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    Mankind Has A Responsibility to Itself


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    Mankind Has A Responsibility to Itself

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    Jesus said in Book 3 to fight evil no matter what form it takes. No quarter to wickedness. Demons possess men and women and prod them to wicked deeds, and actions. Thus wars are started. Wars are not started for good intentions for good willed people never seek to harm. They seek peace and charity. Now you know how wars are started.

    Evil men start wars to take what they cannot legally take by making false claims.

    Jesus says to fight evil and give them no quarter in doing so as in give them no place to continue evil in you and in others. Cast out the demon who takes possession of men and women.

    We have a responsibility to our 'neighbors' no matter what their beliefs are. To love them and give them guidance towards good end.

    Pointing the finger, accusing and bickering accomplishes absolutely nothing, in fact it usually has a negative effect.

    Water your neighbors with the water of love, douse them with love, pour love into their empty and devoid souls, be light to darkened souls. In this way you repel the demon and are fighting evil.

    If you have read the Chapter Feast of the Dedication of the Temple, Jesus did not strike down those who hated Him. They were struck later after they became entirely obstinate. God gave them space to turn even after the Death of Christ some 70 years according to the census that the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. God really wanted them to turn to Christ. But, since they continued to reject the Saving Grace, He destroyed what was once good and had become corrupted. Removal by default.

    God struck the Temple during Jesus Crucifixion, because the Jews asked for a 'sign.' The religious veil was torn and souls from Limbo were seen in the land of the living.

    A similar thing may happen shortly where souls appear for the sake of conversion of their poor souls who are blinded to the Truth.

    God can do anything and to say He cannot do such and such is foolish. However He will not do certain things. Find out what God can do and what He does not do. It is better to believe He will do things for the sake of a poor soul who needs Life. All men and women need Life therefore you have the great peace of mind that God is able. Faith, great faith brings miracles, simply because you know God is All Powerful and full of Goodness and desires all men to come to the knowledge of the saving grace found in Jesus Christ. Have lots of Faith my brothers and sisters and watch God do many miracles for your benefit as well.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:01 pm by Poem

    For those who have read the first edition of Thunder of Justice exposed Freemasons, Secret Societies, HAARP, etc.

    HAARP for those who are not in the know, is a 'giant' microwave inducing machine. Couple hundred arrays pointing straight up at one of the layers covering the Earth up there. What this machine does is it heats up one of those layers causing it to ripple bend and become soft. Like a soft prism, a light projector. A satellite is used to beam a signal at any trajectory from space down to the earth and to better guide the signal land and sea based signals are used as well and so what we have here is a sophisticated oven, but not just an oven. The scientists have found that, by using this powerful ray to bounce off the earth to locate sources of oil, gas, minerals and other matter. They then increased the power output to manipulate the weather and create earthquakes, even tornadoes and hurricanes, which means they can create torrental rains great down pours if they so choose. But the circumstances have to be built up, to create the weather conditions. Another words they have to prepare the atmospheric conditions to make have the best possible result. A recipe.

    This technology was developed by Nikolai Tesla and patented by an American. The U.S. Patent office has it on their books.

    Now if they do not create the conditions necessary the result is something else. This something else who knows? Mankind is the guinea pig here.

    When they use the full power of the HAARP it actually tears a hole in the Ionosphere causing oxygen and harmful sun rays to escape and enter, thus creating 'Global Warming.' Loss of oxygen raises the temperature and then having the this 'hole' higher elevations of heat enter, radiation, causing shorter lives by affecting the flesh, another words speeding up your decay.

    These madmen, wicked men, use this machine to bend other nations to their will. This machine does not need to deploy thousands of men to kill and takeover a nation. But rather, cause them to yield through abusive measures. Sick minds are they. Bent to no end.

    These HAARP have been set up all over the world. The first was in Alaska. There is a test station and the real powerful one in Alaska. And in other countries. In the last 15 years since this machine has been around there has been an increase in weather conditions which many have blamed God for.

    The Apocalypse and the Prophecies of Christ are more evident today then in previous times because of the 'increase in knowledge.' The wrong knowledge, the Good and Evil Knowledge who is Satan. Causing men to think it is 'good' but it is always for an evil purpose that is not found out until it is done. Such was the case with Adam and Eve. They thought they were learning a good thing, but the Evil One had other plans, a sinister plan. To cause men to lose Grace and die.

    Thus, men with the ideals of power and ruling seek to gain more of an advantage over their subjects to subjugate them. To having more control that is the nature of Evil to gain control by losing freedoms. Freedom as you know is granted by God to all His creatures, you and myself along with the rest of the human populace.

    True freedom as explained by the Master only lies in God. While Satan seeks to take away your freedom. Clearly seen to those who Have Wisdom.

    Without Wisdom you learn too 'late' when it is all said and done. A wise man listens to Wisdom who knows the routes and paths to take to bypass and avoid all misfortune. Amen.

    Become acquainted with Wisdom there's no time to waste, your eternal destiny lies in your hands, do not let it escape by giving up your freedom.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Jul 29, 2011 4:50 pm by Poem

    America, is built on Debt. How is this?

    Simple. But it sure does not look and feel that way does it? No it sure does not.

    Remember Jesus' words: The world is 'falsehood'.

    Anyone who believes the world, believes, falsehood. Men loved the darkness rather than the light. For if they came to the light, their very deeds would be exposed. A great truth! They don't want their misdeeds to be exposed! Ha. They are too busy deceiving the masses. Just think, if these couple hundred men came out and said: We have been keeping you in the dark about our doings. Of course this will never happen.

    Instead, God exposes them. True Justice is God and only God.

    The 'world' as explained by Jesus the Light of the World, 'is blinded to the truth.' If the world knew the truth, they would themselves expose all dark deeds. But since the world itself is blinded by the dark ministers, they follow darkness. Men loved the darkness more than the light.

    The blind lead the blind into a ditch and latter is worse. Total loss. The men who lead nations, are the blind doing the leading. They are so blind, how blind are they? Incredibly blind. They have not light. Jesus Light of the World. What does this really mean?

    It means the light to light the path in darkness to lead to the Pure Light of Heaven away from Satan's cave. Caves are dark are they not? Sure is.

    Come away from Hell's grip you men in darkness. Come away. Rise out of your sepulchres. Rise and come to the Light see with new eyes, hear with new ears. Revive your sight, renew your hearts and see the truth.

    The world is darkness and falsehood. And as long as you believe in the world and do as they do, you end up eternally lost.

    I could say more, but this is for today.

    How is America built on debt?

    Money as you know is backed by absolutely nothing tangible. But the words of another and some promises to pay. Money is a promisary note to pay in something tangible, but, it is not that way, only in word is it that way. Falsehood.

    I trade you this paper with some number on it and a seal of the United States or some other countries Famous Person faces are printed on it. But when are they going to really pay in gold? Silver? Rubies? Diamonds? So forth? Never.

    American business men went abroad selling this idea to buy into an idea cooked up to fund the nation, that is to print paper money. Other countries have given tangible matter, other countries have bought bonds, and so forth. While in this country, men print the money and handed them out. So people work for a false ideal and hope. While other countries were the receiving end of a well cooked up lie which has been exposed, but there are still too many Americans who do not know the real deal. Because, they believe falsehood.

    So what did these business men do? They brought guns, ammunition, planes, other weapons, to build an economy Stateside. They gave them some paper money to spend, and in return, received the goods of other countries. A twisted way to trade. Because, America had nothing in the first place but weapons while other countries had silk, diamonds, gold so forth.

    I give you my word said they. All falsehood. When a promise was not kept, their good word, which was false, was felt by those whom they dealt with and they realized they were had. Anger?

    Well, let's look at this another way.

    An American businessman shows up at someone's door asking for a name that could possibly use what is being sold or traded. They get a name. The person is definitely not a good person by any means because they are dreaming of war or insurrection. They did get the weapons, but, they did not get the rest, because what is produced must be sold for 'money' and tangible goods in order for businesses to expand into something. Creating jobs and income for those involved, in short a way of life.

    Man lives in falsehood and darkness for earthly gain and that's all they get. Behold, the Light came to give men Life and take them away from darkness and falsehood.

    But men loved the darkness and falsehood instead of the Light and Truth.

    The way to Hell is wide and open, but a cliff and drop off is there so you plummet to the abyss rather quickly.

    Whereas the Way to Heaven is an ascent that is arduous and painstakingly temporary to build strength and character, to be really good and strong by climbing up. The reward? Eternal Life, endless happiness that remains. You stay in a state of ecstasy. It does not ever drop but ever increases.

    Peace be with you always

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