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    The Pharisees were the Political Power of Jesus Time on Earth


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    The Pharisees were the Political Power of Jesus Time on Earth

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    Coming to this conclusion takes a bit of time, because of their heritage as Priests. They converted from simple priests, who shepherded the Israelites to 'beasts' who wanted power over others. And they made up all kinds of laws, precepts, and used God's Law as a pretext for their usury and abuse of the people.

    They being teachers of the Law saw they had power over the people. We have God for our witness, you're scum! You have sinned by not obeying what we demand of you! God curse you woman! And they would anathema people on the basis of, they were the ones to call the, shots. They made themselves, judge, jury and executioner. This is what Jesus came to correct, but, He knowing all things, did know they would not turn. Instead they were destroyed. Because they were destroying lives and the Religion God had given to them. They were bad examples who had become seduced by the Devil. They no longer had 'Religion.'

    God is Love, He commanded them to Love and warned them many times of becoming wicked. But they did not love.

    Those who love, go straight to Heaven if in the Holy Religion: Catholicism.

    Those who do not love, go to Purgatory, in any religion. As long as they did not do wicked deeds. Some people cannot help themselves or do not know any better. Such as a person who is a retard, they need others to take care of them. There are many souls, who are like retards, but do not look it, they look normal, and seem to be taking care of themselves, but inwardly are retarded and they lack certain qualities. This took me sometime to see. Because Jesus speaks of the two opposites clearly. But what about those who have both of the qualities of the opposites? Ah! Yes, they exist.

    I see leaders of nations with this two joining qualities that makes them unable to be perfect.

    John the Baptist said: I must become lesser, and He must become greater. This is a fact for Catholics. He must become greater in our egos and we must become small. This is how one inherits Heaven at once. When God is the Ego in our souls, then His Will has been fulfilled.

    Peace be with you always

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