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    The Recent Earthquake Felt Near Washington D.C.


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    The Recent Earthquake Felt Near Washington D.C.

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    True earthquakes do not make a sound when they start. The earth just shakes. I've been in several earthquakes and you don't get warnings, the ground just starts shaking without a sound.

    But, the earthquake in Virginia had a nice boom sound and then the ground shook.

    After reading some others description of the recent earthquake in Virginia, they also heard a boom sound.

    Come to find out that, a nuclear device was set off underground, making a distinctive boom sound. The same applied to the one near Denver, Colorado.

    Go to this site and read up on other ways to create earthquakes. A nuclear device is more than capable of such.

    Do a search in google for more credibility. Don't be so naive.

    Peace be with you always
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