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    Resurrection of Lazarus - Hidden Morsels of Truth


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    Resurrection of Lazarus - Hidden Morsels of Truth

    Post by Poem on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:43 pm

    To start the scene I take a portion, a few paragraphs to build.

    Martha, after wiping her face, resumes: « But even now I hope because I know that whatever You ask of God, He will grant You. » A sorrowful heroic profession of faith uttered in a trembling weeping voice, with her eyes full of anxiety and her heart throbbing with the last hope.

    « Your brother will rise again. Stand up, Martha. »

    Martha stands up, stooping out of respect before Jesus to Whom she replies: « I know, Master. He will rise again at the resurrection on the last day. »

    « I am the Resurrection and Life. Whoever believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. And whoever believes and lives in Me will never die. Do you believe all that? » Jesus, Who had previously spoken in a rather low voice, addressing Martha only, raises His voice when saying these sentences in which He proclaims His power of God, and its perfect timbre resounds like a golden blare in the vast garden. The people present quiver with an emotion resembling fear. Then some sneer shaking their heads.
    Martha, into whom Jesus seems to wish to instill a stronger and stronger hope by holding His hand on her shoulder, raises her lowered head. She raises it towards Jesus staring with her sad eyes at the Christ's bright ones and pressing her hands against her breast with a different anxiety she replies: « Yes, I do, my Lord. I believe all that. I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God,

    To fill in the missing parts, Jesus had promised to the Pharisees, Helkai, Sadoc, and a few others, that, He could recompose a decomposed body, which means it had died and become decomposed. They believed Jesus was the Messiah but did not proclaim it publicly. They did not want to lose their status as overlords of Israel. They wanted to regain the power Israel once had when they were 'free.' At this point in the history of Israel, they were under rule by the Roman Empire and were very distressed, angered, and were seeking to over throw Rome. They needed a figurehead person to do this. They approached Jesus to become their King, being the Messiah, they obviously thought He would come to 'rule' Israel as their King. An Earthly King.

    Much to the disappointment of the ruling class in Israel, Jesus did not come to make Israel a nation to be feared once again. Instead He came to save the race of man, through Israel, to become the King of spirits. For God created souls to inhabit flesh calling man a living soul not living flesh or animals.

    They were disappointed because, they wanted to rule as flesh over other flesh to live according to the jungle where the Beast is the predator. Jesus came to save man from this Predator, Satan, Hell. Israel mistaking the Law and Prophets only sought, the kingdom of the Jungle, as fallen man. To play in the jungle as beasts do. Fallen man tries to become civil to some point but is unable to continue the ascent because, Grace is needed to give it back its wings to fly up. Fallen man had his wings clipped.

    Now back to Lazarus, Pharisees and the real nature of Lazarus's Death and Resurrection.

    Upto this point Jesus had raised from the dead several souls. Pharisees got wind of this, Satan blinding their eyes to believing, pride and they mocked Jesus. They criticized His ability as God to raise the dead. They were blinded by Satan, pride, because they only sought to satisfy their fleshly cravings and were not able to raise their thoughts to Heaven. They remained staring in the mud, below, down. They remained with clipped wings, fallen. Here they were chosen class to teach the Law and Prophets, but, they were far from God and thus as Jesus had told them the truth about their real desire, He said to them they were of their father Satan, and not God. He said, if Abraham were your father, you would have believed Me, for I come from the Father. Abraham lived in Faith, Union with God all his days. By contemplating Abraham's life, one would have found God in the midst. Abraham was called and chosen by God a deep mystery here.

    God had chosen Lazarus as the precursor to Jesus' Death and Resurrection.

    If, the Pharisees all of them, believed in the resurrection of Lazarus, they would have no doubt believed in Jesus. Jesus as 'God.' They were blinded by pride to seeing that in the Messiah, Jesus was hidden the Word of God, God. They only saw Him as a 'Man.'

    So, from God's point of view, this was a test and revelation, if they saw through it, they would see God in Jesus. If they did not, they would never believe Jesus as God.

    In this, then, Jesus is there all the critical Pharisees, and believers are gathered together at Lazarus' home near the sepulcher or tomb. Jesus gives a command: "Lazarus come out." Lazarus stands up moves all bandaged up, he actually moved without moving his feet. The Power there states. The body rises up and moves forward without walking it hovered.

    The Pharisees witnessed Lazarus' death, he was decomposed, not quite back to dust, but all his flesh had peeled off. It quite doesn't look that way when reading. But, decomposed is decomposed.

    They did not believe after seeing Lazarus raised back to life, that Jesus was God as well as Man. Thus, from that day on they sought more vehemently to have Jesus killed.

    And if they did not believe then, they certainly would not believe later.

    Jesus resurrected; for fear of, the Pharisees had the rock that covered the entrance sealed with mortar. For, in them, they witnessed Lazarus' resurrection, they knew and saw this. They witnessed it. But, they did not accept it. Their wrong desire blinded them, kept them from taking the other path. The sheer fact remained in them an impact, Lazarus' resurrection impacted them so deeply, that it shook them, they feared even more. Instead of believing, they feared greatly. Oh, my god, we're going to lose our status! This fact shows who they believed in, Satan. For Satan feared and in them was this truth, fear of Jesus as God.

    Deep down they knew Jesus was God, --this is what God says' they all have the witness to Truth--fact, facts, reality-- and was exactly as He had told them, and foretold them in the Great Book. But they denied it, they did not accept it, for, they belonged to Satan. They were not able to break free of the hold of Satan, because, they had no Faith. Simple faith. Fear cancels faith, hope, charity. He who fears, cannot love. One must repent, turn, convert. Will power, desire. Then as faith hope and charity begin to build up, will power and desire become more powerful. Desire to love. Desire. Increases will power with all the virtues. God deposits, into souls, but, each soul must recognize them and cling to them making use of them. One must search within.

    And this where Satan had painted an illusion seducing the Teachers of the Law, to subverting the Message of the Law. It can happen to anybody who does not contemplate the Laws of God. Book of Joshua, Psalm 1, Proverbs 1, Book of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus.

    One must remain in God's Word to keep Satan from penetrating with false entities, illusions and phantoms. Satan, appeared to them as 'God.' Thus, their minds were filled with the wrong conclusions of who Jesus was. Satan had worked to subverting their belief. Removing true Faith in God. Thus, they believed in falsehood.

    To sum up, If the Pharisees believed right then, they would have believed later.

    Pride for the earth blinds one from seeing the Heavens.

    Peace be with you always

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