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    When Jesus Came to Mankind, He Was Sent To Stay Too!


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    When Jesus Came to Mankind, He Was Sent To Stay Too!

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    When we read the Messianic Idea, we find that God sent the Son, to 'save' the world.

    But, Jesus explains with events in the Gospel, that tells the us, the world which God came to 'save' did not want to be saved. Instead they killed His Son. And for killing His Son, they were 'punished.' If Jesus did not forgive His executioners, no one would be saved. The end.

    Adam and Eve, who, disobeyed God and God withdrew Paradise on Earth and closed the gates of Heaven. This consequence of withdrawing has left man with many issues and problems, which are innumerable to count.

    The same occurred with when Jesus came. But, the severity of not accepting 'salvation' is a heavy condemnation.

    God sent Jesus to mankind to save each soul. Had Israel accepted Him, and wanted Him to remain, He would have remained for some time and then returned to Heaven.

    But, since He went back, 'rejected' of men, His People, He went back sooner.

    Let's think about this. Adam and Eve's action is the same as Israel's actions. Rejection. These did not want God, as God had commanded. Instead they wanted to be their 'own gods.' It is the same as saying, "We want to be left alone." They did not want God to remain, they did not want to have the union with God as God had commanded, instead they wanted to have God serve them.

    Since man is not in Heaven, nor is there a door we can walk through at any time, which means man is estranged from the Blissful, place, the Perfect Place, God has put, a physical distance between, Himself and Man, so sinful and wicked men, cannot enter. For our own Good, every man would be incinerated trying to enter.

    The gates were closed. Then, with Christ's Passion the gates were opened. But, only those who follow His Way get to enter these gates.

    I like to entertain the thought which God the Father had stated to Maria to give to man, that is, Christ went back to Heaven, because He was rejected of men. Gentle.

    There's quite a bit to consider. It is the lack of love, and the desire to not want, perfection as spirits, but to remain on the earth as just human beings.

    God created a living soul. Adam and Eve created human beings. Thus, we are human beings.

    Christ came to redeem man from the fallen state to bring man back to the risen state--from human beings to man and woman.

    What God created was a true man. And Christ is the testament to Being the First-Born among "Man."

    When Christ was crucified, the Man died. When Christ Resurrected, the God, gave life back to the Man, and Jesus is now the God-Man.

    To have died signifies He was Man. To be risen signifies He is God. For only God can give Life.

    Thus, to entertain the words, "He went back to Heaven, because man rejected Him," is where I am now speaking about.

    But, a little discourse was necessary to penetrate your mind.

    Since, Christ Risen says, He is God, He as God can remain in Time and Return To Heaven in a blink of an eye.

    Thus, to remain is a very significant statement for man, a great statement, that man recognized He was God, sent as the Messiah, Savior and Redeemer, and the man has acknowledges, God's love for man.

    God knows our hearts, and reads them. He knows beforehand. Thus, He is able to direct each one. He can tell you how to change your standing. He can foretell your future and suggest, give advice on what to do with perfection. Whereas, man is not able to do so.

    Thus, the Holy Spirit is such for man.

    Now, this goes to say, what Adam and Eve did. They did not take heed to the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, and they lost His Covering. They "heard the Voice of God in the Noon Air." They no longer had the Voice in them, but, outside them.

    Grace is a covering, an indwelling, to have Grace inside you, the soul is the altar, you body is the temple, Adam and Eve were created with Grace on their altars. The Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of Christ is now needed to rebuild the Kingdom of God, and to show the Father, you are of Christ. How does one have the Kingdom of Christ built inside?

    Eucharist. The Sacraments. The Obedience to His commands.

    The Kingdom of Christ is then necessary in order to be considered in Christ. Thus, Catholics have inherited this rebuilding. But, if you don't do them, you are the same as Adam and Eve who rejected God's commands, by rejecting Christ's commands. No Grace. You remain estranged from Paradise.

    Christ leads back to the Father, through Himself, to give us all that He is, in order for the Father to recognize each one of us. Otherwise without His Seal, you are nothing.

    It is relatively not so hard, but, will power and determination, fortitude, and persistence. God tests the limits of our resolve. To make sure you really want it. But, your desire to want it, makes you a candidate for election. Once the desire is birthed, God nourishes your desire and He brings, the Word, the Way, before, He straightens your once crooked path and brings you on the Way. God puts you on the path to Himself. You are now being trained, and molded to perfection.

    Imagine if Jesus remained? Imagine if Jesus was not rejected? He would appear constantly and in multiple places for He is God and time and space, matter does not affect His Body. For His Body has been glorified. A unique word He uses to describe Flesh that has superceded this Universe. An example would before us to drive us, motivate us, even more. It would become natural habit to do what He commands.

    Peace be with you always
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