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    The New Peters


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    The New Peters

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 340
    Chp: The New Peters

    September 29

    Jesus says:

    "There are always 'Peter' and there are so many of them. They would like gifts of earthly well-being from Me which I have never promised to give, for I guide you to Heaven and not to the things here below, and everything I give you involving earthly happiness is an extra which you do not deserve and cannot demand and which I give you because ninety percent of men are so much flesh and blood that without receiving gifts of this earth they would all rebel against Me.

    "You rebel all the same, O ungrateful children, blaming Me for the evil created by yourselves. If only you at least were able to bear with resignation the evil which is the work of your wicked actions, your lusts, and your acts of overbearance, lack of restraint, usury and deceit! If you only were able to bear it, saying, 'We deserved it,' that evil would turn into good for you, for God would have mercy on your thoughtlessness.

    "Yes, if I saw you as humble in admitting your sins, resigned in suffering their consequences, and filial in looking towards Me tearfully and with words of entreaty, I, who am the God of Mercy and Forgiveness, I, who came to seek and save what was lost and who have not lost and in the passing of ages-atoms of my eternity--won't lose my thirst to bring you salvation and good, would intervene to save you still, making my Love and my Mercy flood over my Justice, which wounds Me before wounding you--believe this, poor children of mine, for having to punish you, having to let you punish yourselves with sufferings created by your hard hearts and foolish intellects is what constitutes the pain of your Jesus, whose name is 'Savior' and not the executioner, of Jesus, who just to save you worked, with the Father and the Spirit, that miracle of indescribable, immeasurable love, that miracle which made the Heavens remain motionless with reverent amazement, which made the abysses of hell tremble with wrath and the race of the stars and the laws of the universe stop for an hour, that miracle which was the going outwards of the Second Person of the Divine Trinity to descend--eternal Light, the Heart of God--to become a human heart in the womb of the Virgin and light for men who had extinguished the light in themselves.

    "These numerous, new Peters--and the world is now full of them as never before--when they see that I do not give them what their humanity desires, come to believe that I am not what I say I am--that is, the Powerful One. And in the face of this supported impotence of mine, they judge that it is not worth the trouble to follow Me and deny Me, just like Peter in that hour when appearances were against Me.

    "And yet, my poor children, precisely the hours when, in human terms, I seem to be absent are the ones in which I bend over my children and work for them. If you did not have in yourselves a spirit contrary to God, and often already in possession of Satan, you would feel my invisible Presence and my desire to help you. You prefer to give yourselves to the friend for an hour who seduces your flesh with satisfactions which are sweet only on the surface, but later poisonous in the depths and harmful, like a lethal venom. You prefer to give yourselves, bound hands and feet, to the Enemy lying in ambush.

    "You deny not only Me, your God, but your dignity as men, your intelligence, which makes you similar to God above all the animals created by the Father, the only one capable of thinking and acting, not with the rudimentary instinct of beasts, but with an intellectual splendor raising you to spheres very close to Us. Oh, this does make you similar to Us, and not the knowledge of Evil! But you always listen to the Serpents' hiss and want to know Evil, too, to be like God. O fools, fools, fools!

    "God in his perfect essence can know Evil because evil has not power over God. But you cannot. You are not perfect, and Evil does not leave you indifferent when you want to investigate, know, and savor it. Having gnawed on that experience brought the condemnation of man to work, of woman to painful maternity, and of the race to Pain and Death. But you, still not persuaded, always want that hellish food, and it increasingly evolves in you into accursed works which augment pain and death, efforts, hunger, and every punishment on this earth and beyond, for, I repeat, you accuse Me of being the maker of evil you create, and you curse Me for what I am innocent of.

    "You depart from God with wrath, children blinded by your hostility, and you fall into the pool of Satan. You are up to your necks in the pool and do not want to hold on to Faith, a spiritual cable tossed to you, the shipwrecked, by eternal Goodness.

    "If you had that true Faith which I told you you ought to have, no contrary trial could bring you to lose it, and you would overcome adverse events because you would force open the doors of Mercy, so lightly closed, which ask only to be opened, and you would jam those of Justice, open to punish your misdeeds, which, because of our infinite love for you, we wish to close.

    "How should you act with my deniers? What I did for Peter. Pray and pray to bring them back to Me.

    "It is not up to you to choose a place in Heaven. I said so to James and John, and I say it to you as well. But act in such a way as to merit one for yourselves in my Heaven by your works. And you know what the works to be done are in order to merit it. You have only to look at your Jesus to know how you should act. Charity, charity, charity, above all. To see Me in all, your God, to serve one's brothers and sisters as I served them to the point of the holocaust of my life to wrest souls away from Satan.

    "Souls, I said. By this I do not mean that you should not have charity towards the bodies of your brothers and sisters as well. The works of corporal mercy serve to prepare the way for the highest works of mercy, which is to provide drink for, feed, dress, and care for the naked, poor, hungry, and thirsty souls of your poor brothers and sisters who have drifted away from my Sheepfold or have grown up outside it and are dying in the desert.

    "It is up to you, Christians, and, above all, to you, my loving, blessed, most beloved victims, living flowers that exhale your flower-like spirits entirely for Me and will live as eternal roses in Heaven--it is up to you, my true friends, to lead the erring back to Me, without judging whether they deserve to be worthy of heaven.

    "It is not up to you to judge about reward or punishment. I alone am the Judge. It is your responsibility only to bring back--with my own weapons: prayer and sacrifice and, last of all, the word--the prodigal sons and daughters to the Father's house, so as to be able to make God's Heart rejoice and fill the Heavens with joy over a new sinner who is converted, leaves the darkness, and comes back to Light, Truth, and Love."

    Peace be with you always
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