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    All Things Have Been Given To Me


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    All Things Have Been Given To Me

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    Matthew 28:18

    And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.

    Jesus, as Man was given all the power and authority, which Adam lost.

    When did this happen? When He came. But for the sake of reclaiming all that was lost by Adam, Jesus had to endure, all that was lost. A deep one this is. A high mystery. He had to take them all back one by one as 'the Man.' For God gave all this to man. So a man had to reclaim them.

    In Genesis, God said to Adam the Earth is your dominion, rule it.

    So, we are talking about, the Earth which was created for man to rule in goodness and charity. Charity not wicked passions.

    To destroy this, the Devil worked his inventions, words of the devil. Not to be trusted.

    Luke 4:6

    And he said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them.

    Yet, the devil who lives in Hell, was able to sneak in and gain souls one by one. Are you a governor, perhaps a leader of a nation? Do you follow Christ or do you follow Satan? If you follow Satan, you have allowed Satan access to your dominion and he rules over you. Which allows Satan to operate on the earth. You are his dark mirror which is hidden. Each soul who yields to Satan allows him to operate. He does not own the earth, but, operates on it through souls. Thus, he has many leaders and big businesses, and Jesus calls him the ruler of the world and not the Earth. The world of fallen and unconverted men.

    We must always remember that the earth was created to yield flesh bodies for souls to inhabit and rule over. Not for Satan nor the will of the flesh.

    All things, power and authority have been given to Jesus Christ, King and Judge, Ruler over all spirits, yours and mine, and those unconverted, for He also purchased all souls with His Blood. But those who do not turn and accept and believe on Him, they are lost unless someone does a lot of penance on their behalf and are saved, by His Mercy, because you loved them to the point of self-sacrifice. Free will still exists, even though Jesus purchased every soul. He purchased them. Interesting point He made about this. He has claim to all souls. But allows each soul to determine his or her destiny according to free will. If He did not purchase the souls, you cannot be saved. No one can be saved. I purchased it, but you are not a slave. See this is where, Jesus can come to those who are not yet saved, but cry out for salvation and He can come. Benign. God is benign and a gentlemen to souls. But when you cry out, He comes. The Good Samaritan.

    What's the difference between Samaritan and Shepherd? A Samaritan helps any one in need out of goodness. A shepherd takes care of his flock. In this case, the Shepherd becomes a Samaritan hoping to get a lost sheep to come to his fold.

    True priests do exactly as I described above. They care for others as equally as they care for themselves, and even more for them. They have great love within them and this love is a river flowing out. Just like Jesus.

    Love compels God to guide, help. nurse, heal and lead. God is Love, but who is wanting love? Do you? Are you too inundated by materiality? Want to continue the fleshly pleasure and comfort to lose an eternal truly pleasurable and comforting Life?

    See, when the soul comes to perfection is when ones life has hit the pinnacle and together with his flesh joined he experiences the highest pleasure and comfort. This earth is not the pinnacle of true pleasure and comfort. For the Envious One knows that Paradise is the Pinnacle of True Life, devoid of the Envious Ones, concupiscence.

    Now you are still young and experience the pleasures of the flesh, but when you are old, what happens? You lose that it dies. Fleshly pleasures are temporary and lasts only some decades, because the fact that you grow old and tired. Whereas in Eternity devoid of the filth of the flesh, pleasure and comfort never 'fades.'

    True Joy, true Happiness, endless Peace.

    Luke 4:36

    And there came fear upon all, and they talked among themselves, saying: What word is this, for with authority and power he commandeth the unclean spirits, and they go out?

    What happened here? Jesus as the Man, who had the Holy Spirit upon Him, was able to transmit the Word of God into action. The Word of God hidden in Jesus the Man.

    Let's look at this closely. I have a vessel, a container, in it is power. over it, surrounding it, is power which makes sure that the power is not leaking somewhere on the container. So like urethane the container is covered inside and outside with it. Filled and running over.

    Man is a vessel. Grace was inserted into man in the beginning. God blew in his nostrils and filled man with Life. Then Grace rested upon man covering him, surrounding him. Man was filled and covered with God's Word and God's Love. God is love by the way in all Three Persons. Man was covered and filled with God how sweet it must have been. But God knows when a soul does not yet come to perfect charity. And Adam and not reached perfect charity thus he sinned. So why then does man sin? Because he has not loved God perfectly with all his faculties and strength, which means his whole self, body, soul, heart, mind, will. Fully loving God.

    Jesus fully loved His Father. Thus He never compromised for a piece of morsel or mud. And the angels that remained faithful to God, the same.

    Heaven, folks is the sealing of love. Which means you have loved God perfectly as possible on earth, no man by the way while he is in his flesh compromised by sin body, love perfectly as they do in Heaven. This is granted to those who did reach Heaven, when God puts the finally finishing touches on your soul to love greater.

    A flower blooming on the earth seems like the earth is so huge, but in reality it is a spec, but God every so often reveals the infinite Garden in Heaven. And the flower realizes that the earth is a spec and a prison compared to the Infinity of Heaven so vast so wide, so immensely Big.

    The earth is like a hose. You squeeze through this hose to reach the open space of Heaven. That is why many souls feel cramped on the earth. What makes souls feel like this? Sheer sin and filth of the earth that you witnessed will still on earth. If the earth were not like that, you would have a clearer picture in your minds of Heaven, for God would have instantly revealed that. But, what was in like before Adam sinned?

    When you stepped from the paradise which the earth was to the Paradise God is, there was only a slight shock and awe, because Heaven, was upon the Earth. God had set foot on the Earth and where God is is Paradise, for Paradise is with God. I should say Paradise is God, He exudes Paradise, His presence is Paradise for, it just emanates from Him like beautiful Perfumes. This is what Jesus revealed to Maria. And this is revealed to myself and now you who reads. I reveal to you the power God is.

    The world to me is a has been. It holds no glory nor twinkling fancy for me. I desire to be with God more today than yesterday, yet my anguish is still heavy that I'm not there. I'm squeezing through this hose myself. I am not perfect yet, but with His help I 'hope' to be.

    Luke 10:19

    Behold, I have given you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and upon all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall hurt you.

    Ephesians 3:7

    Of which I am made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God, which is given to me according to the operation of his power:

    2 Peter 1:3

    As all things of his divine power which appertain to life and godliness, are given us, through the knowledge of him who hath called us by his own proper glory and virtue.

    All authority and power has been granted to Jesus Christ, making all kings, queens, dignitaries, powers of hell, subject to Him through Him. He is above all things. And from Him all things persist. He gives power to kings and queens and leaders and so forth, to become 'good.' A graceful King He is. King of kings.

    If they do not become good but pollute their good gifts, they lose all inheritance of eternal treasures. Forfeit by default. And sadden God. For God gives gifts in hopes that man becomes good.

    The eternal Envious One, seeks to destroy your life by telling you to live in pleasure and comfort to abuse the gift of God. This goes for all mankind not just Catholics and other good religious folks who have practices virtues.

    A Catholic should by all respects be the humblest upon the earth. Good, meek, kind, gentle, forgiving, forebearing, merciful so forth. To show forth the true Attributes of his or her, Father.

    And lastly to confirm the above:

    John 5:27

    And he hath given him power to do judgment, because he is the Son of man.

    All men who came after Adam should have had the power. But since Adam sinned, he forfeited this power and Jesus had to come as a Man, so that Man can stand before God with the rights as God gave, in his hand brandished upon his soul as ruler of the flesh, the world and over Satan. Thus, the true Faithful, with their foreheads signed by the Tau of Christ, show forth this reclaiming because Jesus is the Firstborn son of Man in Grace called the true Man. All sons and daughters of Adam were less than what God created in Adam as Man.

    Fallen man, is what God calls them, but, truly a mud. Man by God's definition is one who is in Grace.

    A man without Grace is not a true Man, but just a human. What Adam begot. Adam begot, mud. For his sons were the product of flesh. Adam lost Grace and begot Cain. It was not God's will for Adam to beget just flesh, but for Adam to beget a New Man and Woman.

    Thus, Jesus is the Firstborn son of Man. And He speaks using these words in the Gospel, the Son of Man.

    So in summary, God created a Man in Adam, 'a son of God and the father of mankind.'

    Thus, Jesus had to come to restore the order which was cancelled by Sin. So that in Jesus is the New Adam.

    Peace be with you always

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