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    551. Jesus Respects the Precept of Love More Than the Sabbatic Law.


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    551. Jesus Respects the Precept of Love More Than the Sabbatic Law.

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    A few paragraphs from this chapter, Jesus reveals what happens to holy men who have Grace restored, and that sorrow is the result of Original Sin.

    « Dear me! How much misery! Now! It is fair that we should suffer, but innocent children!… » says Peter who cannot bear to see children suffer.

    « You are a sinner, Simon. You are reproaching God » points out the Iscariot.
    « I may be a sinner. But I am not reproaching God. I am only saying… Master, why must children suffer? They have not committed any sin. »

    « Everybody has sins, at least the original one » says the Iscariot.

    Peter does not reply to him. He awaits Jesus' reply. And Jesus, Who is lulling to sleep the child now sated and drowsy, replies: « Simon, sorrow is the consequence of sin. »
    « All right. So… after You have removed sin, children will no longer suffer. »

    « They will still suffer. Do not be scandalised, Simon. Sorrow and death will always be on the Earth. Also the purest people suffer and will suffer. Nay, they are the ones who will suffer on behalf of everybody. The victims propitiatory to the Lord. »

    « But why? I don't understand… »

    « There are many things that you do not understand on the Earth. You must at least believe that they are wanted by the perfect Love. And when Grace restored to men makes the holiest men know the hidden truths, then one will see the holiest people wish to be victims, because they will have understood the power of sorrow… The child has fallen asleep. Mary, will you take him with you? »

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:32 pm by Poem

    From the same chapter one page previous, Judas Iscariot retorts, them having to have worked two Sabbaths. Jesus replies about, working in the name of Love.

    Now, Jesus explains somewhere in either the Notebooks or in PoMG, that in love, there is no labor. He who loves has, moved out of the Law. Jesus explains concerning this issue which man, makes a point of not being free from their rigid stringent keeping of the Law.

    The Law is to be adhered to, which if followed elevates one onto the ways of Love. Love is where God dwells. Fallen man needs to be guided to the elevation of Love. What is the Law? To instill Discipline, to restrain the animal which was corrupted by Original Sin, to destroy the work of Satan in the flesh, to remove the poison, which blocks the flesh from being free from, earthly sensations. To become 'spirit' as God had created man to be. A superhuman, a man-angel. Not just a spirit, but a spirit clothed with pure flesh that has no sin. The sin Adam and Eve put on all flesh. To make the flesh, a queen to the spirit who should be king in man.

    « Of course! We are the only ones who for some time have not kept the Sabbath… » remarks Judas of Kerioth who is always sharp.

    « What are you saying? What are you insinuating? » they ask him.

    « I am saying that for two Sabbaths we have worked after sunset. »

    « Judas, you know why we had to walk on last Sabbath. It is not always the sin of the person who commits it, but also of those who force one to commit it. And today… I know.

    You want to tell Me that also today I have infringed the Sabbath. My reply is that if the law of the Sabbatic rest is great, the precept of love is very great. I am not obliged to justify Myself with you. But I am doing it to teach you meekness, humility and the great truth that in the case of a holy necessity one must apply the law with resilience of spirit. Our history has many instances of such necessity. At dawn I went towards the Adummim mountains, because I know that there are some wretches there, whose souls are affected with the leprosy of crime. I was hoping to meet them, speak to them and come back before sunset. I found them. But I was not able to deliver them the intended speech, because there were other things to be said…

    Jesus explains that to love is the greatest in any situation and any day. Love. Love covers a multitude of sins.

    Peace be with you always

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