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    Today We Shall Talk About How Love-Charity Makes up For Many Missed Opportunities of Merciful Works and Etc.,.


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    Today We Shall Talk About How Love-Charity Makes up For Many Missed Opportunities of Merciful Works and Etc.,.

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    1 Peter 4:
    But before all things have a constant mutual charity among yourselves: for charity covereth a multitude of sins.

    James 5:20
    He must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death, and shall cover a multitude of sins.

    1 John 4:10
    In this is charity: not as though we had loved God, but because he hath first loved us, and sent his Son to be a propitiation for our sins.

    Wella! Charity came to redeem us. Love is the True Religion of God. Love-Charity.

    In fact Jesus had to explain the Law in its proper context to the erring Jews of His Time on Earth. He said, "You stiffed necked people" rather choice words. But they still did not understand, for they had stiff necks, hardened hearts, granite stones. If you get to this point, the only way out is, a hard hammer to break and rebuild your granite.

    Very painful. But if you don't break and rebuild, Hell awaits you. Your choice. Not mine. Nor God's choice, yours alone for not wanting to change.

    I'll give you a candy store illustration:

    One candy Store has Light and Salt.

    The Other thousands of candy stores, has comfort and pleasure for your flesh, its senses, its sentiments, its appetites which are always sated with an unquenchable hunger. All your senses of the flesh. Heaven is not about corrupted senses. Nor is True Christianity. If you don't get it, you quite simply don't get It.

    The world is painted with thousands upon thousands of 'illusions.' IT just is. Babylon is full of the senses, sensationalism, all this stuff to woo and wow just for your fleshly appetites, that knows no better. It just walks in all the wrong candy stores constantly. Even work is sated with candy today.

    What is true work then? It certainly is not about making the beasts richer, yet God does allow this for 'judging.' Those who turn a gain, a profit, profiteering for to increase their pockets. There is no charity in profiteering which is what Babylon is entirely. To make the rich even more richer. Filling their bellies with all the unquenchable matter. They are so heavy with matter, they cannot even fly, weighed down to the hilts, they cannot even walk. Poor souls. Even if they had wings, they would not be able to get off the ground. Poor souls. I pray for them to be free of the weights and chains that do bind them below the surface.

    Jesus explains to Maria about St. Johns, character a perfect example if an imperfect soul that only 'loved' God, the Word of God, Jesus. He loved so great that, his charity for God covered all his imperfections. Wow! What a lesson to be learned here folks!

    St. John, came to perfect charity, he became charity! This is what Jesus stresses for us imperfect souls. To love. How love covers every other imperfection when the time of judgment comes. How love, covers our daily misses. Charity, covers a multitude of errors we make, or have missed. Love then must be the absolute reason for your every action and thought. We are imperfect souls. None of us are perfect. Heaven is for the perfect. This is tough one to understand. It is then in doing our best, that we make it to Heaven. Keep toiling, keep plowing, never stop persevering. And eventually you meet God. Our short life, is very short compared to Eternity. Eternity never ends. It is real. It is an reality, which Babylonians, cannot comprehend. Only those enlightened by His Grace can.

    God wants all to come to perfection in loving. To love. Not the sensual stuff. The purity of love. The supernatural love.

    Love, today all I have are my love to pray for souls to be saved from the dread of the abyss. That is enough for me. To love.

    Love is an infinite expanse, which, is above every soul. It certainly surpasses all knowledge. It certainly is High and Lofty. It certainly beckons gently to all.

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:57 pm by Poem

    Did you get it? Were you enlightened?

    1 Peter 4:
    But before all things have a constant mutual charity among yourselves: for charity covereth a multitude of sins.

    Love wipes sin from your slate.

    Did Love come to save man? Did love Sacrifice Himself on the Scaffold? Did Love, give Himself for the Daily Sacrifice? Did Love, even call you who are were a sinner?

    All have sinned says the Spirit of God! All. None of us are holy and just. For if we were, there would be no need to have sin washed.

    Contemplate, the logic of Love.

    He who loves, does not commit sin willfully. Period for he who loves, does not think about malice. Do we understand yet?

    Why then, is there so much hate? Sin came in. Love is a barrier against, all hate, therefore no sin can enter.

    Heaven is, protected by Love. Do you see this? Can you hear me? That is why, in Heaven is no Sin.

    Satan does not dwell in Heaven, but in Hell.

    When we love one another, God's protection is evident. Peace encompasses the union. God is present.

    Learn Wisdom. Live.

    Peace be with you always

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