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    How Must a Catholic Iive? My Kingdom is not of this World!


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    How Must a Catholic Iive? My Kingdom is not of this World!

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    Many Christians do not know what Christ meant by "My Kingdom is not of this World" and consequently how to live according to this 'statement' by Christ. Therefore many would be "Kingdom of God" inheritors lose their inheritance of "The Kingdom." Very simple really when you read the Bible.

    What happens that many who think they are destined to the Kingdom, do not end up there?

    They are taught, told and persuaded to live for the kingdom of the Earth.

    What was Christ's last commandment?

    Here it is:

    Matthew 28

    [18] And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.

    [19] Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

    [20] Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.

    This is what He commanded. He summed up all His instructions by this simple all encompassing command as a reminder of all He had taught them previously.

    The human way is to find something and then negate the rest. How is this done?

    Jesus said, "If you eat this Bread and Drink this cup, you shall have life in you and you shall live forever."

    This is part of His doctrine, but the crux of His Doctrine is to instill Life in dead souls.

    Let us then rephrase 'crux' with an importance. Jesus said a number of things, commands if you will, to His Apostles and Disciples to mold them and instill in them life building character. To assimilate His words into your intellect, your being to receive 'Words of Life for the spirit encased in man."

    To give 'Life' for He is the Life.

    To better understand that He is the 'Life,' we must understand what the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden was.

    Two verses for your contemplation from:


    [9] And the Lord God brought forth of the ground all manner of trees, fair to behold, and pleasant to eat of: the tree of life also in the midst of paradise:

    Now notice the word 'also' after -tree of life- and before paradise.

    Do you see it? Tree of Life! The Word of God, the Second Person of the Godhead doing His Part, was in the midst of Paradise on Earth. Did you read when Jesus was born? What happened? Light Descended and that ugly grotto was, completely changed while the Light was bursting allover the place. Yet, it was a temporary sight. Why? Because this is not paradise anymore. True Paradise's glimpse yet, not complete, is seen in this visage of the chapter Jesus' Birth.

    Genesis 3

    [22] And he said: Behold Adam is become as one of us, knowing good and evil: now, therefore, lest perhaps he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.

    Here is an interesting statement by God. "Adam is become 'as' one of us." He was infested with 'lust' and the knowledge of Evil. Which is concupiscence. The desire for the fleshly life. The addition of the 'stimuli' to become 'sensual'. The wrong sensual. To copulate and feel this insatiable sensation which lasts a bit, but, since it is not fulfilling, it wants it over and over to get the feeling. No pinnacle. That is why it is called 'insatiable.' Never fulfilled. Now Heaven is total and complete fulfilling. No corrupted sensual parts. God commanded Adam to remain a saint and live as 'spirit.' He did not. Now he has become a fallen man, who has learned Evil. He no longer is 'pure' like God. So what is the underlying thought behind this statement, "He has become 'as' one of us?" He had become his own 'god.' Where before he was a "son of God." He no longer remained a 'son.' But became 'independent' of God. No longer joined to God. And thus the human condition in man to disobey or not to obey the Father.

    'As one of us.' Not one of us. 'As' means, similar to, rather than, 'is.' 'Is' would imply he became God.

    Also, 'lest he take the tree of life by force.' Demanding. Interesting way to put it.

    Cain is the product of this Evil thought to disobey and live according to whatever he felt like. Jesus says, 'Don't be Cains.'

    Paradise is Life. True life.

    God said, on the seventh day that He rested from all His labors. Man was to labor as God labored in creating a perfectly formed --inner--his soul-- son. That was man's labor according to the original Thought of God. For man to enjoy Paradise as 'son' growing to become perfect like his Father. Very simple. It wasn't too complicated.

    Paradise according to God is then, 'rest.' A peaceful, completely inebriated in Joy and Peace, rest. Not pockets here and there, but, an eternal rest. No, pain and suffering, no death.

    Imagine having someone explain to you what he created, how and why. The Creation is God's Labor for man. And He gave man the rule, to have dominion in charity, with true love, and innocence. "I made this for you" to show you that I love. "Learn to love, grow in love." And love would have overflowed in all that He created, you would see and feel His love in each thing He created and would speak to you of His love without 'words' but in the Light He is. Overwhelmed by this love, man would increase also in love. Fully appreciating what God created.

    Let us now pause and return to what I had originally started.

    How to truly live in this passing world as Jesus taught His first Apostles and Disciples to pass on to the new Apostles and Disciples in the coming generations.

    From Book 5, Chapter 545, Jesus Decides to Go to Lazarus.

    Read carefully and mediate on just what Jesus is saying for us how to live.

    « But if he is sleeping, it is a good thing. He is sure to get better. Sleep itself is a cure. Why wake him? » they point out to Him.

    « Lazarus is dead. I waited until he died, before going there, not for his sisters and for him. But for you. That you may believe. That you may grow in faith. Let us go to Lazarus. »

    « All right! Let us go! We shall all die as he died and You want to die » says Thomas, a resigned fatalist.

    « Thomas, Thomas, and you all who are criticizing and grumbling in your hearts, you ought to know that he who wants to follow Me must have for his life the same care that a bird has for a passing cloud. That is, to let it pass and go wherever the wind blows it. The wind is the will of God Who can give you life or take it away as He wishes, neither you must regret it, as the bird does not regret the passing cloud, but it sings just the same as it is sure that the sky will clear up again. Because the cloud is the incident, the sky is reality. The sky is always blue even if clouds seem to make it grey. It is and remains blue above the clouds. The same applies to true Life. It is and remains, even if human life ends. He who wants to follow Me must not be anxious about his life or afraid for it. I will show you how one conquers Heaven. But how can you imitate Me if you are afraid to come to Judaea, whereas no harm will be done to you now? Are you hesitating about showing yourselves with Me? You are free to leave Me. But if you want to stay you must learn to defy the world, with its criticism, its snares, its mockery, its torments, in order to conquer My Kingdom. So let us go and bring back from the dead Lazarus, who has been sleeping in his sepulchre for two days, as he died on the evening that his servant came here from....

    A few words to contemplate but the meaning is exactly as He stated in the Gospel concerning those who want to live, a true life, without harm, death, disease, malice, so forth. This life on earth as flesh, is truly short lived. The spirit lives forever. As God is Forever. Never ending.

    Heaven and Hell are 'never ending' destinies. Remember that.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:01 pm by Poem

    It's all about denying the life of the fleshly pleasures and comfort. How do you do this? By helping others. Spending your life doing good deeds for the sake of others. In this way you do not think for yourself and end up sinning and losing eternal life. Those who learn this secret can live in any circumstance and in any situation, because they seek only the good of others as Jesus described what 'good' is. Not a good according to man, nohow. But for the 'good' of others in doing a good for them. Patience and forbearing. Love and purity. One has to seek God constantly to be nourished by Him. Building the life of Grace in you.

    Doing good means to, also instruct those in error.

    Here's another example from Book 5.

    « What do you know of Caesar's palace? Have you seen it? »

    « No, and I shall never see it. And I do not care. But I imagine it large, beautiful, full of lovely things… and of filth. Like the whole of Rome, I suppose. I would not stay there even if they covered me with gold! »

    « Where? In Caesar's palace or in Rome? »

    « In neither. Anathema! »

    « But because they are like that, they are to be evangelized. »

    « And what do You expect to do in Rome?! It is a brothel! There is nothing to be done there, unless You come. Then!… »

    How was Rome conquered? By love and not violence on the part of Christians.

    Rome had it's 'circus'' and Christians bodies were their amusement. Now here's true justice, for all those who sat in those arenas, and had a good time seeing their human counterparts being shredded to death, what was their end like?

    God is true Justice. Hell exists for those who live for sport of the earth. If you do not believe so deeply in God, because you are too human, then now is the time to start, because, God passes only 'once.' Your lifetime is the one shot.

    For those who do not deeply believe in God, they wonder if Heaven is true and Hell also. They have a vague idea. Not a firm one for sure. They have not believed the encounter with the 'All.' When the All comes, He comes when a soul is peaceful. Because this allows a creature to welcome the All. Peaceful. Contemplation and meditation is 'absolutely' necessary in order to meet with the "All." A peaceful state. That is why certain people are so 'firm' in their belief in God. The All is able to impart Grace into them. Where there is chaos and confusion, the All cannot descend into souls. You must, prepare the Ways of the Lord in your own house. As John the Baptist proclaimed, the precursor of the Lord teaching and admonishing, those to prepare the way for the Lord to descend into their hearts to receive Him. As many as received Him to them, He gave to them the power to become sons of God.

    Preparation. One must prepare the way of the Lord.Amen

    Peace be with you always

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