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    What Does It Mean to Be Stuck in the Mud?


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    What Does It Mean to Be Stuck in the Mud?

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    Imagine, mud trying to rise. But the sheer heaviness of mud makes it difficult and next to impossible to rise up so as to dry off and the mud becomes dust. This is man's fallen state. The heaviness of mud caked on adding weight and stress, makes it very difficult without help to rise up and dry off.

    Thus, without Grace, the Sacraments, you remain mud. It is a struggle. Thus many want to rise but find no power to rise up.

    Light dries things up. Heat. Sunshine. God is all of these things. And He calls to souls stuck by the mud to reach out and take it! Today if you Hear His Voice, do not Harden your Hearts.

    The heart must be converted, the fleshy part in order for man to allow the spirit to reign in his mortal body. Your hearts must be good. Thus, Jesus says rightly, men of good will. Men of good will can receive the mystery of God to begin their ascent. Did you commit sins but know it is wrong? Goodness resides in you, the mud forces you to sin, because it likes pleasure and comfort. It thinks that the fallen state is the correct state and there is no other. Defeated state. Can't do anything with a defeatist attitude. Despair, depression, overwhelmed by Satan's lies.

    The state of those in Grace is the opposite. Joy, Peace bubbling over inside, but they keep it well hidden, prudence. These have risen above the mud, they elevated their flesh above human concupiscence, a resurrection took place. They have allowed the mud to become dust, flake off. While some have flung it off as they saw the Light, they were in hurry to get out of the mud. Saints.

    Jesus Light of the World came to disperse light to souls to carry on His mission. To give enough light to souls so they can see the Great Light. the Eternal Sun. Little lights orbit around the Great Light, little lights are called stars, the Great Light is called a Sun.

    There, now lets for the sake of understanding this in human minds, put the Great Light on one end and the little lights in the middle and the world on the other end of the Great Light, the very end of the line. Run a straight line, pitch a line from the world to the little lights to the Great Light. The Great Light fills and illuminates the little lights and the little lights disperse their lights to the world of man.

    Now that we have this picture in our minds, lets take this one level higher.

    The Great Light is doing as described, but reflecting Its Light to the little lights who have polished their stoles to become a mirror, a transparent mirror which the Great Light shines directly through it. But, as is the theory of reflecting light, a prism, but better than a prism a transparent mirror, the Great Light is channelled through the little lights without blinding the world of man. So the transparent mirrors because of their sheer size and power, have less of an output but sufficient to bring light to the world of man.

    The above was demonstrated by Jesus.

    Now remember what Jesus said concerning the Children of Israel, the episode with Moses atop Mt. Sinai. In order for God to not burn up those men and the rest, He became Incarnate so as not to shine the Eternal Sun that roasts imperfection to ashes. Imagine mud being burnt to ashes. Jesus came toned down for men. Nobody really understands the Great Light so well. Imagine in human terms, car head lights that just blind your sight or even extremely bright lights. You get the picture. Now imagine God being the Eternal Burning Sun similar to our sun out there. What have we learned about our sun? It has flares shooting across it's body.

    But, God is not hate, but love, and men sinned accepting, wanting, desiring, hate rather than love. Hate being darkness and love being Light. The sheer power of this output of God would completely extinguish all darkness. Not because He wants too, but because of His Power as the Light. Power. His Natural Output. God is all Intelligence, patience and prudence. Therefore because He is love, He does not 'just' extinguish darkness. Instead He gives time for fallen man to turn to the Light because that's what He truly desires for all mankind. In each individual, each generation, each.

    Because that is the order of things. He created Life. And gave Life to man to become sons of God by becoming adult spirits, from a raw void of, to filled with Wisdom, to know and reason in goodness. Just like Him. Evil exists to countermand this. To drive you away from an beautiful eternal destiny, Blessed Destiny. Those who reach maturity in goodness, understand God the Father. To know God. To come to this, to Love God. To know God really means to love God.

    This is what Jesus said to His Apostles in a round about way, in the Sermon on the Mount. Remember which one?

    Here it is:

    Matthew 5

    [14] You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid.

    [15] Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house.

    [16] So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

    Therefore it is very important to obey the Master so others can be saved.

    Peace be with you always
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