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    To Those Who Deny Anyone Can Degenerate


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    To Those Who Deny Anyone Can Degenerate

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    An Excerpt:

    From: Notebook 1945-50
    Chp: Christ's Efforts To Attract Souls
    Page: 212

    February 23, 1946

    Jesus says:

    "But 'God's medicine' and the 'Medicine of medicines' (the holy Word concentrating Himself all of God in Will, Power, Knowledge, Love, and every other attribute, who possesses in Himself all that We are) cannot be of benefit if they remain 'outside you,' not assimilated. They will sometimes be bitter, like many medicines. But it is to heal and fortify. They should not be looked at alone. They should be introduced into you, in practice, so they will become useful Medicine.

    "And remember that if Lucifer, the most beautiful, and Adam the most beloved, could degenerate, after having been created with an entirely different destiny, a soul that does not respond fully to its ministry can certainly degenerate and become a 'nonentity.' I give and I take away. And no one can reproach me for doing so.

    There is this grandeur in people today and in many of times past that, they cannot degenerate. This is foolish thinking. Anyone can lose Grace and fall. Adam did and Lucifer did.

    The fool hardy book which states, a Pope cannot degenerate, is utter foolishness. He a Pope, which is not really God's words, but a man's name given to a title, which Jesus calls the one which took the place of St. Peter, His Vicar. The Supreme Pontiff. Therefore they have already degenerated by calling themselves 'Pope' when Christ calls them 'His Vicar.' See here? Probably not, for you look after the human kind rather than see Jesus sitting over there in Rome on the Chair.

    When you understand the spiritual, you understand beyond the natural, and to explain it, it is difficult and complex, because, it is entirely a spiritual thing.

    I can explain wood which is natural to my natural nature. Yet I cannot truly explain it as to how the tree was planted as a seed and became a tree and why the tree is now useful for wood. I see it, witness it, but cannot explain truly what a tree is. It's a tree, it was chopped down, then, it became some form of wood used for many things.

    The Pope's title: Pope, was given by men, rather than God. But God has allowed it, knowing man's error. This can be compared to the Jews wanting a King like other heathens in the Old Testament, when God said they don't need one, yet they went ahead with their futility.

    In Heaven, the One who Sits on the Chair's title is not Pope. So, you can see the error here.

    Nevertheless, if Judas Iscariot who was Christ's chosen Apostle, betrayed him, anyone can. So to say that the Pope is free from this error is to say, I'm free from this error. Which Christ says is altogether false. Jesus says, never trust in flesh, which means to not trust in yourselves. I do not trust myself for, when I do, I fall. God holds us up. We are called to trust entirely with our whole selves, in God.

    The Phrase: "Jesus I trust in You" comes from Jesus entirely. You see here?

    When anyone trusts themselves, they are said to be living in 'pride' for they believe themselves. To trust then, leads to believing, where Jesus calls us to believe in Him, God alone. The Good Book says, "Not by Might, Nor by Power, But by My Spirit, says the Lord." Man does not live on Bread Alone, but on every word which comes from God." These two sentences, attest to total and absolute trust in God alone. Begone Satan from here, you wretch!

    Therefore it is an utter danger to trust in flesh, because the flesh is Satan's instrument as well as the point of attack, the weakest part of man. Remember, man has three parts: Lower-flesh, Mid-Morals, Superior-Spirit. With your superior part, then, one should govern his or her life, taking charge of the other two. Amen.

    Peace be with you always

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    And Another Excerpt:

    "Remember: 'Woe to senseless prophets who follow their own spirit without seeing anything. You did not go out against them. You did not erect a defending wall (against Satan and to defend you from Satan, in your spirit) to stand resolutely in battle, on the day of the Lord (the battle of Satanic seductions to keep you from receiving the Day: the Light of God). Tell the ones whitewashing without a mixture (and mixture is sanctity which is painfully, laboriously formed) that the wall will fall, that the flooding water will come, and that I will hurl huge stones and a demolishing storm wind. You, son of man, turn your face against the daughters of my people who prophesy on their own and say "The Lord God says the following: 'Woe to the women who work for the purpose of catching souls (through their pride) and thus dishonor Me for a handful of barely and a piece of bread (the eagerness to be known and acclaimed), bringing death to the souls not dying and life to the souls not living (that is, discouraging the just with pain and scandal and flattering the unjust), deceiving my people, which believe in lies. Well then! I will tear what you have woven. I will free the people from your power, and you shall know that I am the Lord. For you, with deceit, have saddened the hearts of the just not saddened by Me.'"'

    "Say this. In your heart. It would not be understood if said in the words of Ezekiel. But on the basis of this, realize what you should do and do not say that you lacked sure guidance. One should not be bitter about being deceived, but about not following the way the Lord points out as good.

    "May the Spirit enlighten and comfort you."

    Peace be with you always

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