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    Pain and Suffering, Rendered a Great Good for Man


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    Pain and Suffering, Rendered a Great Good for Man

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    How is this possible?

    The History of Pain and Suffering.

    These were introduced into man by Adam and Eve. They were the first to experience this bitterness. The first was the loss of Grace. The second was the death of their son Abel, the third was Cain turning out to be a murderer. A fourth, Cain was banished.

    Pain and Suffering was a curse. The curse of Satan. For the Serpent was the one who led them astray by seduction.

    Pain and suffering for ages has caused many thousands to curse, feel affliction, great damage.

    Jesus, 'sanctified' Pain and Suffering to turn these into a great merit, a great good for man. Expiation, penance, so forth.

    For through the pain of suffering, which also comes through: mockery, criticism, comes anguish and sadness, but, now that Christ had endured it, it has become a great good. God took the evil done to man to use it for a greater good. Nothing is useless to God.

    In fact when you look at the Crucifix, it is 'sacred' 'mysterious' many cannot understand why, God-Man, would do such a thing. Remember, Jesus took back what was lost to man. And even more. He gave a means to reach Grace, and Heaven, and took those things, which cause man great pain and curses to the Heights to sanctify it, which had been torturing man for ages, to use for the work of perfecting souls.

    Today I was sanding some wall, and the 'Spirit' brought to my attention, how God works on souls. Using abrasives to polish a work. I was sanding the wall to smooth out the roughness, so that the color would look good without blemish. To get to this part, one must labor.

    No work of God is without labor. Polishing happens to us in the trials of life.

    Peace be with you always

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