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    The Time of Justice and the Time of Charity


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    The Time of Justice and the Time of Charity

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    Dig Ditches in Your Hearts to Let the Living Water Fill it.

    « Your replies are correct but not complete. God does not speak to an agitated heart. That is true. But lyres are not required to calm a heart. It is sufficient to have charity, which is the spiritual lyre with paradisiac notes. When a soul lives in charity, its heart is calm and it can hear and understand the voice of God. »

    « So Elisha did not have charity because he was upset. »

    « Elisha lived at the time of Justice. We must learn to transfer ancient episodes to the time of Charity and see them not in the light of thunder and lightning but in the light of stars. (1) You belong to the new times. So why are you so often more irascible and agitated than people of the ancient times? Divest yourselves of the past. I repeat that to you, although Judas does not like to hear it being repeated. Extirpate, prune, engraft, plant new trees. Renovate yourselves, dig the ditches of humility, obedience and faith. Those kings were able to do so although two of them did not come from Judah, and they did not hear God but the prophet of God repeat the orders of the Most High. Had they not obeyed they would have died of thirst in the arid land. They obeyed and the water filled the ditches they had dug, and they were not only saved from dying of thirst but they also defeated their enemies. I am the Water of Life. Dig ditches in your hearts in order to be able to receive Me. And now listen. I am not going to make long speeches. I will just give you some simple thoughts on which you can meditate. You will always be like these children and even inferior to them, because they are innocent and you are not, and thus the spiritual light will be dimmer in you, if you do not get accustomed to meditation. You always listen but you never remember, because your intelligence is asleep instead of being awake. So listen. When the son of the woman of Shunem died, she wanted to go to the prophet although her husband told her that it was not the first day of the month or the Sabbath. But she knew that she had to go, because for certain matters no delay is allowed. And as she was able to understand the matter from a spiritual point of view, she had her son restored to life. What do you say about that? »

    (1) Allusion to the lightning that accompanied the manifestations of the ancient Law (Exodus 19, 1 - 20,21) and to the star that indicated the coming and manifestation of Jesus in the world (Matthew 2, 1 - 12).

    The interesting thing here is that this is God telling man what to do. But man thinking in terms of matter doesn't always comprehend. A spiritual sense is needed to understand what Jesus means. Because, as human beings that dig ditches, how can one do that with ones heart? You would obviously die trying. So, this is a spiritual sense. It is supernatural. Dig those ditches in your hearts. Let the Living Water fill it.

    Now, let's read the previous paragraph:

    The singing of the psalms comes to an end. Jesus sits down on the grass and begins to speak: « When the kings of Israel, of Edom and of Judah united to fight the king of Moab and they applied to the prophet Elisha for advice, he replied to the kings' messenger: "If I did not respect Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, I should not even look at you. Now bring me someone who can play the lyre". And as the harpist played, God spoke to His prophet ordering ditch on ditch to be dug in the wadi so that it might be filled with water for men and animals. And the following morning at the hour of the oblation, although there was neither wind nor rain, the torrent was filled as the Lord had said. According to you, what is the teaching of that episode? Speak up! »

    The apostles consult with one another. Some say: « God does not speak to an agitated heart. Elisha wants to appease his anger, brought about by seeing the king of Israel appear in his presence, so that he may hear God. » Some instead say: « It is a lesson of justice. Elisha, in order not to punish the innocent king of Judah, saves also the guilty one. » Others say: « It is a lesson of faith and obedience. They dug the ditches obeying an apparently silly order, and they waited for the water although it was a clear windless day. »

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:49 am by Poem

    Somewhere in the Books, Jesus explains the different periods of times which God views the earth.

    The beginning: which consists of creation: the lawless period: which consists of the fall of man and the cleansing of the earth; the time of the Law and Justice: which consists of Mt.Sinai events, and the period of Israel going up and down; the Time of Grace-Charity: which consists the Passion of Christ-Redemption-Salvation for man, through the Church which is the Teacher for mankind. Then during this later period, while the Church remains upon the earth comes a 'judgment' from God, because, the church members have become worldly and have blended back in with the Babylonians, thus warranting a 'purification' upon the face of the Earth. East and West will be purified thoroughly by God. Not man.

    Why? The Gift of Christ. To Redeem man. Many scoff at this, because they make themselves, gods who do not know what their true destiny is. They only understand business as usual. When they should be looking to get off the edge that is leading them to Hell. Business as usual they say! Oh, you're spouting non-sense they say! Well, you've been warned. We cannot be to blame when you look up from Hell to see Heaven and all the hosts thereof.

    What can you say about that? Are you an expert in life's issues? The only thing you are an expert in is business as usual, the fool hardy education you paid for to earn the Spittle of Satan: Money to spendthrift on material goods and thought nothing about your spiritual bankruptcy. The business as usual folks, are spiritually bankrupt. No coins to enter Heaven with. They did not buy the coins for Heaven.

    But, God is still patient up to a certain point for these souls.

    As I mentioned earlier in posts, God knows who's eating at His Table. He knows each one's name, their faces, their complete person. He knows beforehand. That is why Jesus says: I go after 'My Sheep.' He comes after those He already knew about before Time Began. Isn't that scary! So, those who are sold to Satan are sold to Satan and God knows beforehand.

    Otherwise God would not spend all His time and effort on the Lost Sheep.

    Before Time Began, and Man was created, God had already viewed the entire race of man from the very first to the very last. Imagine that. You didn't even know this. That's true. But, you didn't even try to get to know God, that's true too. Therefore, you don't get to know God the way a Father and Son get to know each other, intimately. Nice.

    But, you got to know your evil father well enough to call him father. That's true too.

    Now, let us then carry out our mission of going to the Lost Sheep.

    The Lost Sheep were known to God before Time Began. Amazing. Thus, Jesus came, deliberately to save, by Shedding His Blood, so, that the Lost Sheep can be cleansed of the Fault of the First Ones. What a wonderful thing. God has elected. You have to follow His guidance. Forget those who are not counted. Even though you wish they were. That is enough, because, we must feel that way anyway. To hope and desire everyman and woman to be saved. That is God's wish. But not everyone desires to be saved, a sad truth. A very sad truth.

    Only those who see the mess the world is in can be saved. I find this to be true so far. They see with different eyes and sense altogether and inside them, they feel this is not right, something is amiss here, I don't belong to this way. I never felt like, I belonged in any part of society of the world. Never felt fulfilled. Always something strange going on here. Just not right. Then Jesus came and showed me where I really belong, in Eternity. I'm a Lost Sheep that God had foreknowledge about before time Began.

    I would here in my heart the voice and this voice would say, you are of Abraham's bosom, you can be traced back to him. His lineage. Many times I heard this because I was, a Lost Sheep. Then Jesus took me on His Shoulders.

    So, know I am here telling those other Lost Sheep and the world, that, if you do not want to perish, come. Come, change your lifestyle renounce Satan.

    Renounce him proudly and firmly so Satan can hear you and God can take you away.

    Now the periods, which I knew afore nothing about until I read these Books, makes things very clear to me.

    During the Period of Grace-Charity, there will be a purification, then an resettling bringing in the Era of Peace, then finally the Last Battle of Satan, a few hours before the Final Judgment, which separates the billy-goats from the Rams or sheep.

    Peace be with you always

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