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    Concerning the Eucharist


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    Concerning the Eucharist

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    Not all places around the world and all parishes, serve only the Bread. Just certain ones.

    Here's what Jesus instructed the 'first' priests.

    From Book 5 Poem of the Man-God chp 431.

    "Take the Bread and the Wine as I did, and bless them, break them and hand them out in My Name; and let Christians feed on Me. And of the Bread and Wine make an offering to the Father of Heavens, consuming it then in memory of the Sacrifice that I offered and consumed on the Cross for your salvation. I, Priest and Victim, by Myself offered and consumed Myself, as no one, if I had not wanted, could do that of Me. You, My Priests, do that in memory of Me and so that the infinite treasures of My Sacrifice may ascend imploringly to God, and descend propitiously on all those who invoke them with firm faith.

    Firm faith, I said. No science is called for to avail oneself of the Eucharistic Food and of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, but faith. Faith that in that bread and in that wine, that one authorised by Me and by those who will come after Me - you Peter, the new Pontiff of the new Church, you James of Alphaeus, you John, you Andrew, you Simon, you Philip, you Bartholomew, you Thomas, you Judas Thaddeus, you Matthew, you James of Zebedee - will consecrate in My Name, is My true Body, My true Blood, and he who feeds on it receives Me in Flesh, Blood, Soul and Divinity and he who offers Me really, offers Jesus Christ, as He offered Himself for the sins of the world. A child or an ignorant person can receive Me, just like a learned man and an adult. And a child and an ignorant person will receive the same advantages from the Sacrifice offered, as those that anyone among you will have. It is sufficient that faith and the grace of the Lord are in them."

    Now somewhere, and somehow, priests misconstrued the Councils:

    Body Blood Soul and Divinity are present in Both. Absolutely. But, each Species has a 'specific' function otherwise Jesus Christ, the Eternal Pontiff would not have given 'both.' To the dull and dim witted intellectuals, read the Gospel pages and imitate Jesus and not your polluted thoughts.

    Wisdom is known of her children.

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Sun May 08, 2011 5:33 pm by Poem

    Words of the Blessed Mother

    "I call you and I show you the Medicine to control yourselves: the Grace of My Lord and the Blood of My Son."

    Peace be with you always

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