The Mystery Shall Be Completed


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    The Mystery Shall Be Completed

    Post by Poem on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:33 pm

    And mankind will be told the Mystery. But this is after they have seen the Devil Incarnate, because 3/4's of mankind wants it. So God gives them the hard lesson.

    Apocalypse Chapter 10, --the chapter with the Seven Thunders=all the Major Sins

    [6] And he swore by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things which are therein; and the earth, and the things which are in it; and the sea, and the things which are therein: That time shall be no longer. [7] But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound the trumpet, the mystery of God shall be finished, as he hath declared by his servants the prophets. [8] And I heard a voice from heaven again speaking to me, and saying: Go, and take the book that is open, from the hand of the angel who standeth upon the sea, and upon the earth. [9] And I went to the angel, saying unto him, that he should give me the book. And he said to me: Take the book, and eat it up: and it shall make thy belly bitter, but in thy mouth it shall be sweet as honey. [10] And I took the book from the hand of the angel, and ate it up: and it was in my mouth, sweet as honey: and when I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

    Sin is fornication with the Devil. Period. You love the Devil, he has Hell ready for you. That is the reward for Sin.

    Now, it is interesting that in the 10th Chapter, the one right after the Antichrist comes on the scene, --9th--, that God has finished, explaining the Mystery to Man.
    The Mystery that was shrouded, by Sin. Sin keeps man from knowing the Mystery.

    Sin is Satan's handy work. Sin is Darkness. In Darkness you cannot know the Light.

    One must come out of Darkness to know the Light. Be translated from darkness to the light. Step out, takes labor. Now for the lazy and pleasure seekers, this is very hard to do. I know. I had the same experience. Trust me. I crawled on the floor, laid in bed asking for Help! God said, "GET UP LAZY BUM" No rewards for cowards and lukewarms but the Abyss! To become a Saint one must live like Jesus. No if's ands or buts. No labor no reward, no pain no gain. Real labor here folks. If ya'al like sitting on the fence, you don't want to live. This should clue you in.

    God is Light. In the Light, is God who teaches man to get out of 'error.' You have to come to the Light to receive Wisdom. Be cleansed of all the slime you fell in. Sin is slime, leprosy. As you begin to ascend out of the 'bottomless pit', you begin to dry off, the mud becomes dry and falls off with exertion. Always labor here, because now you learn what true labor is. It is difficult at first, but with perseverance, the labor get acclimated.

    The Mystery will be revealed what God deems necessary for man who had many questions. Those who are still searching, standing near or afar; if you pay attention, the Lord has given the Book above to Maria. This Book will Be Read to Man from an Angel. For most it will cause, reproach, and deafening, they will seek to block out the sound coming from a pure angel. Persevere and listen. Be purified by the Gospel, so you can come out of Hells Grip. Hell hates the Gospel, hates God, hates Jesus Christ, hates Christians. So, there's your clue. Hell is nothing but Hatred and those infested with Hatred are Hell's children. Where, weeping and gnashing of teeth never ends. Don't believe it do you? Of course not, the Blind Lead the Blind into a Ditch, the Ditch in this reference is the abyss of Hell. the Abyss from now on in my posts. The Abyss! Blinded from this even. Don't even know what the Abyss is. Read it, "Heaven Hell Purgatory Judgment" you have to login now to read it. Thus, it is. Labor. A little labor.

    Cowards and lukewarms need not apply.

    Peace be with you always

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    Re: The Mystery Shall Be Completed

    Post by Poem on Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:40 pm

    Time of the Great Tribulation:

    Materialism at its finest hour.  So material are we, that, it is hard to live without it.  Really!
    Look at me! I'm writing from using a material that was created by man, instigated by Satan for evil works.  But, I'm using it for the purpose of saving as many souls as I can.  Using the earth as a means to grab onto Heaven.  In a good way only.  Peace to men of good will, says the angel at Jesus' Birth.  Only to men of good will. Good will leads to God if maintained, perseverance. Never stop, even if you feel like there's no good in you.  Why? Well man is an abyss of both good and evil. You must use the good to overcome the evil. and the abyss of evil must become nil in you.

    When you have a book upto your nose, you cannot see the other stuff behind it.  When evil comes, it is just like this book up to your nose, you cannot see the good behind it.  Change of focus, that's what evil does, gets in your face so close that, it seems gigantic!

    But, in the world, the evil is gigantic because, of the evil leaders in control of your governments.  They make harsh rules and regulations, so to keep each and everyone of you, having this book in your face.  They don't want you to look anywhere else, not behind it, not below it, not around it.  You get the picture?

    These evil leaders are 'men' and women' that seem to be gigantic. But really they are full of fear and anxiety, they shake and quake in their boots, because the Just One, reproaches them constantly for the evil they do.

    The Three days of Darkness that is in Apocalypse, oh, what a day it will be!  Fire coming down from Heaven, to burn up those who did not convert to Christ! They remained Satan's Servants and were burnt to ash! Even in an instant.  Quick death.  And it happens so fast the burning that, after the Three Days is over, no remains. Whoosh, they remain forgotten to the inhabitants of the earth, but remain, imprinted in those who were allowed to escape. A few escape, why? The Serpent tries to hide in them but, the Serpent gets closed up for a thousand years. He leaves his seed in those few.  No one but the Lord and those Chosen by the Lord will know.

    For those who have the desire from the Lord to do justice on the earth, you will receive a great reward!  Trust only in the Lord, not even yourself, not even another soul upon the earth. Only what the Lord tells you.  Observe every word He gives you. Every one of them and do them.

    Now the stage is like this:

    The Church on Earth has become weak through seduction. Lukewarm.  And we know what Jesus says about "LUKEWARM" souls: Useless. The Church right now is 'useless' because over across the sea, are the Useless people in high positions.  Notice high positions, they are supposed to be 'servant's leading souls to Jesus, through Mary.  But, they are only thinking for themselves, surround by the Enemy, they are fearful. They certainly trusted in the earth and not Heaven, they have not trusted in the Lord their God.  Thus, many of them are 'severely' judged already, they have not died yet, but when they pass from these walls here, and into the spiritual before the Lord God, they will hear about it from His Word and Voice.  Read Ezekiel.

    The World is fighting to get rid of the 'beasts' control over them.  Thus, there will be a horrendous all out battle which will decimate, billions of lives. The good guys are doing their best, the bad guys are doing their best, it will be stalemate and then comes the Antichrist to finish off the bad guys, passing the baton.  Many lives will be given up, the good become martyrs and live in Paradise--the glassy sea--men of good will; good will leads to God--the Great Tribulation then is the test of good and evil. Who triumphs?  No one.  Jesus has to appear to burn to ash the evil servants of Darkness.  

    Well, the militant Church having failed in its call to save the world, be a Light to all the world, is why the evil has advanced so great and men have become rabid with the Serpents Poison.

    A nice harvest for both sides: Satan get his Politicians, and God gets His Saints.  

    Casualties of war: tolls on bothsides are great upon the earth.  Souls get saved, souls get lost.

    Lost souls end up in the Abyss. Saved souls get to progress to the New Earth! Hey, what a peaceful time, Eternity!

    Well, that's all for now.  Persevere till the end. Pass the test.

    Peace be with you always

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