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    The Weapons To Overcome Evil


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    The Weapons To Overcome Evil

    Post by Poem on Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:17 pm

    Ah, you say, give me a gun or knife, even a tank, but these ideas came from "Satan" "The Destroyer."

    And you are enthralled, obsessed with it, to destroy. Worst than beasts. Beasts which God created don't go around destroying cities and nations. They however devour each other. This devouring occured right after man fell from Grace. The whole earth fell as well. Ever wonder why, certain types of animals do not respect man?

    Jesus explains when man's love for God fell, the next in line was the Earth's love for God fell. The whole of creation moans, because man fell. All the creation was created for man. And if man, doesn't love God, the Earth's love for God doesn't return either.

    Remeber, from the Earth, the slime which God used to create man's body, came. The body of man, fell into lust, pride, avarice, thus contaminating the earth as well. All connected.

    Satan has blinded man so low that, many cannot think in higher realms. Shows the degradation of intelligence and will power. To live like beasts. Kill or be killed, kill first, as many as possible, before you get killed. Whatever the reasoning, it is all based on, Destroying. Nothing but savages living in a civil looking society. A facade. A sham. Sold to Satan for sure.

    Let's then, focus on how to change this and live as real men and women.

    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 353

    October 5

    Jesus says:

    "I said, 'I will make springs of eternal life gush forth in the heart of whoever believes in Me.' But don't I perhaps make springs of (Divine Mercy Picture) balm gush forth, beginning in this life, which heal you, that are poisoned by pain?

    "Oh, come to Me, all of you that weep! Believe in Me, all of you that suffer. Love Me, all of you that are forsaken.

    "Yours souls,which struggle and suffer on earth, will be like bread that has fallen into a cask of honey which penetrates it with its sweetness, if they firmly believe in Me.

    "To believe in Me means to love; it means to hope; it means to overcome. To believe in Me means to possess.

    "To possess here below the weapons for the fight against Evil, which is advancing on all sides and seeks to demolish you with a thousand snares, and it means to possess in my Kingdom that reward which is Myself for all eternity."

    Jesus, the Light of the World is, The Weapon. He gave Himself for us to consume and have Him in us as The Immaculate Virgin Mary has Him in Her.

    The picture of Mary with the Host in Her body is what Christ is telling us to become through the image of Mary, to imitate Her to have Him just like She did and does. Amen.

    Peace be with you always

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