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    A Painful Selection


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    A Painful Selection

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 423
    Chp: A Painful Selection

    October 27

    Jesus says:

    "There is a baptism and a baptism, daughter whom I love. All of you that are Catholics have the Baptism which washes away original sin and which ought to have the same consequences of holiness for all, if all of you looked to Heaven instead of being nailed into the mire of the Earth with eyes of your spirit and the roots of your being.

    "Baptism, a sacrament instituted by Me in place of the baptism of John the Precursor, contains in itself all the elements to lead you to holiness. It gives you Grace, and whoever has Grace has everything.

    "But it is you that do not take Grace into account and cast it aside as a useless gift. Between severe duty to be faithful to this Grace, which is nothing but God in you with all his gifts, and easy compromise with flesh and blood, money, and Evil, just for enjoyment, or in belief of obtaining enjoyment, during those few instants of eternity which are your lives on earth, you prefer compromise.

    "When the Son of God, the One who loves you, comes into the midst of the multitudes marked with his indelible sign, that sign which is more glorious than a royal crown because it gives you a heavenly royalty as sons and daughters and heirs of the Most High, He finds that few have fought against instinct and Satan or washed away the stains of Satan and instinct by repentance so as to have that sign of predestination clean and active. To those few, the beloved of my Heart, I, the Son of God, to whom all power of judgment is handed over by the Father, come to impart a baptism of burning fire, which blazes and consumes all humanity in them to make their spirits free and render them capable of receiving the Spirit, who speaks.

    "A severe selection and a painful election in its joy. For whoever is not clean, whoever is not kept or rendered clean by love and repentance, cannot be accepted for my wheat. The sterile, empty chaff, the darnel, the harmful dodder, and the useless parasitic tendrils will be separated by my rigorous examination.

    "The chaff are the proud: the proud in heart and thought over their rationalizing, mistaken science, the pharisees and scribes of the present time. The darnel and the dodder, the rebels against the Law and the poisoners of hearts: the corrupters, the scandalous, for whom it would have been better to have been expelled already dead from their mother's womb. The tendrils are the weak, the lukewarm, who want to benefit from the communion of the saints, but without striving to contribute even a minimal effort to it. They are the spiritually slothful, those who always need stimuli, support, and warmth to lead their poor spiritual lives; without the factors of different aids, they would crawl on the ground, unable to tend towards heaven and would be trampled on by the Evil One--trampled on, I say, not caught. They are scorned even by him. He doesn't care about them because he knows that by themselves they slay their souls.

    "A painful election, for, like an ear of grain destined to become God's wheat, one must accept the blows of the threshing machine, the immolation of the millstone, and the purification of the bolter--that is, pains, pains, pains, mortifications, measureless asceticism.

    "Oh! To be wheat for hosts one must be able to have oneself stripped by love all impurity. Nothing else is absolute like love in working this purification of your personality to make it suitable for living in Heaven.

    "But consider, soul of mine. Think of how beautiful my Paradise will seem to you after so much pain. You will find all the bitterness you drink in here out of love for your King changed into sweetness up above. All the wounds which have brought you agony here will be eternal jewels there. All the pain will be joy.

    "Time passes. It passes in every instant. I remain, and my Eternal remains with Me. And I will and it will be your gift, the one you have earned with your love and your pain. And eternity of light and sempiternal joy. An eternity with God, with God, Maria.

    "Always consider this. You will long for pain like the air you breathe."

    Peace be with you always

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