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    The Need to Forgive So as to be Forgiven


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    The Need to Forgive So as to be Forgiven

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    Jesus said several times to His Followers, to forgive.

    The main reason, to show true justice. The Era of Grace.

    The breakdown of true justice:

    To forgive means to be like the Father, who forgave man for disobeying. Who continues to forgive regardless if the sinner asks for forgiveness. Caring.

    Yet, when faced with a personal judgment, if each person does not come to repentance, they cannot live in Heaven eternally, unless someone does a great deal of penance on their behalf and that person lived a truly just life, even though they did not believe in God in some form. Madame Cure' is a prime example of someone who was not a malicious person, wicked, and so forth. She lived an honest life and worked for the common good of mankind.

    There are a few of these kind.

    Forgive so you can also be forgiven. What you do for others, is also done to you. Mercy. Justice.

    Then, we can say the collectively thought rule:

    Forgive so we all can be forgiven and live mercifully and in true justice.

    Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.

    God is merciful. When you know how much sin and wickedness exists, God is merciful to allow these souls to continue in their obstinate state. No one is without some sin, that is to say, a venial one.

    Forgive, it is easy to lose track of what transpires in your thoughts.

    Peace be with you always
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