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    Darwin and the Monkey's


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    Darwin and the Monkey's

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 591
    Chp: Comments on Darwinsim

    December 20

    Jesus says:

    "One of the points at which your pride founders in error--which, above all, degrades precisely your haughtiness by giving you an origin that, if you were less corrupted by pride, you would repudiate as degrading--is that of Darwin's theory.

    In order not to admit God, who, in His power, was able to have created the universe from nothing and man from the already created mud, you take the paternity of a beast as your own.

    Don't you realize you are diminishing yourselves, for--consider this--won't a beast--no matter how exemplary, selected, improved, and perfected in form and instinct, and, if your wish, even in mental formation--always be a beast? Don't you realize this? This testifies unfavorably regarding your pride as pseudo-supermen.

    But if you fail to realize, I will not be the one to waste words to make you aware of it and converted from the error. I ask you only one question which, in your great numbers, you have never asked yourselves. And if you can answer Me with facts, I will no longer combat this degrading theory of yours.

    If man is a spin-off from the monkey, which by progressive evolution has become man, how is it that over so many years in which you have maintained this theory you have never succeeded, not even with the perfected instruments and methods at present, in making a man from a monkey? You could have taken the most intelligent offspring of a pair of intelligent moneys and then their intelligent offspring, and so on. You would now have many generations of selected, instructed monkeys cared for by the most patient, tenacious, and sagacious scientific method. But you would still have monkeys. If there happened to be a mutation, it would be this: the beasts would be physically less strong than the former ones and morally more degenerate, for, with all your methods and instruments, you would have destroyed that perfection of the monkey which My Father created for these quadrumans.

    Another question. If man came from the monkey, how is it that man, even with grafts and repugnant forms of cross-fertilization, does not become a monkey again? You would be capable even of attempting these horrors if you knew that it could give approvative sanction to your theory. But you do not do so because you know that you would not be able to turn a man into a monkey. You would turn him into an ugly son of man, a degenerate, perhaps a criminal. But never a real monkey. You do not try because you know beforehand that you would get a poor result and your reputation would emerge there from in ruins.

    For this reason you do not do so. For no other. For you feel no remorse or horror over degrading a man to the level of a beast to maintain a thesis of yours. You are capable of this and of much more. You are already beasts because you deny God and kill the spirit, which distinguishes you from the beasts.

    Your science causes Me horror. You degrade the intellect and like madmen do not even realize you are degrading it. In truth, I tell you that many of the primitive are more men than you are."

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:59 pm by Poem

    A couple of points:

    1 Why are there still monkeys?
    2 If man evolved from a monkey as depicted in the Darwin picture,the end result should be something else if evolution of the species as depicted by Darwin is true. What should man become flesh wise? It is guess. He doesn't know.

    3 If man evolved from a monkey, who has no soul, where did man get his soul from?

    Animals have no soul.

    What is a soul?

    It is the part that separates man from animals. True, man's body was made from the mud. So were the animals, but only in man's nostrils did God breathe breath of life, and man became a living soul. These are the words from the Bible.

    A soul has intelligence, a higher intelligence. Which makes man similar to God for, the soul came from God directly infuse into man.

    The animals, do not build cities of brick, they do not write music, they do not draw art, they cannot theorize, they cannot study on paper, they do not write as man writes. Man thinks. The soul is incorporeal which cannot be seen by human science methods, tools, prods, so forth. In fact each man and woman cannot even see their own thoughts, but hear a voice, there I said a voice his own voice. The thought in silence as in not speaking out loud is an internal voice which cannot be seen as you look at things material. Your thought is not material, but immaterial, incorporeal, unseen.

    Instead, we speak, we write our little voices so others can read or listen.

    Darwinism is foolish theory prodded by none other than the biggest Monkey himself: Satan. Only a mind separated from God would be prey to such non-sense.

    Do more research before you get laughed to scorn.

    Next one:

    How come man does not render traits and habits of monkeys? Such as walk on all fours; swing from tree to tree; squeal like one; make noises like one. For if alcoholism, and other deformities are passed on from two parents to their children, procession, how come the traits of monkey are not?

    Man however endowed with intellect the soul, and his flesh having basic instincts, can imitate monkeys. This is the beauty of assimilation. However, when man learns how to be civil, the instincts are no longer evident because man has polished himself of the lower instincts.

    A character trait, personality, of monkey's should have been passed on if man evolved in this manner, making conclusive evidence of this so called theory. But, the bumbled-headed boobies who call themselves 'scientists' cannot think any higher because they are stuck in the mud, starring at the mud.

    For they studied, the elevated their original self, only to de-elevate on a 'theory' and a rotten one at that. A theory, and not 'dogma.'

    Let us consider Creation which is 'real.' A higher thought, Intelligence created such wonders for our benefit. And you are thinking about monkey's evolving into man, you have degraded your hard earned degrees, which puts you back below your education.

    Peace be with you always


    Post on Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:50 am by Poem

    Here's an instance where the Lord opens the mouth of a Donkey it is quite humorous. Maybe man evolved from a donkey, because it spoke?

    Book of Numbers Chapter 22

    [21] Balaam arose in the morning, and saddling his ass went with them. [22] And God was angry. And an angel of the Lord stood in the way against Balaam, who sat on the ass, and had two servants with him. [23] The ass seeing the angel standing in the way, with a drawn sword, turned herself out of the way, and went into the field. And when Balaam beat her, and had a mind to bring her again to the way, [24] The angel stood in a narrow place between two walls, wherewith the vineyards were enclosed. [25] And the ass seeing him, thrust herself close to the wall, and bruised the foot of the rider. But he beat her again:

    [26] And nevertheless the angel going on to a narrow place, where there was no way to turn aside either to the right hand or to the left, stood to meet him. [27] And when the ass saw the angel standing, she fell under the feet of the rider: who being angry beat her sides more vehemently with a staff. [28] And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass, and she said: What have I done to thee? Why strikest thou me, lo, now this third time? [29] Balaam answered: Because thou hast deserved it, and hast served me ill: I would I had a sword that I might kill thee. [30] The ass said: Am not I thy beast, on which thou hast been always accustomed to ride until this present day? tell me if I ever did the like thing to thee. But he said: Never.

    [28] "Opened the mouth"... The angel moved the tongue of the ass, to utter these speeches, to rebuke, by the mouth of a brute beast, the brutal fury and folly of Balaam.

    [31] Forthwith the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel standing in the way with a drawn sword, and he worshipped him falling flat on the ground. [32] And the angel said to him: Why beatest thou thy ass these three times? I am come to withstand thee, because thy way is perverse, and contrary to me: [33] And unless the ass had turned out of the way, giving place to me who stood against thee, I had slain thee, and she should have lived. [34] Balaam said: I have sinned, not knowing that thou didst stand against me: and now if it displease thee that I go, I will return.

    Notice, Balaam says, 'I have sinned.' God gave to Balaam the ability to see the angel in that moment. This is one of those very moments that God intervened, like Christ coming to Earth as Incarnate. God deposits Faith for us fallen and quickly to loose sight souls because of our embryonic spirits. Our spirits must be built up in Faith to maintain constancy. Our spirits must be nourished in order to become adult spirits. The spirit does not grow in proportion as does the human flesh, but remains the same size. Its intellect matures, reasoning, ability to make good decisions, precise decisions, to love, to be forgiving, to become an adult according to Wisdom. To have power from God to rise above the flesh and Satan.

    Jesus said to Peter, get behind me Satan for you do not savor the things which are of God, but only the things which are of man.

    In this reproach, is hidden this meaning: Satan does not ever tell souls to think about God and maintain a holy thought, but about every earthly thing such as ambition, woman, money, power, harassment, judging others, abusing others, malice, murder, stealing, disobedience. These are his poison darts he shoots at men. Despair, depression, envy, lust, anger, covet, jealousy, so forth. Only the opposite is what satan puts into mens minds.

    It is interesting that, the word savor is used. Here's the dictionary for savor.

    Definition of SAVOR
    1: the taste or smell of something
    2: a particular flavor or smell
    3: a distinctive quality

    Not much of a description.

    Savor means to have a distinctive and particular taste or smell of.

    Satan does not savor the things of God. He never does. So therefore it is immediate that one can tell where a particular thought originates from.

    God drops graces upon man, but if man is occupied by other savory thoughts, you wont notice it. When a soul seeks peace is when God is best noticed. When you take the time to meditate, you can then sort out the voices. Training. You must train yourself to hear only God's voice so as to know what to do next.

    The world listens to Satan's voice who prods them for earthly glories which is short lived.

    The Lord God advices souls for eternal glory which is endless.

    Thus, Darwinism is sorry to say, earthly because it theorizes on the earthly only and is short lived.
    Monkeys die and new ones are born. No souls in monkeys, which means they are not immortal.

    Peace be with you always


    Post on Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:44 pm by Poem

    Page 585, 1950 Sept./Nov.

    Jesus continues to speak:

    "Here there are good works and patience, but "initial charity has been abandoned," and life in God has thus become weaker or died entirely, for where there is no charity, God is not present, nor is God's life in the person or person's life in God. Instead, there is love for life's riches--that is, health and life--whereas those who wish to serve Jesus Christ must not have love for material life and must not fear and flee from persecutions, but consummate them, when necessary to the point of death, for Christ did so and those who lose their lives to serve Him will possess Him in a special way in Heaven.

    "In other places there are some who show weakness towards those guilty of heresy or of imperfect doctrine and living. And that is in order not to make enemies. No, when in the garden of the militant Church wicked or sick plants or those giving a bad example to others are seen to arise, they must be cleansed of the diseased parts and provided with ingrafting, and, if they reject the ingrafting which would make them good, one must be able to cut them off at the root. One plant less is better than poison for all! It is better to be persecuted and be left without friends than to allow enemies and useless servants to ruin other souls and have God withdraw because He sees that a pastor of his prefers friendship with the little goats to his own, which is most holy.

    "Elsewhere there are some who believe more in the false prophets, impure voices stirred up to speak by Satan and condemned by the law of the Church, and it is condemnation for all who, as Catholics, listen to them--these Satanic voices speaking by means of mediumistic tables and spiritualists, voices speaking to deceive, seduce, lead astray, and separate people from the Church.

    "Only the spirits of light are truthful and good guides. But they never come--I repeat, never--by human imposition and do not need any special apparatus to manifest themselves. God sends them whenever He wants to whomever He wants. And they are the only ones who tell the truth. The others, in all of their manifestations, are a lie. Because they are manifestations of Satanism, and Satan is only deceit. Everything proceeding form these voices, even if they appear to say good words, is always contaminated with error in a subtle manner. They speak to separate people from the Church by saying it is not necessary to communicate with God. They speak to sneak in false theories on reincarnation, on a system of evolution of souls, and on successive lives--all of which is absolutely false. They speak to suggest scientific solutions to the most luminous manifestations of Divine Omnipotence, which created everything from nothing.

    "Poor science wanting to be only "science" and rejecting Wisdom! Science can confirm Wisdom, but it cannot abolish it. Where it abolishes it, it extinguishes an ocean of comforting light for human souls and intellects.

    "Woe to whoever puts out the light! Like the gesture of a mad tyrant who, out of hatred or delirium, places mines in a city or temple and blows it to smithereens is the gesture of those who, out of excessive love for science, nearly a form of worship--whereas it is Wisdom that should be loved, listened to, and believed in because it comes from the "Father of Lights, in whom there is no variation or shadow of change" (James 1:17), who is the Spirit of Truth and Love and wants us to be nourished with truth to love more and more perfectly and wants us to see so as to know better, serve better, and love better--blow the building of simple, innocent Faith to smithereens, or at least many parts of it. The main ones.

    "But when the foundations and walls are undermined, can a building stand any longer? It cannot. And when, out of human thirst to appear learned and modern, advanced for one's time, the cornerstones are removed from the foundations of the building of faith--declared to be no longer in keeping with the present moment, childish, and inadmissible, fables which can no longer be accepted--what happens? A great deal collapses, causing victims; a great deal remains ruined and disfigured; a great deal which was luminously beautiful becomes darkly and smokily adorned with poor human lights which with their smoke obscure the heavenly lights and prompt questions in bewildered souls, questions which science does not satisfy and which Wisdom can no longer destroy, and voids are created which nothing manages to fill. A world of pure faith collapses. And the ruins of the syllogisms, deductions, and research do not fill the void which has arisen.

    "To contest known truth is a sin against the Holy Spirit. And it has been stated that "the Holy Spirit as a teacher flees from pretense and keeps away from senseless thoughts and withdraws when iniquity appears" (Wisdom 1:5). And what iniquity is greater than deducing that God, the Almighty, had to wait for spontaneous evolution to create his masterpiece, which is man? What thought is more senseless than that of someone thinking that God was powerless to create the most beautiful work of his creation directly?

    "The truth about everything is in the Book. For it is the word written through the inspiration of Wisdom--that is, of God. Everything else is pretense, imagination, and human deduction. Only one never errs: God. Man, even the holiest or the most learned in human culture, can always err when speaking or acting as "man"--that is, when not moved by the Holy Spirit, when not illuminated by the Light-Jesus, when his gaze is turned away from the Father-God, no longer seeing Him in all his works.

    "Science, too, can be good and useful. God has given man the intellect with a good purpose and in order for him to use it. But ninety percent of men do not use it for a good purpose. And more than ninety percent of scientists do not use it for a good purpose.

    Why? Because they lose sight of God and his laws in order to follow and chase after human ways and chimeras. Yes, even if they apparently serve Him and offer Him external worship and even, indeed, relative internal worship and are convinced they honor Him, in reality they no longer see Him luminously or luminously see the eternal precepts of love. They no longer live in the life of God, which is a life of love. If they lived this life, if they saw God and his Law luminously, how could they use their intellect to destroy the simple faith of the "least ones" with their scientific deductions and, with their scientific discoveries, the existence of so many human lives, of whole cities, and even undermine the entire globe by disturbing the equilibrium, the order of elements, of the cosmic laws, established by God, which for millennia has been making the earth live and produce vegetable and animal lives without emerging from its orbit, without shifting from its axis, thereby avoiding apocalyptic cataclysms?

    But it is a greater crime to destroy the simple faith of the "least ones," destroy the conviction in the masses that God is the loving Father who takes care of even the birds and the flowers in the field and listens to and grants the requests which his children present to Him with prayer filled with faith.

    How can man simply believe any longer if, in the name of science and with the support of uncertain scientific evidence, you upset the foundations of the Revelation contained in the Book? How can man believe any longer that God is powerful and loving, a Father who takes care of his children, if, on account of your discoveries, man is stricken b punishments--no, not punishments, for the wicked are punished by all human laws, whereas your means of destruction strike an enormous number of the non-wicked--if man is tortured to the point of going mad or dying of terror and wounds, reduced to not having even the lair God grants to even ferocious animals, the food and clothing granted to the birds and flowers in the field?

    The greatest crime! To destroy faith and trust. Faith in the truth of Revelation. Trust in divine goodness and omnipotence. The first destruction brings about the collapse of a whole world of beliefs which were a powerful incentive to live as children of God; it cancels out all the luminous poetry of celebration of the infinite goodness of the Lord. The second makes man, discouraged by what he has experienced, wonder, "What is the use of praying, sacrificing, and living as just people if we are stricken all the same in this way? It is doubt that arises! It is the consequent relaxation of faith and customs! It is the abandonment of prayer! Sometimes, it is despair! These are the fruits of science when separated from Wisdom.

    The fruits of the accursed tree of knowledge when not rendered good by the ingrafting of Wisdom. You want to know everything, investigate everything, and explain everything. But man's intellect, especially fallen man, an intellect wounded by original sin, an intellect wounded by mental concupiscence, cannot know everything. Even Adam, though having been made the "king" of all creation, had received a prohibition: "Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for the day you eat thereof you shall die" (Genesis 2:17). He did not obey, he wanted to know everything, and he died, first to Grace and then in the flesh. Now as well too many, when faced with the two trees--the one giving Life (that is, Jesus the Redeemer-Savior-Word, who gives eternal Life) and the tree of knowledge, which yields fruits which are generally of death--reach out to the latter and not the former, taste the latter and not the former, and bring about their death and cause death.

    Is science to blame for everything? No, as no man is totally and perennially wicked, so science is not always and is all respects wicked and blameworthy. There are scientists who use their knowledge for good works. Others who, having discovered means for killing, destroy them, preferring to renounce the human glory they would obtain from such a discovery provided they can spare humanity new scourges. Others for whom, since they are truly Christians, scientific study augments religion and supernatural and moral values.

    They are blessed by God and are beneficiaries of mankind. And they should be imitated by all the others. But that is not the case. Listened to and caught up with the support of their deductions are the other scientists, the ones who scrutinize and explain every thing in human terms, seeing it all with their human, material sight, which looks downwards, at the earth and its secrets, as animals do, and worse than they do. For in reality animals, many of them, may be said to praise things--at least the beautiful things in creation, the good things, and are grateful to the sun warming them, to the water quenching their thirst, to the fruits of the earth feeding them, to man loving them--much better than man does.

    Man, a rational creature, endowed with a spirit and supernatural life, ought to be able to look on high, to Heaven, to God. To purify his sight and knowledge through contemplation of divine works, through the belief that He has made them, and to see the indelible sign impressed upon all of them, testifying to their being made by God.

    Religion and faith, religion and charity, make human research actively good. When deprived of these spiritual forces or possessing them to an imperfect degree, human research falls into error or draws others into error and into weakening or death of faith.

    In order to appear up-to-date, in keeping with the times, which in reality are certainly not times to be applauded, do not reject the lights, all the lights coming to you directly from Revelation and Wisdom and indirectly from the wise investigation of Christian scientists who have elevated themselves to God to be able to penetrate into the mysteries of the world as well, but who do so in a good spirit in order to know their truth, a truth which confirms God's work and gives Him praise for it. But, for the sake of appearing up-to-date and in keeping with the times, do not pursue those "depths of Satan," as they are called in Revelation 2:24, or at least "of the world," which are not consonant with Revelation, to explain what exists and exists only through divine omnipotence and action.

    Peace be with you always

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