The Law Given by the Father


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    The Law Given by the Father Empty The Law Given by the Father

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    The Law Given by the Father

    December 19

    God the Father says:

    "In the majestic manifestation of Sinai, for men, all for men, I told my Servant to rules to be observed to deserve my blessing.

    "And if many of the minute provisions which followed the Decalog--to make putting the Decalog into practice more secure and easier for the men of old--have fallen away in the course of the centuries and with the advent of Christianity, the Decalog has remained and does not change. It shall not change until the last day, and even if it should be granted to the Earth to go on living for millennia, that Decalog shall always be the same, always valid, always just, and always to be observed.

    "My Son did not change a word of it, for the word of God may not be retouched by anyone. My Word teaches you this respect for my immutable word. Remember this. He confirmed the Law in its ten untouchable commands. He replaced, however, its complementary parts, no longer consonant with the new period, with his doctrine of love.

    "The era of punishment had reached its end, since the King of Love and Mercy was flourishing over the world, and, to make you more certain of this change, which was substituting forgiveness for severity, my Son consumed Himself for three years to preach love and forgiveness to you and spurred his sacrifice to set itself up as a bloody warning, on the steep slope of a mountain, so that the whole world would look at the center of mercy from which his final words, still of love and forgiveness, with the final drops of a Divine Blood, descended.

    "The Master of the world until the final moment repeated to you the Perfection of the Divine Doctrine, and by deeds, in addition to words, for He removed the most human provisions of the Mosaic subtleties from the ancient Decalog and substituted his code, entirely of love. But the Decalog remains. And it shall remain. And the world is perishing because it no longer knows and lives out the Decalog.

    "Where are those who, invested with family authority, teach their children the first and most necessary thing to know: my Law?

    "Where are those who mold their children in gratitude and reverential love for Me, telling the minds and hearts that are opening up about God's wonders and acts of providence towards men?

    "But I am not dealing here with other authorities. I am speaking of the first authority--that of parents. They are responsible for their children's future and, consequently, for the future of the nations. For, if the power-wielding authorities ruling you were faced, throughout the Christian world, with a limitless number of family authorities holding firmly to respect for and education concerning God and the things of God, they would restrain themselves in certain excesses which not only profane the younger generations, but pave the way for increasingly tremendous days on Earth, for from young beings who are corrupt and atheistic there can only arise delinquents. Whether it is individual or social delinquency, it will always be delinquency spurring on towards crime, theft, abuse of power, betrayal, sedition, and all the misdeeds making the Earth a foretaste of Hell and men cruel demons towards one another.

    "You dream of better times. But--and I repeat words which are as old as the millennial past and ever new--'who will give you such a spirit as to fear Me and observe my commandments so that you and your children may be happy forever?' How can you if you no longer know my commandments/ What do you give your spirit so that it may live? And if it is dead because of lack of food and breath, constrained to die without the word of God and the breathe air rendered mephitic by your sins, how can you have the spirit I ask you to have?

    "Yours is a closed circle. A circle of horror choking you. You can break it only with the Cross and the Gospel. They open for you the gates of the Light of God and to the air, and to food and all that is Life. They open for you that way to return to Me.

    "My terrible Majesty may still cause you fear because you are like Adam after the sin: your souls are sullied, and you fear God's eye. But Christ does not cause fear. From birth to death his name is Gentleness. Come back up to Me by way of his Word and his Cross. They instruct you and reconsecrate you. They are the masterpiece of divine love. Aside from them there is no other means of salvation. After denial of them there remains only one thing: 'My Justice.'

    "And my Justice for you, reduced as you are, means only 'Punishment.' Remember this and make provision."

    Peace be with you always

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