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    God Wants Your Obedience. Obedience is Love


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    God Wants Your Obedience. Obedience is Love

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    Book 4, Chapter 513

    « There is still one thing missing in the many definitions. Look for the reason which is the really true one. The one by which I am… » says Jesus encouraging them.

    But no one finds it. They think and think. They give up saying: « We cannot find it… »

    « It is so simple. It is always in front of you. It resounds in our books, in the great figures of our history… Come on, look for it! In all your definitions there is some truth, but the first reason is missing. Do not look for it in the present times, but in the most remote past, beyond the prophets, beyond the patriarchs, beyond the creation of the Universe… »

    The apostles are pensive… but they do not find it.

    Jesus smiles and then says: « And yet, if you remembered My words, you would find the reason. But you cannot remember everything as yet. But one day you will remember. Listen. Let us go back up the course of ages together, farther back than the limits of time. You know who spoiled the spirit of man. It was Satan, the Snake, the Antagonist, the Enemy, the Hatred. Call him what you like. But why did he spoil man? Because he was eaten up with envy: he saw man destined to Heaven, from which he had been driven out. He wanted for man the exile that he had received.

    Why had he been driven out?

    Because he rebelled against God.

    You know that.

    But in what?

    In obedience.

    Disobedience is at the origin of sorrow.

    Then, is it not also necessarily logical that to restore Order, which is always a Joy, there should be a perfect obedience?

    It is difficult to obey, particularly in grave matters.

    What is difficult causes sorrow to those who accomplish it.

    Consider therefore whether I, Who was asked by the Love whether I would take back Joy to the children of God, should not suffer infinitely, to obey the Thought of God.

    I must, therefore, suffer to win, to cancel not one or a thousand sins, but the very preeminent Sin that, in the angelical spirit of Lucifer or in that animating Adam, was and will always be, until the last man, a sin of disobedience to God.

    Your obedience, men, is to be limited to the little - it seems so much to you but it is so little - that God asks of you. In His justice He only asks of you what you can give. Of the will of God, you know only what you can understand. But I know all His Thought, concerning great and small events. No limit has been imposed to Me concerning knowledge and execution.

    The loving Sacrificer, the divine Abraham, does not spare the Victim and His Son. It is the unsatisfied and offended Love that demands reparation and offerings. And if I should live for thousands of years, it would be of no avail, if I did not consume Man to his last fibre, as nothing would have happened if ab aeterno I had not said: "Yes" to My Father, preparing to obey as God Son and as Man, Whom the Father had then found just.

    Obedience is sorrow and glory.

    Obedience, like the spirit, never dies. I solemnly tell you that those who are truly obedient will become like gods, after a continuous struggle against themselves, the world, Satan. Obedience is light. The more one is obedient, the more one is luminous and sees. Obedience is patient, and the more one is obedient, the more one bears things and people. Obedience is humble and the more one is obedient, the more one is humble with his neighbour. Obedience is charitable because it is an act of love and the more one is obedient the more numerous and Perfect are the acts. Obedience is heroic. And the hero of the spirit is the saint, the citizen of Heaven, the deified man. If charity is the virtue in which one finds God One and Trine, obedience is the virtue in which one finds Me, your Master. Ensure that the world knows you as My disciples, through absolute obedience to everything that is holy. Call Judas. I have something to tell him as well… »

    Peace be with you always

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