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    More of the Coming Future

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    From Notebook 1943 Page, 315,

    "God does not change. He adapts to your change, to your--let's even call it--evolution, in the settings of his work, but the core of it, the true content of his teaching in what is not a matter of the passing life, but a question of the soul that does not die, remains and always remains that, even if the Earth were still to remain the Earth for a thousand or ten thousand years and man were to reach such material evolution--note carefully--as would enable him to abolish the laws of space, gravity, and velocity and became nearly omnipresent through instruments annulling separation, towards which man is headed and which you designate with scientific names such as television, telephoto, and other similar ones, or, through other instruments, he were to abolish the impossibility of acting at a distance, creating radio controls which will unleash on earth the demoniacal vengeance of deflagrations at a distance, lethal rays, and similar creations with a Satanic mark. [Nuclear Bomb, HAARP, etc.,.]

    The above is stating the future evolution of man's materiality. Materialism. Weapons to enslave. Weapons to take. Weapons to destroy. Weapons of madness which no sane person could imagine exists. But we have seen arms that men use. Spears, swords, knives, that were of the past inventions and presently, tanks, armored vehicles with guns mounted, rocket launchers, machine guns, pistols, rifles, bombs, and those other weapons, the masses are not aware of. And for these other new weapons: "All under the disguise of 'alien' technology a means to fool the public." Everyone is aware to some degree aliens do not exist. Especially the Government. A nice cover story for the six o'clock news it is used for. There was a time when UFO's were a hot item, plastered all over the news tabloids.

    But let's get to the point Jesus is referring to.

    The Negation.

    Jesus calls it the Negation. Satan is the Negator of God's creation. This encompasses, material as well as intellectual Negation.

    Material Negation: To create destructive means to destroy a good thing. Satan hates mankind, because man is able to obtain Heaven, after he had sinned. What a big one! Whereas, Satan can never obtain Heaven. Envy anyone? Well for those who have no idea of the madness of Satan, how deeply enthralled is the Hate in Satan, not a good thing to dwell on, but, simply put, when the Spirit of Wisdom enables one to see with purity, one understands clearly.

    Without purity one gets, corrupted. The Blood of Jesus must be sprinkled on you to see it. Otherwise it corrupts. Thus, Jesus says in the Gospel, "Behold, I have given you power to tread on snakes, vipers, asps, scorpions and over all the power of the Enemy."

    The Power is the Eucharist which makes one joined to Grace as long as one is in Grace.

    Here is an interesting statement which makes one joined to Grace. If you're in Grace, you're joined to God. The Eucharist increases strength of the spirit to reign over the flesh. The flesh is the weak point in man which Satan prods, lures, to sin. When the spirit is in Grace, you can still sin because you were lured to something earthly that has not been overcome yet.

    Without being in the Light, the Darkness corrupts always. In many subtle ways we do not notice at once, but later on when one has drifted from the path even a hair.

    The Negation then from Jesus' point of view, and the one that matters, is to destroy and counter all Good. It is a tool of the Enemy, like sanctions.

    To get an even greater idea of the weapons that the Antichrist will seek from the enemies of Christ, the above paragraph is online.

    Now let's read what Jesus says' about the Antichrist, one of several, but this which has been posted to sink in to your unbelieving minds.

    From Notebook 1943, Seven Seals Plagues

    "Go right on thinking, then, that these are the warning signs, but it is not yet the hour. They are forerunners of the one I said could be called Negation, Evil Incarnate, Horror, Sacrilege, the Son of Satan, Vengeance, and Destruction: and I could go on giving him names designating him clearly and fearfully. But he is not yet present."

    "As the Father has given Me all power, so Satan will give him all power, and especially all power for seduction, to drag after him the weak and those corrupted by the fevers of ambitions, as he, their chief, is. But in his unbridled ambition he will still find Satan's supernatural aids to be too scanty, and he will seek additional aid in the enemies of Christ, who, armed with increasingly deadly weapons which their lust for Evil led them to create to sow despair in the masses, will help him until God pronounces His 'Enough' and burns them to ashes with the splendor of His appearance."

    Notice what Jesus says here in this line:

    "armed with increasingly deadly weapons which their lust for Evil led them to create to sow despair in the masses,"

    Many weapons to sow despair in the masses. Here masses means the entire world not just a specific piece of land or a nation.

    It really pays to read the predictions of Christ who sees all things before they happen.

    Peace be with you always
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