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    The Messianic Idea Is This:


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    The Messianic Idea Is This:

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    The Messianic idea is this: to re-unite everybody in love. This is the truth of the Messianic idea. One people only on the Earth under the sceptre of the Messiah. One people only in Heaven under the glance of one God only. »

    Book 5, Chapter 552, last paragraph.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:51 pm by Poem

    What does Jesus mean by one people? He means all of humanity united as 'one.'

    Now if you have followed the Genesis revelation of Man's beginning, then you should realize that, all men, came from the first ones. Adam and Eve. The race of man. The children of Adam and Eve.

    We are in our generation, limited in tracing back to Adam and Eve. We start somewhere and end at ourselves. That somewhere may consist of a few hundred years. The lines get so mixed up with names, that, it gets lost in the tracing after some point.

    In a few places, in the Work, Jesus has said: One Race, One Peoples. A Race of Christians, a Race of Saints, the People of God. With all the different backgrounds. Dark skinned, light skinned, medium skinned, light hair, medium hair, dark hair; short, thin, thick tall, medium size and builds. All the different variations as we have today, and glorified, perfected. No blemishes.

    This is a good thing. No death. No pain, no remorse, no agitation, no nothing malefic.

    Just an unfathomable amount of peace, love, joy: Bliss, blessed.

    Peace be with you always

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