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    The Apocalypse, What Do You Think It's About?


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    The Apocalypse, What Do You Think It's About?

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    First when you look at it and read it, it is God's prediction of the future and times of man till the end. It is a vision of the future of man from Eternity's point of view, the one that truly matters, and the one that is absolute truth, for God 'only' reveals the Truth, and truth's, and is Truth. None other can make this claim and back it up. None. Every truth of God's is absolute. No waivering. Thus James says in his epistle, unwaivering. One must become unwaivering and become truth, because no lie is of the Truth. Imitation. When God comes to rest in souls, it is because of purity of heart and mind. That soul has put away, all falsehood. No lie is of the truth.

    Remember, who you associate with is whom you become. You assimilate their behavoirs into your person. You are what you eat. Knowledge is food for your intellect.

    So if you have received false future claims, you received the wrong food which comes from false sources. In the same token, Jesus has given future predictions to a few, namely Maria Valtorta and a few others that were instructed to write them and give them to the Church on Earth to nourish its members. As a Good Shepherd, the High Supreme Pontiff of the Church, Jesus watches over His Flock. It is His Sheep. So, do you think, He would not tell us?

    Correct, He does, and did.

    The Apocalypse reveals, Eternity's eye sight and it is absolute. It tells of the beginning when Man fell, right up to when the Lamb was sacrificed, right to the Great Tribulation, right up to the Antichrist, right to the Resurrection of all Mankind, right up to the Final Judgment, right up to the separation of those damned, and those blessed and right up to the New Heavens and the New Earth, and well, the afterwards is not revealed, because, it's the New Chapter of Man.

    The Apocalypse reveals the War Satan Declared on God and His Christ and mankind. I say again: "The Apocalypse reveals the War Satan Declared on God and His Christ and mankind."

    For those blinded and unable to receive, because of too much wrong food for your intellect, Satan who was Lucifer, rebelled against God and declared war on God. Satan is not a man. He is an enormously ambitious Evil Spirit, that has no remorse, no regret, no holds barred ambition to, rule. Those who are like him on earth, those men and women, imitate Satan in this ambition, it is written on their foreheads, their souls, and when they speak. Observe their nature and habits. They have trained, disciplined themselves to this end. Thus, secularism is in all secular schools which teaches how to become mud, or slime to live for the earth, the Kingdom of the Earth, to what end? To reach Satan's Kingdom in Hell. Can't believe it? Certiainly. Do any secular schools teach how to reach the Kingdom of God? Do they teach how to become saved? About salvation? About Christianity? About Truth? No they do not. Therefore, they teach falsehood. Living for the earth is the first lie Satan gave to Eve then to Adam, then to the children of Adam. Those who maintain falsehood, cannot see Truth. You either have one or the other. Jesus said: "You cannot serve God and mammon, because you will love one and hate the other." How many of you seek and sought, to disprove this Word of Truth, which comes from the Word and Wisdom of the Father? Thousands, tens of thousands. And what happened? You fell to mud, just like Adam and Eve. You are no different, the mistake is the same, but the lie is different in the wording, but is the same in intention, and goal: "To have man, fill up Hell." That is the root of Satan's ambition. To destroy God and man, which is, Creator and creation. So, you say God is a liar and He does not know what He's talking about? Certainly, you say these things, because you do not know Him. He wants to show you the Truth. Death is what Satan gave to the race of Adam, mankind.

    Did you understand death? Of course not it is vague to you. Deaht is total separation from Light. Hell is nothing but the abscence of Light. Can you imagine living a few days without Light? Without senses? Without sight? Without the desire for love and to be loved? Hell is the opposite. Nothing but Hate and the desire to hate that never ends. Burning fire of Hatred that is what Lucifer brought when he rebelled. Hell is the infinite jail of Hatred where this fire burns, scorches, reminds, man of what he lost, a paradox, and you can regret there endlessly. No water to even quench your thirst. Water you say? Does eternal fire have water? No. Only burning fires, one cannot fathom. It is not a place for any soul, yet it exists because the One who rebelled made it so. Not God's will to have hell exist. Yet, for those who want and choose to rebel and hate, it exists forever shall one remain there for rejecting.

    To reject perpetually, to deny God's saving hand. Man has a choice, you have been given free will, and the knowledge of rejecting God's saving advice. You exist for one reason: To Love God.

    The Apocalypse is God's vision for man, given to man, what is taking place presently. It is not as many think: The Great Tribulation. It is as spelled out above it encompasses God's work on Earth to the Finished End, I am the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega. Not inbetween. Inbetween is the Great Tribulation where the Antichrist tortures mankind.

    The war which Satan declared on God happened before God created man.

    Peace be with you always
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