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    The Error of Israel


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    The Error of Israel

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    From Book 4 Chapter 511

    Do you remember Baruch? He says: "Why, Israel, why are you in the country of your enemies, growing older and older in an alien land, sharing defilement with the dead, reckoned with those who go to Sheol?". And he replies: "Because you have forsaken the fountain of Wisdom. Had you walked in the way of God, you would have lived in peace for ever".

    Listen, you who too often complain of being in exile, although you are in our fatherland, since our fatherland is no longer ours, but of our rulers; you complain of that and you do not know that in comparison with what is awaiting you in future, it is like a drop of vinegar mixed with water, compared with the inebriating drink given to condemned men and which, as you know, is more bitter than any other drink. The people of God is suffering because it forsook Wisdom. How can you possess prudence, strength, intelligence, how can you even know where they are, and consequently know minor things, if you no longer drink at the fountains of Wisdom?

    His Kingdom is not of this Earth, but God's mercy grants its source. It is in God. It is God Himself. And God opens His bosom that it may descend upon you. Well, does Israel, who has or had and still thinks she has, with the foolish pride of prodigal people who squandered their money and think they are still rich and in such belief exact homage, whereas they receive nothing but pity or derision - does Israel, who has or had riches, conquests, honours, possess the only treasure? No, she does not. And she loses also the others because he who loses Wisdom loses also the capability of being great. And he who does not know Wisdom falls from one error into another. And Israel knows many things, even too many, but she no longer knows Wisdom.

    Baruch correctly says: "The young men of this people have seen the day, they peopled the Earth but they have not known the way of Wisdom or her paths and their children have not received her and she has gone far from them". Far from them! They have not received her! Prophetical words!

    I am Wisdom speaking to you. And three quarters of the people in Israel do not receive Me. And Wisdom goes away and will go farther away leaving them alone… And then what will those do, who now consider themselves giants and therefore capable of forcing the Lord to assist them and serve them? Are they giants useful to God in establishing His Kingdom? No, they are not. I with Baruch say so: "To establish the true Kingdom of God, God will not choose those proud giants, and He will let them perish in their own folly" outside the paths of Wisdom. Because to ascend to Heaven with one's spirit and understand the lessons of Wisdom, one must have a humble, obedient and above all an entirely loving spirit, because Wisdom speaks her own language, that is, she speaks the language of love, because she is Love. To become acquainted with her paths it is necessary to have limpid humble eyes, free from the treble concupiscence. To possess Wisdom one must buy her with living money: virtues.

    Israel did not possess that and I have come to explain Wisdom, to lead you to her Way, and sow virtues in your hearts. Because I know everything and I am aware of everything and I have come to teach My servant Jacob and My beloved Israel all that. I have come to the Earth to converse with men, I, the Word of the Father, to take the children of men by the hand, I, the Son of God and of man, I, the Way of Life. I have come to show you into the room of eternal treasures, I, to Whom everything was given by My Father. I, eternal Lover, have come to take My Bride, Mankind, that I want to elevate to My throne and to My nuptial room, so that men may be in Heaven with Me, and I may introduce them into the wine-cellar that they may be exhilirated with the true Vine from which the vine-shoots draw Life. But Israel is a sluggish bride and does not get up from her bed to open the door to Him Who has come. And the Bridegroom goes away. He will pass. He is about to pass. And later Israel will look for Him in vain, and will not find the merciful Charity of her Saviour but the war wagons of the rulers, and she will be crushed and pride and life will be squeezed out of her, after she wanted to crush also the merciful Will of God.

    Oh! Israel, Israel, who are losing true Life for the sake of keeping a false dream of power! Oh! Israel, who think that you are saving yourself and want to save yourself with different means than those of Wisdom, and you are getting lost by selling yourself to Falsehood and Crime, shipwrecked Israel who will not clutch at the solid rope thrown to rescue you, whereas you cling to the wreckage of your shattered past, and the storm carries you away, to the open sea, a frightful lightless sea, o Israel, what is the good of saving your life or presuming to save it for one hour, one year, for ten, twenty, thirty years, at the cost of a crime, and then perish for ever? What is life, glory, power? A bubble of dirty water on the surface of a pond used by laundry-men, an iridescent bubble, not because it is made of gems, but because it consists of greasy dirt that with potash swells into empty bubbles destined to burst leaving no trace, except a circle on the water foul with human sweat. One thing only is necessary, o Israel. To possess Wisdom. Even at the cost of one's life. Because life is not the most precious thing. It is better to lose one hundred lives than lose one's soul. » Jesus has finished in an admiring silence. And He tries to push through the crowd and go… But the children claim His kisses, and adults His blessing. Only then, after taking leave of Cleopas and Hermas of Emmaus, He can depart.

    Depart from your error. Cling to Wisdom.

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:21 pm by Poem

    From Book 4, Chap 462

    « I have come to accomplish the hopes of God. »

    « Which? »

    « The redemption of the world, the formation of the Kingdom of God. My Kingdom is not of this world. Lay aside your wealth and your weapons. Open your eyes and spirits to read the Scriptures and Prophets and to receive My Truth and you will have the Kingdom of God within you. »

    « No. The Scriptures mention a King liberator. »

    « From satanic slavery, from sin, from error, from the flesh, from Gentilism, from idolatry. Oh! what did Satan do to you, o Hebrews, wise people, to make you fall into error concerning the prophetic truths? What is he doing to you, o Hebrews, My brothers, to make you so blind? What is he doing to you, My disciples, that you, as well, no longer understand? The greatest misfortune of a people and of a believer is to fall into false interpretation of signs. And such misfortune is taking place now. Personal interests, prejudice, craziness, false love of the fatherland, everything helps to create the abyss… the abyss of error in which a people will perish failing to recognise its King. ».

    « You are failing to recognise Yourself. »

    « You are failing to recognise yourselves and Me. I am not a human king. And you… Three quarters of you who are gathered here, want to harm Me, not to help Me, and you are aware of that. You are acting out of hatred, not out of love. But I forgive you. I say to honest-hearted people: "Come to your senses, do not be the unconscious servants of evil". Let Me go. There is nothing further to be said. »

    They all become silent, greatly surprised…

    Eleazar says: « I am not hostile to You. I thought I was doing the right thing. And I am not the only one… Some good friends think as I do. »

    « I know. But tell Me, and be sincere: what does Gamaliel say? »

    « The rabbi?… He says… Yes, he says: "The Most High will give the sign if He is His Christ". »

    « He is right. And what does Joseph the Elder say? »

    « That You are the Son of God and will reign as God. »

    « Joseph is a just man. And Lazarus of Bethany? »

    « He suffers… He does not say much… But he says… that You will reign only when our spirits receive You. »

    « Lazarus is wise. When your spirits receive Me. For the time being you, as well as those whom I considered to be well disposed spirits, are not accepting the King and the Kingdom, and that is what grieves Me. »

    These lived for the Earth solely not thinking of the eternal future, as is the case for 90% percent if not higher of mankind. Mankind for the most of them, believe that life is only on this Earth and nothing beyond. So the rich and powerful like to maintain their riches and pass them on generation to generation within their families. Thus, the powerful families because they can call on anyone to do their crimes by giving them the compromising money, which most everyone falls under, continue their reign of terror decade after decade, century after century, mistaking that they have all these for their own prosperity.

    God grants to these families these or allows them, to show them the good. But they never learn. And they end up in Hell after death. Very simple. To trust in God means to listen to His Word and obey.

    Trust in God which means to observe, and assimilate His Counsels. The Book of Wisdom explains the end of the wicked who did not convert to Goodness. Life is short and some may never see the justice upon the earth for these wicked people, but, you will see it on the Last Day, the Day of God's Judgment where every living soul stands for the 'Final Judgment.' Jesus rightly says, 'do not judge,' for God is "Judge." Just love and forgive not letting the sins of the wicked penetrate and bother you to taking another course of action. Instead have pity on them and think of Blessed Paradise where God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit await your coming. Amen.

    Peace be with you always

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