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    September 12

    Jesus says:

    "Among the pure believers, among these humble, simple spirits I spoke to you about yesterday, to whom I grant the possession of Truth, I prompt special souls; I choose them before their incorporation into life because I know everything about the man who has lived, who lives, and who will live, and I thus already know beforehand how every spirit will act on the earth, either meriting or demeriting.

    "And do not say that this is injustice because I do not force you to merit. No: this is faithfulness to m work and my promise to create man capable of guiding himself and free to guide himself. I give my children help, all help, but I do not force them to make use of it. I desire it with all my love, but respect the desire of man. God spurred his love to the point of sacrificing his Logos so that He would bring you the Word and the Blood. But He cannot do, does not want to do, more. What merit would you have in being good if I kept you from being wicked?

    "To the souls, then, whom I choose--for I know in advance that they will be holy out of love or will become holy after error through sincere repentance and double love--I also give what I do not give to the masses. Teachings and lights which are blessedness for the souls themselves and a guide for their sister souls, less enlightened than they because they are less fused to Me than they.

    "But woe if these beloved souls show avarice or arrogance concerning my gift. I do not love the avaricious and detest the proud.

    "The former act against Charity because they save for themselves what belongs to everyone, for I am the Father of all and I give my treasures to the beloved so that they will be my almsgivers for the spiritually poor and not so that they will greedily and uncharitably hoard the treasures themselves, slaying charity and disobeying God's will. The fact of slaying charity alone breaks the canal through which my words flow to them and puts out the light by which they see the truth of my words. They thus forfeit their missions as bearers of my Voice. This explains why certain souls, shortly before beacons of the Church, later perish in a grayness of pernicious haze.

    "As for the haughty, furthermore, they are inexorably and immediately deprived of my gift. In these my word does not fade out slowly like a flower dying without water or a bird imprisoned in a dark jail, as happens in the greedy. It dies at once like a strangled creature. Haughtiness is the quintessence of anticharity, the perfection of anticharity, and its demoniacal poison instantly kills the Light in the heart.

    "Whereas I look at your weakness with pain and compassion, I turn my gaze elsewhere when I encounter a haughty person. And do you know what it is not have my gaze upon oneself any longer? It is to be poor blind people, poor madmen, wretched drunks who go groping, from one danger to another, and encounter death. That's what it is not to have upon oneself any longer the gaze of God, who protects you as nothing else can protect you.

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    Peace be with you always
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