonous one, born of the evil plant of Lucifer: pride.

    "The union of the infinite merits of Most Holy Jesus with the good will of man and humility, which your weaknesses and imperfections themselves nourish, grant that, through Grace, the inspirer of holy desires, and the painful death and glorious Resurrection of the Only Begotten Son of God, you may fulfill the aspirations which God has placed in your hearts and, through the gates of eternity, reopened by the immolated Victim and the eternal Victor, reach the blessed Kingdom which knows no end.

    "But, as Paul says, it is necessary 'to remove the old leaven.' The leaven of the passions is renewed more quickly than the leaven in bread which the housewife kneads and keeps warm. The willing soul always removes it and always finds it again. The world, events, disappointments, observations, joys, and sorrows everything tends to introduce into the soul a leaven of malice, impurity, deceit, and rebelliousness. No, no, dear souls. One leaven alone must be in you. That which is holy, pure, and true the leaven of the Word of God, of the Love of God. For the Word is Love. The Word immolated Himself so as to be able to instruct you now as well. For this reason as well. The Word immolated Himself in becoming Man so He could speak to men and give them the true Word leavening true knowledge of the Law, which is Love, instead of the acid leaven impure, malicious, and wicked, stale and harmful which was then among the children of God.

    "The Word immolated Himself in becoming the Victim so He could bring the Paraclete, the Leaven of Love through whom all the particles of the flour of the Jesus Yeast, his innumerable words, might swell up, rising in purity, truth, wisdom, understanding, and holiness in human intellects.

    "But if the good Yeast is mixed with the old, wicked yeast, the wicked is not improved, but, rather, the good one is corrupted, and it thus does not help to have received the holy Yeast which comes from God. One must therefore clear away every particle of wicked leaven and become pure, new, like newborn children, and do so continuously, to impede the work of Satan and of the flesh, and do so with assiduous watchfulness, without dejection, without laziness, without presumption. Act over and over again, for, as long as man is on earth, Satan, the flesh, and the world act. And receive the holy Leaven in one's cleansed heart ever anew so that you will always be new dough, without mold or corruption, formed according to the form of God and worthy of God.

    "This day, like everything which exists, has been made by God. But truly this is a perfect day, a day surpassing every other creative day because the divine, eternal Power and Mercy shine therein in all their strength.

    "Only a God could spur Mercy to become a victim for sinners, and only a God could by Himself rise again to testify that He is the true God, as by death He had testified that He was a true Man, to say that Life God is stronger than Death Satan; and that the Author of All cannot be killed by a part. And God, the Author of All, could not be killed by man and remain killed. For if it is true that out of love for man He tasted the bitter ashes of death, it is also true that He defeated death, and forever; nor will all the forces of Evil, whether they bear the name of the great Satan or of the little satans, ever be able to kill the Living One again.

    "Maria, little Maria of Jesus, you, too, with the great Mary of Lazarus, 'have seen the tomb of the living Christ and the glory of Christ Risen, and the angel witnesses, and the shroud and the robes,' as the Paschal sequence states. Because of this gift, may every bitter sorrow coming to you from everyone, except from God, prove sweet to you. And may every gift given you be an aid to your obtaining Heaven, by not imitating those who use a freely given benefit with pride, disobedience, and imprudence, believing themselves to be already secure because they have been benefited and not considering that the gift is a test and that as it is given, it can be taken away, and together with it if, instead of producing love for the truth, obedience, and justice, it causes deceit, pride, and disobedience to ferment the immediate possession of the eternal reward can be taken away, or, if the ingratitude of the one benefited reaches a serious degree, even the possession of the reward eternally, which is God Himself.

    "The Jews, the Princes of the Priests, and the Scribes and Pharisees had time to repent and render the infinite Gift of the Word made Man in Israel benign to them, as long as Justice did not say, 'Enough.' Afterwards when neither the Doctrine nor the Death nor the signs of the elements and fulfillment of the prophecies nor the new shaking of Creation at the return of breath into the lifeless Body were able to bend the haughty minds of Israel to the Truth afterwards 'God rose up to do justice.'

    "And justice, patient justice, was the clear cut separation of the goats from the kids that is, of those who absolutely rejected the gift from those, like Gamaliel and others, who, after the passing away of Christ, went about beating their breasts and saying, 'We have sinned! He was what He said He was! May God have mercy on us.' Not yet lambs, but already predisposed to becoming such, they were justly separated, with divine justice, from the indomitable, hellish goats that had turned God's gift to their ruin.

    "And among those who were able to change from kids into lambs and whom Mercy granted forgiveness on account of their repentance, how many are among the saints who, with the Virgin Mother, the apostles, and the martyrs named in the Preface, are remembered today and invoked that they may help those living on Earth to become the 'living ones' of Heaven, joining in prayer and offering, so that the days of the believers will transpire in spiritual peace and they will not be struck with eternal damnation, but numbered with the flock of the elect.

    "Those who were kids have also conquered the Kingdom! For God can do all things, if only man offers his good will.

    "Do not fear, then, dear voices, and do not take in the insinuations of the world, which too often believes it is learned just because it has a lot of theories in its head and wonders, 'How can a nobody ever become a somebody if we don’t?’

    "This reason, entirely composed of the pride of the self, is already an answer to the question. And it answers by itself. 'Yes, it is possible for that to happen; first of all, because everything is possible for God and licit for God and, secondly, because God Himself, to confound the proud, takes nobodies and makes them into what He wants.

    "She who was Full of Grace spoke this truth: 'He has brought low the powerful and exalted the humble.'

    "And whoever would like to place limits upon God or suggest to God the actions to be performed commits the sin of pride. May not pride, but charity be in you, O judges, and in you, O judged. For whoever loses charity loses God. Not humanity in thought, but faith in the power of the Lord. Not pride, but relinquishing one's Judgment in favor of perfect Judgment. Charity in accepting, charity in examining, charity in bearing. Charity so as not to increase the weight burdening those who bear the weight of an extraordinary gift to make them dismayed and fearful of undergoing spiritual death because of that gift. Charity in thinking that he who calls his brother 'raca’ [‘fool' in Aramaic] commits a sin, and, in men's eyes, those who are simply 'set apart' in God's service too often appear to be fools and possessed people. Charity in thinking that the condemnation you apply without justice in proofs would be unpleasant for you if applied to you.

    "And to you, crucified voices, I say, Charity! Charity in forgiving whoever speaks without knowing what he is saying, whoever judges without having the right to and thus without spiritual light, and whoever afflicts you in a thousand ways. Charity and silence. Enclosed in your hearts, like the Apostles in the Cenacle, increase your faith. Do not disavow the gift out of fear of men. And you will have the Paraclete, who is already announced to help you convert the proud and respond to those who persecute you. He, Jesus, said so before going to his death. He repeats this to you now that He has emerged from death. He will do so, for Jesus, God, does not lie.

    "Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit."

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:32 pm by Poem

    In human terms, this says, 'perspective.' Which perspective do you see and think, ally with?

    The world?

    Perhaps from God's?

    The Most Holy Mary, always viewed from God's perspective. Her gentle, humble persona. She always reverenced the Lord. She was the Silent One, showing forth the benignity of God, in Her silence.

    Another point of this, can be contemplated, deeply with Abraham's story. The one, where God sent three angels to overthrow Sodom and Gomorrah. Read about the angels. They did not go around announcing the demise of the City's. They went to carry out God's order and one of the order's was to retrieve, just people, but only Lot and his family were sparred, minus his wife, who was spared, but she looked back once out of the city and became a pillar of salt.

    God flashed thunderous fire from Heaven and burnt to ash, Sodom and Gomorrah.

    The Lord did not announce to the wicked city, it's citizens, 'He was going to destroy it' --with a loud speaker, a bugle horn, text messages, emails, you get the picture; it just happened. Boom!

    But here in our times, the time of Grace-Charity, God has warned and warned, but, no one takes heed. And then as Jesus has so said, "when the peoples think it is a peaceful time," because, 'there's no world wars,' "It will suddenly come" --To take the whole world by surprise.

    And the inhabitants today, so say by their replies that "no such thing will take place."

    So, let's take a good look at these words: "It will suddenly come." When people are not 'expecting.' Because they are not truly expecting, just like the people of Sodom. They were up to the ceiling in lustful living. Carnage. Carnal. Bingbangboom!

    Oh, the dread of these peoples looks when it does suddenly come.

    Am I a bearer of bad news? For the majority they who do not want to change, "yes," it is an inconvenience and disgraceful to them. They are, indifferent to what God has warned about. Indifferent, outrageous and truly sacrilegious. And they feel the same about those who proclaim as they say, "such non-sense."

    They will always say, "Where's the proof?" "I see no past evidence." --Human science.-- Human science "Deny's God." If they cannot see, nor feel, they cannot contemplate. Their reasoning is based on only what is natural to them.

    I was once like this, but, God puts us aside to teach us, so we can teach them, and also so God can say to them, when they complain they did not know, He will say, these whom I taught have told you so, you did not believe, them, therefore you did not Believe Me.

    By words of two witnesses, you are judged. In this case, many witnesses, as St. Paul has stated, "A cloud of witnesses."

    Peace be with you always

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