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    Every Sin is Punished; The Punishment fits the Crime


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    Every Sin is Punished; The Punishment fits the Crime

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    How many people do not believe nor understand this? Too many, that is why they continue to sin and curse after being punished.

    Why does man sin? Because he is filled with pride thinking he can do anything with his free will.

    When one obeys God fully, one does not sin willfully and their imperfections which everyone has a few, causes them to think one sinned. How many think they have sinned because of this? Did you know that, charity covers a multitude of sins? That is why, St. John says to love, repeating a message from Jesus about doing good to your neighbors.

    Think of good deeds as coins for the bad deeds. Each good deed carries great merits and therefore he who walks in the Light does good deeds and is washed by the Blood of Jesus. Graces of Water and Blood from the Divine Heart of Jesus that continually keeps that soul in purity of heart and mind. No guilt, no condemnation. His conscience is not reproaching him.

    This is how to live according to God's Law.

    Now the opposite occurs for every sin committed. Who keeps count of them? God.

    Why? To teach man to do good. Slap! You commit a sin, which is a crime according to God because it is always against God and Neighbor, you get punished so that you may avert to the good path and say, man, 'I don't want that again.' 'What do I have to do to avoid this heavy toll?' Seek goodness and make your God happy.

    Now Jesus tells all in Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks about the Lord's Justice System. Sin is punishable by 'death.' That is the ultimate end of a major sin. Jesus died for us, so that we would not have to die each one for Sin. Thus, Jesus averted our deaths by Sin. We are on this side of His Passion and are the recipients of His graces. But to those who continually sin, they continue to get punished and they cannot see why. Why do I get punished? And because sin is pride, the voice of Satan says to curse God. What happens? You say the blasphemous words in English: 'Godxxxx.' Don't you! Yes you do.

    But, most don't even know why they curse God at that moment, they don't know they are in pride, and where there is pride there is Satan in your midst telling you to curse God.

    The world of unconverted men, do not know Satan is their voice. As God sits on the altar of a pure soul, Satan sits on the altar of a corrupted soul. He is your 'god.' How terrifying it truly is. Yet because they have no light, they cannot see the Dark Prince is sitting on their altars. What darkness lurks in corrupted souls?

    Cannot believe it can you? Test it out. Come to the Light and see the Evil Prince with your own two eyes. If you criticize without having known it by the sheer experience, you do not know. You have not experienced the reality of life on the Earth.

    Thus, men loved the darkness, slaves, rather than the light, lest their very deeds should be exposed, and 'repent' of the horror they have witnessed, --Satan. The Ultimate Horror.

    Jesus evens says, that man is a better liar than Satan because the lie has evolved over time. Men are better at devising evil sayings than the Wicked One himself. Satan dropped a seed and it grew into a nasty evil tree.

    Well, many people do not understand the Truth and they remain, in their beliefs and disbelief of True Religion. They do not know what True Religion is. It is robbery to not know what True Religion is. Satan is a thief, a liar, and a murderer, always remember these words, which Jesus speaks of in the Gospel. If you do not learn, that which is most important, it is your fault for not asking.

    The obstinate, remain obstinate until the breaking point, which is standing on the edge of death of the flesh. Then, they see a flash of light. If they do not turn to the light, they continue on in death. And lose their one chance at eternal life.

    Every sin is punished, the punishment fits the crime. God is True Justice. This is the standing Law which is above every law. Find the way to cease from sin. Sin covers a multitude of crimes.

    Peace be with you always
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