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    God Alone Can Cure Diseases that are Spiritual in Origin


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    God Alone Can Cure Diseases that are Spiritual in Origin

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    Jesus speaks:

    "In My Gospel there is no passage that does not contain a reference to the supernatural. Today I will draw your attention to the woman whose back was bent for eighteen years.

    The false supermen of today deny that the devil can be the author of bodily sickness. These supermen deny many things. Too many. They are unaware that it is they who are now "possessed". They deny that there are some diseases caused by forces outside of nature. Yet they are still unable to understand and cure certain sicknesses, with natural means. They are unable to do so, precisely because certain diseases have their roots outside the flesh; they oppress the flesh but are not born of it. They are born in those spheres where powers of the spirits agitate.

    There are two spiritual Kingdoms: one is Heavenly, and comes from God; the other is malicious, and comes from Satan. Sometimes God gives His predestined souls sicknesses that are a passport to the Kingdom of God, and even more frequently, Satan gives sicknesses that are his revenge against a servant of God, or heavy punishment for poor men who have given in to his seductions. They are horribly poor because they have lost the true riches, My Grace that makes you children and heirs of God.

    In such cases human remedies are useless. Only God's finger can cancel the decree of misery, and sign the decree of liberation. The person thus freed is cured of "possession" if he was possessed. The person who is freed enters into Heaven if his sickness was from God.

    But apart from sicknesses of the body there are also spiritual sicknesses. These are the work of the Devil. The spiritual sicknesses bend you, make you tremble and foam at the mouth; they blunt your senses and your speech, cause in you moral aberrations that are even worse than bodily sicknesses because they deform and blunt the soul.

    It is I alone Who can cure such illnesses. The soul, freed from the influence that kept her bent, straightens herself up and gives Glory to God, like the woman in the Gospel.

    You experience that. Your flesh is dying and you feel it. But how free and strong you feel now because you Master cured you! A strong and peaceful sense of mastery has invaded your spirit and you feel as if the chains have fallen in pieces at your feet.

    I say to you then: "Follow Me. Follow Me with your new spirit and do not sin any more, so that Satan may not trap you. If you follow Me closely, he will not be able to harm you, because those who follow Me do not sin, and because they do not sin, they are not subject to the one who want to make you My enemies.""

    *From Notebooks, pp. 191-192, July 2nd, 1943

    Peace be with you always
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