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    How Does One Obtain God and Heaven?


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    How Does One Obtain God and Heaven?

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    In the Chapter "The Order of Commandments" from the 1945-50 Notebook, Jesus explains to Maria the Logic and Reason for the 10 Commandments. Actually in order to understand the multiple long reason of the Lord's reason for the 10 Commandments, one has to read all His, explanations. One just doesn't fully cut it. I find this true for many and all of God's reasons. He gradually increases the reasons as we grow capable of understanding them. I seem to write differently as well.

    There are times when I express a great deal of hardship, I simply get fed up, but later on I realize, I'm imperfect in charity. Still need a great deal of Love to fill my 'reserved' or 'unknown' spaces in my heart.

    The Eucharist is for our flesh. To bring it back to 'sanity' wherewith God is pleased. To His Original Creation and beyond that to the Perfect Flesh: Jesus. To become Like Jesus the New Creation of Man. Though Man. A recreated being should we become and this makes sense as to why God chose, the Virgin Mary, born of man to become Immaculate. A special operation of God, as we can see special operations of God with Moses, Abraham, Issac and many others. Special operations. To bring the New Creation, to Re-create Man after the Perfect Sinless Models.

    God takes a Woman Born of Man and Woman from the Old Model, who through the generations were being perfected to bring the Immaculate Woman. See the special operations of the Bible to bring this about? Well, not to worry if you don't. Just as long as you know that God, Love, is about, Love. And nothing else. Just Love.

    God along the way of mans living, brought in a way out of Sin and animal desires. Not too many want to change and thus, Hell is only Half-Full.

    I speak a lot about Hell lately, because Man is ignorant about it. Let it "RAIN"

    Peace, peace.

    As I began to write this a few hours ago, the Devil came rampaging in. I was using wifi and when I went to save it, the post was not taken, thus, I hit the back button and it was wiped.

    So, for you who doubt, too bad. So sad. The devil has you. Wake up.

    Hell is only half-full.


    If you do not love, you cannot obtain and enter Heaven. God said it, I believe. You however must make a choice to believe or not. Two choices to you. If you say, "I'm not ready," you do not believe, therefore, only two choices in or out. No lukewarmness here. In or Out. In equals Heaven, Out equals Hell. No in betweens. You would have at least had to of been a Catholic Baptized, and never committed mortal sins, but, sinned against charity in small ways, in order to inherit Purgatory. Such as Maria's Mother, who was mean to Maria and her husband. Didn't grow to love perfectly.

    I'm telling you this for your own good. Otherwise my words are spent on grass seeds.

    God is Love. Let's read this in 1 John's Epistle:

    1 John 4:7 found 3
    Dearly beloved, let us love one another, for charity is of God. And every one that loveth, is born of God, and knoweth God.

    1 John 4:20 found 3
    If any man say, I love God, and hateth his brother; he is a liar. For he that loveth not his brother, whom he seeth, how can he love God, whom he seeth not?

    1 John 4:12 found 3
    No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abideth in us, and his charity is perfected in us.

    To say God is Love is the conclusion here. God is Love. Nothing else, no darkness, not Hate.

    (It seems that the Devil has been playing with these browsers lately, suggestions)

    Well, here's piece from Notebook 1945 page 413,

    "What is God? He is Charity, Goodness, Wisdom, Strength, and Power. He is the All. He is Perfection.

    "What is man? He is a soul imprisoned in flesh filled with craving and bent on bad appetites, weak in good desires, a soul that, in addition to the weight and the consequences of the weight of matter enveloping it, bears the weight and the consequences of Adam's Sin, canceled out as a stain, knocked down as an obstacle, to make room for Grace, but never extinguished in its incitement, assailed by the winds of the world and Satan. Man is weakness, selfishness, ignorance, impotence, and imperfection. He is in spite of the free gifts of God, for such powerful gifts are generally not used by man with an intelligent and loving will. They thus remain inactive and sterile. Man, with his indolence, neglect, incredulity, or the maximum evil--hatred of God--renders these powerful impulses sterile. He imprisons, gags, crushes, tramples on, then rejects them. And he thus rejects the Giver of them--the Triune God.

    "Adam having separated himself from God, is a nonentity, capable of nothing. For union with God is life. For union with God is power. For union with God is strength. For union with God is wisdom. For union with God is temperance and justice and prudence and goodness and mercy and charity--that is, to be children of God possessing the Father's likeness in spirit and in virtues.

    "Without God man can be only a wild animal. More than an animal, a demon. For the brute lets himself be mastered by man, gets tamed, and bends under the power called 'man'--he bends thereto, either with love and through love--in the most advanced and domesticated animals--or with fear. Man has made animals--originally free and wild--his subjects and helpers, and even his friends, certainly not among the most despicable ones.

    Many men would have to learn love, faithfulness, patience, and obedience from animals. Animals, then, are able to love and obey, be faithful. Men are often unable to bend under the power named God. They are thus demons, for only demons are perpetual rebels.

    Then as we read further, Jesus explains the reasons for the 10 Commandments, which the chapter is entitled: Order of the Commandments.

    God is Love.

    He explains that, if we do not Love God, we cannot love our neighbor as we love ourselves, thus remain in selfishness. Selfish love, only concerned with the 'I.'

    The Devil comes to have you and I only concerned with the 'I.' He encourages it. He doesn't want you to come to perfect Charity. To be 'love.' Thus we have boughts, spats with, self, and the devil. The instrument of the devil is the flesh. The Lesson in Genesis first few chapters reveals this. They were naked, and then later, they realized they were naked after they sinned. Only afterwards. Before then, they were spirits in flesh. Later they became flesh, for the spirit was wounded-- loss of Grace. Loss of Grace is a wound to the spirit of man. The spirit of man, is like it's Maker: Immortal. It does not get scars like your flesh does after a nice cut. It just gets stunned for a moment. But without Grace, the spirit is wounded.

    If one does not love the neighbor how can one claim to love God, the Big Neighbor?

    God comes to fill man with His Love. To fill the spirit of man that then streams to the heart of man. The spirit is the altar of man for God to descend to rest and communicate, the habitation. The flesh of man is the building wherein this altar is. To have God possess your entire being, soul and body. Love. Once the spirit is active, the next point of work is the flesh. The Eucharist is for the flesh. To convert the flesh into the Image of Jesus. To bear likeness to Jesus. The heart and mind of the flesh.

    Love must win out in the flesh, to kill the lust, pride, the selfishness which Satan inoculated it with.

    The Devil uses many weapons to destroy love in man.

    While God has just one weapon: Love.

    Love is greater, but, the devil comes to say his weapons are greater, this testifies that the devil needs to use a lot of weapons to destroy love in man.

    He who is in union with God, has all power and strength from God. God is all strength and power. Thus, union with God is surmount. Absolute if you want to be victorious in this life to obtain the next.

    Love, singleness of heart and mind.

    Your spirit is like an angel, for it is really no different from an angel as Jesus has explained. Thus, God gives to man, a second angel, the guardian angel. This is getting to be too cool Lord!

    My soul is my guide as well. The Holy Trinity comes to dwell and operate, but until I can throw out, cleanse myself of the old garbage, my soul is telling me, guiding me how. I am starting to understand. Love must descend in full here folks.

    Until the soul is regenerated, it is dead and unable to guide to God, in power. It has no Grace to feed it.

    Prayer is food for the soul. The Eucharist is food for the flesh. Grace sheds graces upon the soul to fuel it, to give it strength, love, wisdom, to make the flesh, pure and holy.

    The Sin was to the flesh, which wounded the spirit by losing Grace. When the flesh does sin, because lured to some tingling of the eye, it loses Grace. Cuts off the spirit of man, from the Light of God and thus, Satan is able to come and sit on your altar and take the reigns of your heart: the flesh of man. So who guides your animal? God or Satan?

    When we love God, we can then love our neighbor. Thus, Satan runs away. Strong love, strong will power.

    The example we have then of not loving God is: "Lucifer" The One who would not submit to God.

    Peace be with you always

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    What does all the 'isms' of Satan produce? 'gods', the Fruit to poison man with, to think with two sets of ideas, mixed in, blended in, but, this fruit disguises the 'good', eclipses the good, masking the good, while evil is the underlying.

    "For God doth know that in what day soever you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil." [Genesis 3] [Latin]

    The seduction line from the Serpent to the woman. She was not yet called 'Eve' by Adam.

    Adam named her 'Eve' after she had conceived 'Cain.' Before then, she was called 'woman.'

    Remove 'sin' from minds and intellects, society. What do you get? 'gods' who do not know the truth. They live in an ever revolving cycle of 'sin.' Never getting out of it.

    The world is so condition by all the 'isms' that, they do not believe in God or Satan, Heaven or Hell. If by chance they may seem to believe, it is not a true belief, but, an uncertainty lurks. A vague idea at best. Faith is lacking. Faith is both a virtue and a foundation for Christian belief. In the Foundation there are multiple resources, power to sustain the foundation.

    Faith Hope Charity.

    These are the basis for Christian foundation. Then Christ is able to Build His Kingdom.

    Without these, forget it. You will be running around in circles.

    Why does the world not believe? They don't have the Foundation.

    Their foundation is all 'isms' of Satan. Remember what the Serpent did to 'lure,' Eve from this Foundation which was bit-by-bit broken down, over time. The first part: Loss of Grace. Grace, the Kingdom is Grace. God is Grace. Grace is a special to us essential, without it 'death' necessary grace. No Grace, no Life, equals 'death.' For certain.

    The world is heading straight towards the Abyss, it is always in sin, from the time of Eve's and Adams' disobedience. Their first child, lives in Hell. And Cain's offspring's as well. They are the inhabitants of the dreadful place.

    Without the knowledge of Sin without accepting Sin as is, without acknowledging man is fallen, one cannot obtain the Kingdom, because one is not intuitive enough to discern good from evil and choose good. If one lives a virtuous life, one can see the difference and choose good, and as one practices and lives in virtues, the Good is able to teach that soul about God, in most cases, 'the Unknown God.' Many say, 'I know of a Higher Being, perhaps, God.' 'I do not know His Name, but, I know He hears and is with me.' A testament to virtuous living.

    One must then in order to have God, become and practice virtues. Then, they will hear Him in His Benignity. He is Benign. He is a Gentle God. He is Love, He is Good.

    Periods in Man's History.

    God, created all things: Love spurred God to do this.

    Man sinned: God punished man for disobedience to His simple commands to love Him.

    God brings the Law: Period of God's Justice. Those who did not obey, were made an example, that sin is evil, and not obeying God leads to sin and evil, the end result is Death in Hell.
    God does not want any man or woman in Hell. But, you have been given 'free will' to choose, lest you want to be a drone or a robot programmed to obey. One must, willing choose to obey; then, after obedience comes: Total Freedom in Charity. A conversion to Charity, to be what God created you to be: Loving Sons and Daughters.

    This is God's creation. When sin and the consequences, the belief, Faith in God is abandoned, man lives in rejection and denial, thus lives in Adam's sin, as 'Gods.' And if man does not turn and embrace the Father, man then forfeits Eternal Life. Each man and woman has been given time on the Earth to embrace the Father. Afterwards there are no more chances. God gives ample time, sufficient time to do so.

    God brought salvation to get out of sin and death through Jesus Christ. Time of Grace and Charity.

    The 'God's' syndrome, is a sham passed off from the Serpent. He only seeks to destroy God's work. To poison man to the point that man denies God and lives as his own 'God.'

    Whatever the trick, the doctrines carried out in these dreaded 'isms,' has man fooled. Isaiah 14: He seduced the whole world. What does this mean deeply? To turn man from God. To brainwash man, and turning man, converting man to Satanism through all the other lower 'isms.' Satanism sits atop, Darwinism is a branch of Satanism. Humanism is a branch of Satanism. Modernism is a branch of Satanism. Atheism is a branch of Satanism. You get the picture. Whatever is not of God, is of Satan, or man, through the instigation of Satan.

    Read Genesis 3:5 carefully. In there depicts what Satan picked out to say to lure them away from God, the Tree of Life.

    Man is so deluded and poisoned by Satanism, that he is unable to simply believe, without God's intervention. This is how much man has been changed inside. He can no longer naturally think of God in a good way, but always, cursing Him. Man has become 'a demon.'

    Jesus said it: 'Only Demons are perpetual rebels.'

    Perpetual in rebelling against God. Never repenting and wanting to come back to 'Love.'
    But accepting, Death in Hell. They chose to live separated lives. This then comes to, why certain people never accept salvation. They have become full demons themselves.

    Many cannot believe that a man or a woman can become a demon. Many cannot.

    But the fact that God has so, represented this in the Bible, should make things clear to all who read it with love. Love. The Bible is written by love. It takes love to read love.

    Hate dissects the parts of the Bible it naturally thinks is good, and turns it against man for evil. A natural occurrence, when evil exists. Without love, then, you cannot understand Wisdom. Love is Wisdom. Love is Light. Love then is a Teacher, a Guide.

    Jesus said to me one night: "Let Love be your Guide, rest in My Wisdom, and Look at My Mother." Very simple commands, but back then, I tried to 'rationalize.' My mistake. Not enough love in me to accept it cleanly, purely, powerfully to instill greater 'faith.'

    Become simple like 'children' then is absolutely necessary, I would even say, 'Paramount.' Without it, the words of Jesus cannot come in the power it comes in. A light wind, but, when it dawns, descends to seat, a great power beyond comprehension. A light wind in coming, a small breeze, gentle. When it seats: Power!

    Love is the counter to all the 'isms' of Satan. Love. Love is light because it disperses.

    What does it disperse? Darkness, Satan's darkness in you, in the world.

    So priests, and other priests, you are the light of the world in Jesus stead. What tremendous Power is Light.

    Peace be with you always

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