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    The Beastly Governments, What Are They Up To?


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    The Beastly Governments, What Are They Up To?

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    There is a few factions, or forces, who are responsible for the erection of the Georgia Guidestones. (See Georgia Guidestones on the web).

    These are the ones bringing about the Apocalyptic Great Tribulation, they want to reduce humanity's population world wide. Everywhere.

    Mr. Clinton was responsible for, setting up HAARP machines in different countries by, traveling to them. It is interesting that, these governments have joined these beasts. But, they do not know that, they are sealing their fate.

    They did not contemplate, what Jesus said by this advice: For all the good you do, you shall receive a just reward, and in the reverse for every evil you do, you shall receive a just reward, evil is punished don't you know?

    God waits for you to act. Before you act, He tries to convince you that what you are really doing is evil, a period of reconciliation. But, if you do not take heed to His Advice, Mercy, then His Justice takes over. Where do we see this in action?

    Genesis, when God warned Cain who had become jealous over his brother Abel. We can then say, that Cain was a Judas, and Abel a Jesus. Because, Cain allowed the Evil to penetrate him and then, when God warned him, Cain did not take heed to God's advice, but to Satan's sorcery. He gave into, Satan's torture and acted out the thoughts and feelings until he could not take it anymore and killed his brother. Now in the Passion of Christ, Satan tried to convince Jesus to massacre His human enemies who had taken him prisoner and beat Him. Satan tried dearly to do this. Jesus' Passion, encompassed all the Sins of Man. Jesus had to taste everyone of them. Taste as in, touch them, but not do them. Strength and Courage, He was tempted in all points as a Man. This includes killing. But, Jesus did not take heed to Satan's temptations. He only, took heed to God's Advice. And thus became the Savior, Redeemer of Mankind, if man so wills it.

    What happened to Cain? He was banished from the 'human family.' And though Cain was allowed to live out the rest of his days, and then created the race of disobedience even further by pride and insurrection, he did not inherit God's Kingdom, but rather lives in hell with Lucifer. Cain is probably the first human being, that became the resident of Hell. I'm not 100% sure, but, since he was the first to kill, it is possible that God reserved for Cain the first spot for, Cain had, broken the Two Commandments, which are with God before time began which the Word of God reiterated for us here they are:

    Love God with all your being, that is, heart, mind, soul and strength

    Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

    Jesus explains these two in depth how to have them work for you.

    First, fallen man has no love and second we did not first love God, but, that God first loved us. How can man love his neighbor if he has no love for God? He cannot.

    Thus, man must come to God to be filled with Love, so man can then inturn love his neighbor.

    But, if Satan gets to you first, before God, you are being filled with Satan's hatred.

    Imagine bringing a cup to either God or Satan to be filled with either one's water. This is what man does in reality, he brings himself before either God or Satan to be filled.

    There is no other. Just these two.

    When, you do not come to God, you automatically go to Satan by way of many, very many, means. Idolatry. Those schools out there that deals with no God, are Satan's. Because Wisdom is not in them, He is not teaching you, but, a man. When Holy Spirit rests on souls, they are said to be in Wisdom and they teach what Wisdom whispers to them or what has been instilled, inspired in them by Wisdom. To build in you wisdom.

    Cain then, is the example of human pride, while Satan is the angelic example of pride or spiritual pride, as well as his claiming to be a God.

    Pride is then, self inhibited, self inflicting. A disobedient act, which becomes a force within in you to live and act. A force is the best word I can think of at the moment.

    The soul is an active part of man. It is either, actively seeking to be free from sin and Satan or it is actively adoring the Wisdom and Word of the Father, Jesus Christ through Mary. In two states, the first state is because it is dead to Grace and has no strength unless someone prays.

    By the way, Satan knows all this. That is why he works so hard to keep souls from becoming free from him and sin. And to put souls back into sin and Satan.

    Now back to the post.

    These Elite's as Jesus calls them because they make themselves so, and Jesus rightly calls them such, have usurped their way to these positions. They use their laws which they write by the way, as the means to usurp--all their laws are usury to take the position--none of them have obtained their positions honestly--. The laws of Babylon are written with lies and the intent is to keep the inhabitants they have stolen from, from seeing they have stolen from them. So they use, crafty methods to say, they are above their own laws.

    Now I have lived in the Capitol for 35 years. I have seen men in these positions commit perjury, lie, cheat and steal, and they get off. None of them were sent to prison, except for a few that blew the whistle on their game. These few, were sent to prison, as 'outlaws' but were not, they saw the truth of these beasts and were convicted of their treason and lies. Well, Babylon is then, fallen, because Evil will not reign on the Earth for generations after generation, unless God uses them to punish erring mankind, because of their disobedience. And there are those who are 'just' of the Earth that God has heard quite often. But, in the Time of Grace-Charity, God is Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, even to the most wicked of men. Thus, every man no matter how ugly and no matter how much sin, crime he has committed, God is extending His graces of Mercy and Forgiveness by means of His Compassion to each and all. But there's a time limit to this, because, God is Just.

    Seek the Lord now while you are living among the living.

    In this, God has tried once again to reach you. So, He can say, "I tried to advise you, but you did not take heed to my loving advise, and for not taking heed, you are to blame and not Me."

    Freedom of Choice, 'Free Will' To Choose is from God exclusively. A truth, we all have not contemplated its Origin and its Nature. Proof of God's existence clearly.

    Peace be with you always

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