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    How to Receive Jesus Every Moment of Everyday


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    How to Receive Jesus Every Moment of Everyday

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    Coming from atheism, which means, grounded in pride, it is always very subtle to find pride. Pride is just there, even if it is just spec. That spec is what Satan looks for in every soul, a spec of pride, a spec of lust, a spec of avarice, or simply any vice, a spec of vice. Unfortunately we like to think we have only a spec. But no! It is more than a spec. HEAPS of it! How horrible.

    Here in Book 5, Chapter 550 from PoMG Jesus states the obvious.

    The inhabitants of Ephraim are coming forward with signs of the deepest respect, and after the customary salutations, one of them, perhaps the head of the synagogue, speaks on behalf of everybody: « May the Most High be blessed for this day, and blessed be His Prophet Who has come to us because He loves all men in the name of the Most High God. May You be blessed, Master and Lord, as You have remembered our hearts and our words, and You have come to rest among us. We will open our hearts and homes to You, asking You to speak to us for our health. May this day be blessed, because through it he who receives Him with upright spirit will see the desert bear fruit. »

    « What you said is correct, Malachi. He who knows how to receive with an upright spirit Him Who has come in the name of God, will see his desert bear fruit and the sturdy but wild plants in it become cultivated. I shall stay with you. And you will come to Me. As good friends. And My apostles will take My word to those who can accept it. »

    « Will You not teach us, Master? » asks Malachi somewhat disappointed.

    « I have come to collect My thoughts and pray, to prepare Myself for the great events of the future. Are you sorry that I have chosen your town for My tranquillity? »

    Peace be with you always
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