The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    A Secret Greater Than Fatima Secrets, Was Not Revealed to Men


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    A Secret Greater Than Fatima Secrets, Was Not Revealed to Men

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    Below is the Lesson from Azariah, Maria's Guardian Angel, who taught her 54 Sunday Masses, and in this, Lesson St. Gabriel is present with her and comes to bring a message, an order from God for her to uphold.


    Introit: Ps 25(24):15 16, 1 2
    Collect: Listen, almighty God, to the prayers of the humble and stretch out the right hand of Your majesty to protect us. Through our Lord.
    Epistle: Ep 5:1 9
    Gradual: Ps 9:20, 4
    Tract: Ps 123(12M:1 3
    Gospel: Lk 11:14 28
    Offertory: Ps 19(18):9, 10, 11, 12
    Secret: Let this victim, we implore You, Lord, cleanse away our sins; and sanctify Your servants in body and soul, to celebrate this sacrifice. Through our Lord.
    Communion: Ps 84(83):4 5
    Postcommunion: In Your mercy, Lord, free us from all guilt and all danger, since You grant us a share in so great a mystery. Through our Lord.

    March 24, 1946

    You are waiting so expectantly, anxiously, to hear the angelical word, which is so sweet, clear, and comforting.'

    I must tell you, however, that since you went away, an angel who I do not think is mine has been constantly and visibly present to me. I tell you that he does not seem to be mine because, whereas Azariah usually shows himself to me by materializing in his beauty, as I described to you at the appropriate time, this one is completely spiritualized, in a very bright light that only a miracle of God allows me to gaze at steadily, and he has the incorporeal beauty of spiritual beings; nor does he use his feet to move, but the two lights of his wings, and everything in him is light: his face, his hands crossed over his chest, the extremely white, immaterial robe.... And I say, "hands, face, clothing" because we poor mortals can only express ourselves materially to state what we see. But this most beautiful spirit, who never leaves me and with whom my soul embarks upon continual loving conversations, has nothing but the incorporeal condensation of his spirit in the form of face, hands, and clothing to become present to my spiritual sight, and he is so reduced to the minimum necessary to attain this goal that to speak of his "face, hands, and robe" really amounts to using improper, very material language.

    He appears to me, in short, as the Angel of Gethsemane, who "was light in the form of an angel"; he seems to be one of many I have seen in the choirs of Paradise.... Oh, light, singing light in the boundless azure of Heaven ... ! It strikes me as one of those Christmas angels for the shepherds one of those in Compito,1 in one of the last nights of my exile, who uplifted me to ecstasy with their flying overhead while singing unrepeatable harmonies ....

    I do not know who it is. 1 know that his presence is my comfort. To me he is more than gentle moonlight to the solitary, lost traveler, and he gives me the assurance that I am not alone, but am in the best of company, with the best of guides, and on the best of ways, that of the angel of God, and on the way the angels follow: that of God. I do not know who it is. His presence fills me with joy, but he does not reveal himself.

    Yesterday Marta was away for six hours at Camaiore.... Well, alone in my room for three of the six hours, I was so happy with this angelical presence that I even received physical relief from it. I recollected myself in that meditation and contemplation which may virtually seem somnolence to outsiders and is instead a burning of the spirit, and I was joyful.... What peace ... !

    But now Azariah shows himself and speaks. The luminous angel is not, then, Azariah and I write. 1 Maria Valtorta addresses these words to her spiritual director, Fr. Migliorini.

    Azariah says:

    "With the humility of the younger brother before the older one, I come for our Holy Mass. And the Angel of the Seventy Weeks, the Comforter of Gethsemane, the most blessed archangel Gabriel, whom the Eternal grants you as a friend to comfort you for he is the Archangel of joy, of the heavenly joys will increase your power of comprehension with his light.

    "He thus appears to you to give you a slight idea of his reality in the heavens. To the senses of the spirit purified more and more by the ultimate trial a new capacity to see is to be given. Believe, soul of mine, that the more the creature becomes obedience and charity, the more the spirit evolves towards what its life will be in Paradise while awaiting the resurrection of bodies. The dullness and limitations upon all perfect, prompt obedience fall away, and the scales still restricting the spiritual faculties in their vision drop off, as if consumed by the flame of charity for obedience is charity and with great rejoicing the soul draws near to the knowledge of the life of the Heavens, of what is above: adoration, beatitude, peace, exultation of light....

    "Observe, soul of mine: if, even inwardly, you had made a rebellious movement, performed a minimum act of disobedience, made a compromise simply a compromise, one of those poor compromises even the best Christians are too often accustomed to the limitations upon your creaturely power of vision, instead of becoming less weighty, would have become heavier and denser, like clouds that accumulate; they would have carried you away, like a vehicle that takes one somewhere else.... You realized the trap into which the Enemy wanted to make you fall to excite Heaven's disgust towards you. With deceitful reflections he wanted to make you disobey the order received to list the books you have with sincerity. There is nothing to be criticized in your books or of such a nature as might give rise to talk among those not believing in the supernatural that you are aided culturally in your work. (This, however, is what is really meant... 12/9/47). But he wanted to frighten you, saying this and that, to lead you ... to leave out intentionally some book or other.

    "To forget is not a sin when it is a real lapse of the mind. But to will to forget, to carry out obedience as one believes it is humanly useful to do so, is a sin. Mental restrictions, reservations, to say, for example, 'I said I had no other books because at present I haven't any at home,' one of the subterfuges frequently used among Christians, like saying, for instance, 'I haven't seen,' only because one does not see at that moment, are not good things. They are lies. One must never lie even in nuances.
    "The truth is not something blurry, vague like a little cloud in the sky.... It is a solid, square block of diamond, luminous, transparent, quite beautiful, but hard, unassailable by winds, rains, and fingers. And since the truth comes directly from what is most perfect on Earth that is, from Heaven even if man wants to destroy it and sometimes seems to succeed on the Earth, in reality the truth remains intact in its kingdom and sooner or later is known and recognized, along with the merits of the spirit that was faithful to the truth.

    "The truth is so diamantine that, instead of being scratched, it scratches and breaks even the vitreous souls of the unfortunates who do not want to acknowledge it, who do not want to accept it, and, whether they are willing or unwilling, it writes its words, and these are a condemnation for the dead, the deaf, the spiritually blind, the indifferent, and the lukewarm, whom God rejects and vomits far from Himself; it writes its truth as 'being the truth,' even if it is denied, on the poor, smoke blackened, dusty window-panes covered with useless cobwebs that think themselves better than diamonds only because they are set in an ornate frame....

    "Observe, soul of mine, if you had accepted a mental restriction, one of those Satan proposed to you, and if you had omitted this book of your grandfather's because it might give offense to priests, this other one of your mother's because it was on the Index, that other one of yours because it speaks of God, to such a minimal extent that it certainly cannot explain what you set down on paper, and all of this to appear holy even in the books you keep as mementoes, as you keep the family portraits which you cannot contemplate, sick as you are, but which it would cause you sorrow to destroy because they are the face of your father, of your mother, of your grandparents.... you would have lied, and now you would not merit this peace you enjoy and would not see the glorious Gabriel. You have merited more by this perfect obedience, which to the superficial may seem to be something ridiculous, than if you had said a thousand vocal prayers.

    "This is to tell you the value of the obedience which does not degrade itself with compromises. Always be heroic like this, and peace and light will ever increase in you.
    "And now let us meditate upon our Holy Mass.

    "Doesn't the Introit really seem to have been written for you, little voice? But, truthful in describing your current situation' the snare set at your feet' it is also truthful in describing your spiritual state: 'my eyes are always turned towards the Lord.'

    "Yes, that's it! Always like that! The wickedness and incredulity of men whom you must, however, always forgive with the words of Our Most Holy Lord Jesus: 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing' can set snares for you. But, where? At your feet, the lowest, most material part, standing in the midst of the filth of the ways of the world, for you are still in the world, as the Most Holy Lord Jesus was during his thirty three years as the God Man in Palestine. But they cannot set snares for your spirit, your contemplative vision, your charity, which, the more you realize that everything is vanity and transience here below, blazes and concentrates more and more upon the Most High and Holy Triune Lord.

    "And so it is that you, with a snare at your feet, but with your spirit free, establish yourself in the Lord. 'Turn to me,' you cry. And He turns to you to such an extent that He gives you Himself.'

    "'I am poor and alone,' you cry. No. You are with his angels

    and with Him, with Him, with Him! Alleluia! The soul of mine is with the Lord! Can there be a greater joy for a guardian angel? You are not, then, alone: you have the infinite friendships of Heaven. And you are not poor: you possess the wealth which cannot be stolen. Fear not. Your confidence in the Most Holy Father shall not be disappointed.
    "And here, to give praise to God for his holy Archangel, let us interlace the Holy Mass of the Third Sunday of Lent with the luminous Mass of St. Gabriel.'

    "Let us contemplate together our virtue as angels. What is it that makes us great? Our beauty? Our destiny? Our origin? No: our promptness in obedience at the sound of the words of God, at the flashing of his Most Holy Thought, for a flash of beatific light is the sound we perceive, not, indeed, the material voice of an uvula. And our light is lit with rejoicing on accepting that flash and further increases on carrying out its command. You know. If we did not obey, our light would go out, our beauty would cease, our destiny would change, and the origin would become our condemnation, as it was for Lucifer and the rebels. We, angels of the Lord, cannot boast of anything, not of beauty, destiny, or origin, for everything comes to us from God Most Holy. But on account of the creatures of the Creator who are men we can boast through service obedient to the Lord.
    "The First Born of men touched absolute perfection in being obedient until death' to do the Will of the Lord. What merits Ph 2:8 would we have if, spiritual as we are, we were not to exercise virtues? Charity, humility, obedience, truth. Since we cannot experience carnal lust, nor must we have faith and hope we who see the Most Holy Reality of God and, superior to men because we are not weighed down by matter, we have no need to be temperant and strong, just, and prudent, for the contemplation of God itself makes us so. Oh! God pervades us! How good the Lord is, who lets Himself be contemplated and infuses Himself this way into his spirits! But He provides us with a way to offer Him honors with charity, humility, obedience, and truth.

    "Let us bless the Lord! Let us, angels, and you, soul, bless the Lord with our whole selves!

    "And you, soul of mine, beseech the Holy Archangel for perpetual protection. Love him, love him greatly, for he is the angel of happy announcements and sublime comforts.

    "Let us repeat the first words of the Reading: 'Behold, Gabriel... flying quickly, touched me in the temple of the evening sacrifice. He instructed me, spoke to me, and said, "Now I have come to teach you, to make you understand."' Nothing more is necessary for the time being.

    "'He touched me in the temple of the evening sacrifice.' That's when Daniel was touched! At the hour of the sacrifice, in the temple, and in the evening. Your evening is approaching. But before it comes and precedes the dawn for the evening is not the end, but the pre announcement of the next day in the perfect continuity of the created elements, which obey God rather than men you will be instructed by the archangel. And why such an honor? Because you are in the temple which mutual Charity between you and God has created, and at the hour of your final sacrifice. The sweetest one. The one which obtains the dismissal of Satan in the hours of the night.

    "After the dark temptation, Our Holy Lord Jesus was consoled by Gabriel, and Satan disturbed Him no longer. Men remained to torture the Divine Dying One. But, what are men as compared to Satan? No matter how demonic, they are nothing in the power to torture in comparison to Satan. You know. But take heart! The evening sacrifice is made precisely to dismiss Satan, to impose upon him God's 'Enough!' and bring Divine Fortitude to his children offered in holocaust.

    "Gabriel will speak to you of a tremendous secret and will give you an order that comes from God a tremendous one, indeed not for you, but for those provoking Him, and they will be the words of instruction of him who bears the most sublime testaments and requires the highest forms of obedience.

    "And now let us return to the Pauline epistle. But I shall respond later to your question, and you shall thus write the reply and also what I told you two Sundays ago about my silence on the Gospel.

    "Why will St. Gabriel, and not 1, give you an order and a secret? Because the lesser one should not speak where the greater is speaking. As regards both this secret and the explanations of the Gospel. The Lord Jesus, Supreme Master of all who are on Earth and in Heaven, instructs you on the latter, and I remain silent, listening, and have nothing to add where He has spoken.

    "Paul delineates the whole program for Christians and, therefore, for the voices, who, out of gratitude alone to the Lord for the great gift granted by Him, must be more perfect than others and tend towards this perfection with the perfection of thought. Do you know what this 'perfection of thought' is? It is to want to be perfect not for the future glory which perfection will grant, but because of the filial love of one benefited in a superhuman way by the Father and in a measure which only the Infinite can give.

    "Here, then: 'Be imitators of God as beloved children.' Oh! Paul does not say to you, 'Imitate this or that saint!' He tells you, '1mitate God in his perfections'. To imitate God! To make a continuous effort, therefore, to reach perfection. And to do so with charity, but also with humility; with faith, but also with humility; with hope, but also with humility.

    "All of you know that notwithstanding every heroic effort You will always be incapable of possessing the Perfection of God. But do not get discouraged! The Most Holy Father knows, because He is perfect, that the creature cannot be like the Creator, and to comfort you, to justify your relative measure, proclaiming it with justice to be 'perfect for the creature,' He has set a limit for this measure: yours. He has said, 'with your whole selves.' 'With all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength,' states the immutable command until the end of the ages; and heretical and accursed is one who changes or alters it or replaces it with a human command for other forms of worship of ideas which are not of God, but are a mixture of hellish smoke and hellish venom with the smoke and venom of a wicked creature.

    "When one loves with all one's heart, soul, and strength, one has, for oneself, loved perfectly. One has, therefore, imitated God, who is perfect in Good.

    "Paul's second precept: 'Live in love as Christ has loved us and has given Himself to God for us in a holocaust as a sweet smelling host.'

    "Perfect love! The love of Jesus Christ, Son of God and Our Lord. Love which arrives at sacrifice. Love for one's neighbor which arrives at immolating oneself for one's neighbor. Love for God to the point of becoming the Immolated One on the altar of Reparation.

    "Another precept: 'May they not only not be in you, but not even be mentioned among you' among you, who must recall only the gifts, perfections, and teachings of God ‘fornications, impurity of any kind, avarice.' You are no longer men. You are 'voices.'

    "And the voice is not weighed down, but is a sound. Do not be weighed down by humanity. Do not pervert your destiny as 'voices' with obscenity, foolish discourse, and buffoonery. Remember that the symbolic gesture of the lips purified by fire taken from the altar has not been limited to the prophet. All those whom God chooses, the true, certain voices, have been purified before the mission by the fire of Divine Love. The palms of priests are holy because of the ordination received, and those hands should not touch anything impure or make impure gestures, for they must touch the Most Holy Body of Our Lord. But the lips which the Divine Word has consecrated, which by his order have repeated that Word, must keep themselves sanctified, with supreme respect, on account of what has proceeded from them. And the mind as well, the heart as well. You would otherwise become indecent and fornicators and lose your place on Earth and in Heaven. And you must not be miserly, but prudent, so that man will not profane, but let whoever is hungry take the gift of God.

    "And be steadfast. Without acts of pride and without fears. Disregard the vain discourse of men if it is superficial, so as not to have to account for time wasted on sterile things; if it is aimed at frightening you or making you proud, or at denigrating and tending to diminish the work God is doing in you, let it not seduce you. The wrath of God is upon the unbelieving. Do not, therefore, associate with them, but reply to them, 'Once we, too, were darkness, but now we are light in the Lord. And we pray for you that you may become light.'

    "No more than that, Maria. No more. And increasingly live as a daughter of the Light, for its fruit is everything that is good, just, and true. Nor can it happen you may say this to the unbelieving and the rationalists that Beelzebub should serve God by providing holy words for the conversion of hearts. (And yet it is suggested to me that it may be Beelzebub who is dictating... 12/9/47).

    "Fly home, to the nest, 0 little turtledove of God, and stay in his Love. And there listen, for you need that defense so as to listen to what the Archangel is saying to you, and possess your peace in That Love."

    And Azariah kneels down to listen to Gabriel, who, intensifying his light, greets me with the words "Ave Maria!" None other than Ave Maria. He then addresses a tremendous "Oh!" to me it is really a tremendous word and gives me an order. So condemnatory in its reasoning! But I shall take it with me to the tomb. "And it is much more tremendous," the Archangel says, "than the secret of Fatima, and ought not to be revealed, for men, even these for whom it has been uttered, do not deserve to know it." And then the Archangel, together with Azariah, who rises again from his genuflection, sings, "Let us bless the Lord." I respond, "Thanks be to God," as Azariah has taught me, and say with them, "Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit ......

    ... And now I also have the sorrowful weight of this tremendous knowledge....

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:47 pm by Poem

    After reading, PoMG, Notebooks and Book of Azariah, the Spirit leads me to see how the Dark Prince, indeed comes into the Clergy. For the Dark Prince cannot enter the Mystical Body of Christ. It is quite simple to understand, Christ is God.

    But, the Dark Prince can Seduce souls to leave the Mystical Body of Christ. Do you see the reality of the Spiritual Body?

    We are not a building made of 'stone' mortar, concrete, but 'spirit' and the Dark Prince cannot ever enter the Mystical Body of Christ. Never, but he can enter you thus, when this happens, Grace withdraws and you are cutoff from God and the Mystical Body, and the only way back is through sincere repentance, Going to Confession.

    Jesus reiterates here today, that He is King of Spirits, and not the King of Flesh and Mortar.

    Please understand that, the Beast Seduces many bewildering them who do not Understand, that the Church is not a Physical Building, Nor Flesh, but the Mystical Body of Christ, and certainly the gates of Hell cannot defeat the Victor, Jesus Christ. We are part of the Body of Christ, those who truly follow Jesus.

    Therefore, too many recognize in 'Name Only' these do not understand spiritual things. But only comprehend in the natural way as fallen man does. Yet Adam and Eve recognize what they lost because they were in Grace to begin with. Many are not in Grace therefore they do not know the difference, they only intellectually comprehend a smidgen. What they know is so small, that, they continue comparing natural to natural thinking that the Vatican is the Body of Christ. The Vatican is the physical location of the Main Building where humans congregate. The Body of Christ, is timeless and boundary less. It has no boundaries. It encompasses, Purgatory, the Earth, and Heaven, wherever there are true spirits who love Him and those being purged. Only those who love Him are part of His Body. Those who love Him do not sin. Those who sin, are cutoff from Grace.

    When one sins and is cutoff from Grace, one must be restored to Grace through the Sacrament of Confession. And then one is part of the Body of Christ again.

    Peace be with you always

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